Positioning Yourself to be a Multi Millionaire

Jobs earn you money but most jobs are limited in earnings potential. People who are multi-millionaires do not typically get there by working a job. They are mostly business people who found a way to sell value rather than their time. It is value that is scale-able and being able to scale your time is the corner stone of high earnings potential for the majority.

How’s it going everybody this is a beetle bush today i’m gonna ask you a simple but profound question are you positioning yourself to be a multi-millionaire are you are you before i begin don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you are not already the average household income in the us is about $50,000 let’s say you’re somehow able to save about ten thousand

Dollars to save enough to get to a million dollars it’s gonna take you a hundred years let’s say you’re a professional at some job you are an engineer you’re a lawyer or maybe even a doctor let’s say you pull in about 100k every year you’re able to save 50 cakes it’ll still take you about 20 years to reach a million dollars very quickly you see that if you earn

More than 100k you can indeed reach this $1,000,000 milestone but if you’re trying to be a multimillionaire this might be the wrong way to do it now let’s talk about positioning yourself to be a multimillionaire multi meaning more than 1 million so i’m gonna say 2 million or more suffice to say it’s extremely difficult to reach this 2 million net worth mark if you

Just have a job and you’re working for someone unless you are some sort of ceo unless you’re a basketball player or some sort of movie stars these are the exceptions and you can imagine obtaining these jobs is extremely difficult when you look at the majority of people who are multimillionaires they are not really movie stars or basketball players those are the


Minority the majority are the people that have their own business the people that are able to scale their income up people that are trading their value for money rather than the hours they work for money now a lot of people get this wrong because they think that oh you have a job then you have some sort of side hustle you’re making some sort of money the type of

Side hustle really matters because if you apply your time and you’re selling the hours that you have for money you’re just selling hours you don’t have enough hours to sell to be able to make that 2 million dollar mark within your lifetime this is an important enough point i feel like i need to give several examples most people have a daytime job and then they

Think they can make some extra cash they call it a side hustle and they think they’re bringing an entrepreneur by doing some sort of ride-sharing thing but little did they know that their act we trading their time for money yes at the end you’re getting some kind of cash maybe five to twenty dollars per hour let’s say you go all out at it and then you work 16

Hours a day at this ride-sharing thing and you do it every single day of the week you just go crazy for a whole year just non-stop workaholic you’re gonna end up making about $9,000 a month and then if you scale this up it’s about $100,000 every year how long do you think you have to do this before you can actually reach this two million dollar mark like i said

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Before if you’re somehow able to save 50 thousand dollars it’s gonna take you 20 years still this is an incredibly long time some people might have an etsy store and you might be hand making these products yourself this in itself is trading your time for money however if you’re able to somehow mass-produce these products you’re just designing the product and then

You farm it out then that means you’re actually setting this up in a scalable manner sometimes depending on how you actually use the platform you can sometimes use it in a scalable fashion another example is let’s say you have a franchise you only have one of them and you think that oh okay you should be there as a manager working regular hours and then you make

Good money but then maybe the business is not doing so well so it requires you to work there and then you’re paying yourself a certain amount of money you can’t afford to hire a manager so then you’re stuck with one single franchise in that case you’re trading your time for money you cannot scale this up this is versus if you are successful with the franchise and

You make enough profit so that you can actually hire someone to put there so that you can take the remaining profits you know you can collect it for several years and then you can go and buy yet another franchise and then you can own more and more this is an example where you can spin things in a certain way where in one case you’re trading your time for money and

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In another case you’re actually scaling your time up most people just keep on working at various endeavors thinking that they’re making money because they really are however because that money is not scalable they can work their whole lives and still top out at 1 million or so the fact is they’re just playing the wrong game because there’s a maximum cap to their

Earnings given every person has a limited number of hours in their day you really want to apply your time towards scalable earning potential rather than things that not scalable the odds are of becoming multimillionaire when you put your chips in scalable endeavors it’s low i’m not denying this but the odds are are a lot better than when you work for a job when

There’s a cap on your salary thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon

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