Portable 80 Inch Projector Review [APEMAN M4S Mini DLP projector]

The Apeman Mini Projector is tiny and can project an image up to 80″ diagonal! HDMI and a huge battery can make this last for up to 2 hours on full brightness and longer if you use it in lower brightness settings. Watch this review to see if this is something you may want for yourself.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush the brian eight man sent me this dlp projector it’s a portable projector that you connect to any hdmi source if you don’t have a big screen tv already then you can project it on a white wall and you can get something up to maybe 100 inches so let’s just open this up and take a look what’s inside very apple esque

Packaging over here some foam at the top thank you card here’s the projector some accessories over here nothing else projector manual a card usb c cable the charger plug hdmi cable a tripod stand gotta charge this up there’s a usb 5 volt out so you can use this as a battery bank so you got audio coming in from the hdmi and you can take it out of this projector

And put it somewhere else now to power it on i’m just press and hold this power button oh it’s turning on i’m gonna connect it to my macbook over here for the video out connect it to my macbook right now i have these video lights on and you cannot have this stuff on and still be able to watch a projector it’s just too bright so i’m gonna turn the video lights

Off for a second right now i still have two light bulbs and you can kind of see the image a lot better so i think the best way to use this is to turn off the lights so let’s do that now i have all the lights completely off although i do have a window over there that’s leaking a little bit of light in but you can see the image is a lot better than before the manual

Did say the optimal usage is about 50 to 80 inches so i’m going to take its word for it and make this image that big right now it’s on my textured wall and it’s about 48 inches so i’m gonna make it a little bit bigger just kind of move this back over here okay now this is about 70 inches i’m gonna try to push it a little bit bigger first okay 81 inches which is

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At the limit of its recommended screen size because this projector does have a brightness limitation it can only go so bright and there’s actually three settings to this right now is at the equal level i’m gonna set it to really bright this is the maximum brightness and you can watch something with it but i would say this is sort of on the slightly dim side if

You compare it to sort of like a led monitor or other big screens you know real screens without just using a wall that’s reflecting light back at you there’s a mid level and then you can also hear on the projector that there’s a fan going on it says lightness over there i think this is maximum brightness and i don’t know if you guys can hear the fan i’ll try to

Put my mic next to the projector over here this is the maximum brightness fan noise this is medium this is low now keep in mind i’m sticking my mic right next to the projector that’s why it sounds a lot louder to you i do also need to adjust the focus so i can press the buttons on the side here you just kind of press up or down and it seems like there’s like 10

Increments or so now it’s focused and also you can adjust the ketone you kind of make it skinny at the top versus fat at the bottom so i don’t want to do that i want to make it fatter on the top so that it’s completely square it looks square now and also there is the audio let me play some audio on this device so you guys can hear here we go it’s usable but

There’s not very much bass to it so is that 90 right now it’s passable if you really really want to use the audio on the projector itself let’s say i move it down to 50 and play the audio again so the audio is not super good you probably should use some external speakers anyway if you’re going to watch a movie or whatnot this projector if it’s on this maximum

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Brightness is supposed to last between one and a half to two hours considering a movie is about two hours long um you might just run out in the middle you might want to plug this thing in if you’re gonna watch a feature length movie on this if you look very very carefully it’s not quite level and there is no way to finally adjust the leveling on the projector

Itself you just have to kind of prop it up a little bit with a little piece of paper or like a magazine or whatnot so if you take a look at the projector over here the bottom has these little tripod leg things and you can’t actually adjust the tilt it’s just very much fixed in place and you put it on there all the tripod thing will do is just elevated three

Inches which you could do with i don’t know like a box or whatnot i actually think this is kind of low to the ground if you’re going to watch it at 80 inches you want this a little bit higher so perhaps you want to just set it on top of the box itself and it’s going to be a little bit higher off to the ground you can see if i push a little bit on this side the

Screen goes down a little over there i push a little bit on that side so it’s yeah i guess it’s kind of level right now so with that said i’m going to try to use up all the battery time how long it takes at maximum brightness and i realized that this projector it needs to sit dead center in front of the screen you can’t sit dead center you know unless you put

The the projector like right on your lap i guess you can go like this and and start watching but that might be kind of uncomfortable but i’m going to put this over here which means you have to sit to the side of the projector if you watch it with other people you need to sit on either side of the projector and note that you can only adjust the ketone which is

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Kind of like a trapezoidal shape you can’t adjust it where you kind of turn this off to the side and then adjust that angle this is only a straight on type of projector note that i’ve already pre-charged this to uh fully charged built-in battery 4 600 milliamp hour which is quite beefy 50 to 80 inch recommended i am at the maximum recommended image although you

Can make it bigger but it’s gonna be a little bit dimmer than you would want to to watch anything so think of this as a portable 80 inch screen which is kind of nice power consumption is 15 watts so i’m gonna go ahead and watch a movie and see how long this thing lasts i guess this is watchable you can see when it’s projected up there it’s um well not as bright

This lasted about two hours on the full brightness mode interestingly i did not notice it switched over to eco mode some time before it fully ran out of battery when it ran out of battery it just turned off i wasn’t able to watch a full-length feature film so you likely need to plug this in if you’re gonna watch something that’s around two hours or so so would i

Recommend something like this well this is really good if you’re going to use it as a portable projector if you are you know at a campsite or something but if you need to plug it in you’re likely at home already and you might have a big screen tv so if you happen to not have a big screen tv this might be an acceptable replacement as long as you don’t mind that

The brightness is not extremely extremely bright i hope you guys enjoyed this review don’t forget to check out my affiliate link for this eight men dlp mini projector down in the video description below thanks for watching you

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Portable 80 Inch Projector Review [APEMAN M4S Mini DLP projector] By BeatTheBush

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