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If you own a Boxster, it is ESSENTIAL you watch this to learn about a trick you can do if you are ever left stranded on the side of the road with a Boxster than is spewing out white smoke like crazy.

The open up the back the air separator would be right here in order to open this you just push this ribbed part right here push both sides down and pull it out yeah get it grip on it well i’m not gonna do it with one hand it seems this thing is six cylinders on the bottom it would have hoses coming out of each side of the crank case the crank case is the stuff that

Holds a motor oil and the fumes coming out will go in here this thing provides the suction for the oil separator the output of this will be some oil and then one hose with the oil going back in there suction comes from the intake of the engine here’s a broader body and get a lot of white or blue smoke coming out you can go go over here and push this and just open

This up plug up both sides and the engine will work fine but you got to get this this thing fixed and it won’t suck in any more oil the reason it causes all the smoke is because all this oil goes in here goes in the engine and messes up with the combustion and the smoke comes out so you can do this and it won’t be as environmentally friendly if you disabled if

It will work and keep on driving and then you don’t need to worry about you know towing it because you’re thinking it might damage the engine but you know you do this it’s it’s one of the likely causes so you can try it and see if that works for you if you ever get a lot of smoke i have the engine turn on one way to check to see if your air separator is actually

Broken is your oil cap will actually have a lot more pressure than usual so if you do this with your regular car you might not be able to do this if i remove it can you hear the suction if you put your hand here you can feel the suction here and that would indicate that your oil separator is broken ok so this is after it’s fixed and you can see i can i can easily

Pull this off i can feel there’s a lot left section i only need to drive about three four minutes before it started smoking again the cars off doesn’t really look blue to me a little slightly blue tint but it’s mainly white so coming from the back you see here i’ve shoved the piece of wet nap in here three pieces so make sure it doesn’t get sucked in there’ll be big

Problems if it gets sucked in and then just cover up this i made this really oversized or won’t get sucked in and so if you’re stuck on the road you can try to do this and see if the smoke will stop and then you can drive it home quickly fix this oil separator here i’ll leave a link down below on where to get one of these if you have ever have this kind of problem

So i did the fix and it seems like the smoke died down a little bit and i think there’s still oil remaining in there so it needs to burn those off first before i’ll disappear so let me run this a while and then see what happens see if the most smoke disappear okay so i pre remove the screws it took quite a while maybe like 15 minutes just to remove the screws

Because there’s not much room over here this one’s easy easy a little hard that one’s a little hard and don’t want to be low we’re going to remove it there’s a for the electronics connection you remove this one i was right here here moved it it was really dirty so i cleaned it a bit already just to show you for this thing i loosen these guys i’m anticipating all

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This oil in here and there was when i clean the throttle body that oils was getting sucked in here i pre loosened these already and you just slide them comes off after you put it put it back in you slide them back out right okay now you can see in there it’s kind of glistening with oil see quite a bit of oil here so i’m just gonna clean this thing up ow so this

Was where the oil separator intake goes so i took out the old one it was positioned looking from the back of the car like this there’s my new one there’s three hoses that you need to disconnect this one this one this one and this this one just pulls pulls right up its hold on to the engine by two screws right here and the way this thing works is this is connected

To the crankcase on one side and this is to the other it’s connected see see you um my finger can go through here just by examining the shape it sucks in the oil vapors in here from the crankshaft and the suction is provided by the intake coming from here and somehow there’s a diaphragm in there i don’t know how that works i’ll open up later and it’s sucking air

From somewhere in the middle of this and this thing looks like a snail almost it’s going in the circular motion so the vacuum pulls air out of here and creates a vacuum it’s sucking air into here and it gets centrifuge it’s spinning around this thing so that the the oil gets collected around the edges of this of this chamber and then if and then it falls back down

In through this cylinder and it goes back into the crankcase through this hole here if you’re looking at it from the you’re standing from behind a car looking forward it would look something like this um i took it out you have to push these hoses it’s a pretty easy to remove this one you just press it and then you got to nudge it out but this one is a little bit

Harder because i i had to reach down here and i couldn’t get enough leverage my hand didn’t fit and it fit this way either because there’s all these components so i actually went down here and make sure make sure that the two bolts are connected so that you can reach down here and pull it out and endo be held onto the engine still so you pull that out it took

It took me quite a while this was much harder for me then this this screw thing there’s like a tension clamp here and you i just used a pair of pliers and then i squeeze that and then it came out for me pretty easily much harder than much this one was much harder for me and then so after you get this off then remove this be screwed pull that often and this thing

Slides out and then you can take it out here’s the new oil separator it came with this little boot thing and here’s the clamp right here before i took this pair of wrenches it has this extra wide saw thing and i put it there and i pushed it in like that and i squeezed it you pretty much have to squeeze it all the way in order to get it off so i bought this other

Pre-tensioned clamp so that i can put it on there slip it on and then just pull this pull this tab off and it’ll tighten okay i’m looking at it from the right rear wheel well there’s a hole right there ah this is the new one i put in right in the center there’s two bolts right there you can see from before and you see that blue thing that’s the clip i was showing

