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If you own a Porsche Boxster, check out these 5 hidden features you might not know about your car. It’s pretty neat to know and makes the car that much more enjoyable to operate. =D

Hey how’s it going everybody this is beat the bush this is my porsche boxster and today i’m going to show you five things that you may not know about this car now if you happen to be next to your car and you want to open up the window you don’t have to get in and open it you can just put your key in and turn to the left and hold it and then the windows would just

Come down like that and then if you want it to come back up you can just turn to the right and then they’ll come back up you can stop it in midway like this just keep on going just like that put your key into the ignition and turn it on without turning on the engine this is the driver side fuse panel you can actually push this button to have the rear spoiler come

Up you just push it once and they’ll come up by itself all the way and then you just push down for it to go all the way down you have to press and hold it and then you push it up you can’t really stop it if you push down however if you push down and stop midway it’ll stop and then you can just move it down as much as you want or until you fully close the spoiler

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Again put your key into the ignition turn it on and now you’ll see a countdown of the oil i know reader oil out digitally in the event that your car needs toi you’ll need to know where that high bolt is that attaches to your front bumper is actually located in this tool packet in the front trunk behind the spare wheel so this is the spare wheel just open this

Up unscrew this it’s right here you just open this up you’ll see a bunch of tools here and this is the eye bolt right here that we need to tow the car so just take your screwdriver that’s in the tool pack you might need to flip it over to turn it into the flat side and go in there and pry this cap off and then you just insert the eye bolt in here and just turn it

In it goes in then you’re ready for towing they’re gonna put a hook here and they can pull the whole car up into the tow truck now you’ll wonder what this weird contraption for is actually for opening up your headlights what do you do is pull this i’ll open this and then you’ve revealed this little rubber knob just pull that off and back and then you insert this

Turn it clockwise like this it’ll snap and then as you rotate it some more it’ll push this headlight out like that and then up here it comes out you can just wiggle this whole assembly out like this let’s open this up and see what’s inside if you want to remove the bulb just kind of wiggle this a connector out and then you push on this wire loop here push it down

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And pull it towards yourself and then it becomes loose just like that the interesting thing about this is that the high beam and low beam are actually the same bulb so if you find yourself in a situation where your low beams are both out you can actually stop by the side of the rope switch in your high beams into your low beams and then you’ll have some light and

It’ll be safer to drive home that way after that you can put the light back like this push it back this back to put this back you want to line up these points into the rails inside here it’s kind of slowly you wanna you want to gently put it in there and then you want to put the tool back in as you push back in don’t push this too hard right here is a sensitive

Part because you can actually break this it’s quite thin right here so push the whole assembly in while it’s rotating this counterclockwise once it snaps big like that it’s all done put the rubber thing back on make sure it’s fully seated put these things back underneath the the trimming is the rubber stuff this guy turn that back in and that’s it you put your

Light back and that’s what this tool is for so that’s all there is to it there’s a handful of other secrets to the porsche boxster that you may not know let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in me making this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below and subscribe over here thanks for watching

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