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Its hard to quantify why one car is better than another. After driving the Boxster for 10 years, there are a lot of little things that adds up to make driving it a great experience. One general theme that makes this a great car is the precision in the parts which translates to very precise steering. I’m a sucker for machined parts and this car has LOTS of it.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush behind me is my 2001 porsche boxster i bought it used back in about oh five and for a price of about twenty thousand dollars and it’s been about 10 years and i estimate every year i need to spend about $1,000 in maintenance costs not including gas 20 k plus 1,000 a year 30 k divided by 10 that’s about $3,000 that’s about

The same you would pay for a brand new civic it’s not a fair comparison because i bought the boxster used secondhand and this caused a lot of depreciation to not be on beat so it’s something to think about when you bribe branding them are like a civic because you can have a lot of depreciation would you rather have a brand new civic or a used porsche boxster i mean

To me it’s a no-brainer i had a lot of fun with this car and i’ve driven it for about ten years before this car i drove a toyota mr2 and i want to show you the things in this car that makes me really really like it one of the things i really like about this car is the sound it makes when you’re just starting the car at around 1000 rpm not at idle though but under a

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Load so let’s listen to that sound it’s around about 600 to 1000 rpm and only if i just give it the right amount of load i just want to show you this floor jacked and it’s – all made out of aluminum you see here this is really–like and it’s great because you’re gonna carry this around all the time and this thing it’s also made out of aluminum you see it’s made out

Of like these extruded aluminum pieces with holes drill in them little rivets holding it all together you turn this a little bit and it goes up a little bit it’s so extremely precise and it’s strong only in the places where it’s needed little rib here to give it some traction when it’s on the floor and over here there’s an oval-shaped thing it fits right underneath

The car this is the front right passenger side and you see there’s a hole right here just for the jack the jack has that oval it’ll fit right in here it’s very in that you know this is kind of foolproof it’s like it’s like saying put it right here and i’ll put it anywhere else so you won’t you know mess up your car by jacking in the wrong place these lug nuts that

Comes with the car normally it won’t have a tiny little rib like this it will have little piece of protector thing that’s exactly the shape of the rim it’s rounded right here so that it can fit right in there it’s exactly this shape so when this bolt is seated in there it has a really good contact with the whole wheel awesome when you have all these things added up

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Together it’s like such a great deal for this car this is a spare wheel and you can take a peek in here the rim of the spare wheel is made out of aluminum normally it’s stamped steel and this will make it extra light even the spare wheel is extra light just this is like hundreds of dollars of value just in this fair wheel just take a look at this positive terminal

Connector normally it’s just this little stamped out thing but you can see this looks like it’s casted out i mean it’s a lot more precision even for the terminal holder than i’ve seen in other cars this has its own little chamber when you close the lid over here and it presses on here this is pressurized even this little thing has its own pressurized compartment

Just so that maybe you didn’t close this fully or something and it will still be pressurized that crazy this is really cool so that’s all i have for you today i hope you like the stuff that i showed you which i think it’s the essence of the porsche boxster why i think is a pleasure to dry don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below and subscribe thanks for watching

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