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You before i have all the other hoses connected already and it’s positioned all i need to do is go and pull that and it’ll tighten up and the clamp will just close and i’ll be done this thing comes with already tensioned and pulled in there so i slipped this onto that rubber boot and then it was in deep inside the engine and then i just pulled this pull this blue

Thing and it went snap and then it closed down well worth it i would recommend getting this so here’s a new one i put back in this one i just have to it push it back in and those other hoses is really hard to get to so i get it from down there and because all the oil got sucked in here i had to clean up i took this out check this out cleaned it a bit and clean the

Throttle over here in here i didn’t take these out i just kind of reached in there with a towel and just try to soak up some of the oil for this thing there’s all these little little hoses that’s coming in there’s one here one below here that goes in that splits off into two and there’s also another one hidden down there and so be careful when you remove this a

Clean there’s a some sort of another throttle looking thing right in between i assume that’s just to even out the the air pressure or control the left and right side all right so i could i put the new one in drove it around i drove it about 10 miles and then check that the rear is not smoking anymore it was smoking a little bit still but after 20 miles it it got

Light of it i think it’s still burning off the oil that got sucked into the engine and subsequently a lot of oil was spewing out into the exhaust and so it’s probably a lot of oil buildup in the exhaust and it’s just burning those off after i drive it some more is probably going to be okay because definitely a lot of lot less smoke is there took a hammer and smash

The this edge right here and broke off this cap turns out this diaphragm was broken let’s zoom in and take a look at what’s going on in here and immediately i saw this crack right here um it was about half as much before i played with it so it wasn’t that much cracked this is airtight and so if there’s a large vacuum in here it’s going to pull this in if there’s a

Lot of vacuum it’s gonna pull it in a lot and stop it from sucking so much so what happened here is it broke and so when the engine is revving up high there’s a lot of pressure pulling out here so it comes out here then it pulls the pulls the air out of here and then these are the intake for four where the crankcase is sucking in the air that has oil in the air and

So if there’s too much pressure in here it’s going to start sucking everything it can it’s going to start sucking oil into here and then eventually it will lead up here and go back into the intake when this fails this thing doesn’t move down and doesn’t regulate it so the purpose of this thing i assume is just to keep a constant pressure but not too much pressure

So that you can keep on having a suction coming out of here and and not too much because if it’s too much it will start pulling in the oil this thing helps it so that when it pulls too much because for example when you have a high revving engine it will stop it from sucking so much and the failure point is right here and this spring is just to push it push it back

Up so i only use this for fifty five thousand miles but i have a feeling it really depends on how hard you drive your car because this diaphragm will break if you if it flexes too many times right so if you if you have a really high revving all the time it’s going to move it up and down it’s going to stress it more and so it’ll fail sooner so this is after about

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50 miles of driving there’s no more smoke as you can see and i guess i fixed it working on my engine has all these dirty makes it really black so i’ve used to use soap and then i scrub scrub scrub right and it doesn’t work very well if you work on your engine you need something to get rid of the black stuff and i use this fast orange hand cleaner and then with the

This is great by itself but then i found out if i use this brushes even better because i get all those black stuff in between and in between my fingernails right and this little little roll of brushes is really good you stick your fingers in here and you brush it back and forth and it works really well so thanks for watching if you own a late-model boxster i hope

This helps because if you watch this before this happens it would save you a lot of money for towing your car and you probably not get tricked by the mechanic as much because you know what’s what the heck is going on with a wicked car i actually didn’t know how to do this before this video my car smoked up by the freeway and then i drove it to the near nearest car

Repair shop and and the guy said oh you need a bow job for five thousand dollars i’m like what the heck and then it’s like oh can you just do the gasket oh well be $1,800 so then i thought about it so then i thought i bring it to a different place and i researched online and stuff and then if i don’t figure it could be just the oil separator so i decided to tow my

Car back home and do they all separated myself and voila it works it costs me i mean maybe a total of $150 for everything just mainly the part itself and well it’s fixed now so thanks for watching and i like to mention a little bit something about audible which is ie i actually really hate those commercials whenever the podcast goes all audible blah blah blah but

Eh anyway i recommend to use that’s audible thing because they give you two free two free books i actually just read i just heard a rainy claire one and also the intelligent investor so i got those two books and i’m planning on canceling it so you know if you watch my credit card videos you would know that a you know you can just get these deals get the books and

Then cancel it later so what i do is i signed up for the audible thing i’ll put a link below and if you do if you sign up through my link it would help this channel out thanks thank you very much if you sign it sign up for that i recommend to note that the exact date that you sign up for make sure you have two books that you want to listen to you get to two of them

For free and then thirty days later cancel it that’s it that’s what i’m doing and get two free books and i i think i’ve done i use audible couple years ago i think she can do it like once once every year or two and then you can just get your free books hey not bad right so thanks for watching this video even if you don’t own a boxer i’m sure this might be pretty

Educational to figure out what the heck an oil separator does so don’t forget to click like down here and you have a question about this whole procedure to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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