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Boxster Air Filter:

Everybody this is beat the bush a while ago i changed the air filter and the air mass sensor in this porsche boxter and there were some questions about which way does the air flow in this thing the air normally goes through this right side porthole through this filter and then into the engine but it’s not quite clear which way the air would go through if it’s

Inserted this way does it go in this way or this way so i’m gonna open it up and investigate turn on the ignition make sure your parking brake is pulled push this button open up the lock and the window is open press the open top button here you go in on one to the side to release this buck hole here go in here and you release that you just pull it out release it

And then over here in the back you pull this down to release this flap this catches the rain so it falls out the right spot and you do the same thing on the other side and then hook this thing what i like to do is put this flap on the back of this and make sure the vinyl is not folded because if you have really old vinyl in my crack i replace my vinyl a while ago

And you can see a video on that on my channel you can see when i push this up the angle of this thing is slightly towards the front so now i won’t fall down you just twist these guys open there’s only two of them and then i prefer to just lift it up out of the middle here and then this soundproofing thing is as two more of these little lock things you just twist

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These guys there’s five of these the underside of this thing is dirty so when you take the last cover off have the top sit on something upside down move this pin outwards and pull this up at the same time to do the same thing on this one you can see the foam side is facing upwards the slot here is the air filter and anything below is going to this tube here the

Intake so you know this is the clean air going towards the bottom outside air is coming in through up here so therefore the dirty air is going through the foam first and then through this ridge thing and then the clean air comes out this way downwards i’m just going to put this back you push it back until it snaps a click could click two clicks you just reverse

The whole process when you want up the cover backbone we put it around until it gets in there turn those knobs in okay when you’re all done you can close the lid back we now know the air goes through this way you can see that a lot of dirt gets collected on top and then it doesn’t look too dirty on this side other than that it’s a little black underneath it’s

Tortoise open here if you look carefully inside all the big stuff get filtered by this foam the smaller particle gets filtered inside each of these wedges you see i can move the little particles that has been collected around i made this video because someone in the comment section thought that i had the filter on the wrong direction so i actually really didn’t

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Know which way it really went until i really dig down and figure out oh wow really the air really does go through this foam part first and then out this rib part so that’s all i have for today if you like this video don’t forget to give me a like over here and can leave a comment if you have a question and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching so finally

After making this video i can throw this filter away

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