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Do you have friends that seem to never get a ticket? Is there some trick to not getting one? Perhaps the style of driving or maybe their car blends in easily? Maybe they seem invisible to the police? Let me show you some practical tips to avoid the police all together and minimize your risk of getting pulled over.

Probably going everybody business beat the bush today i’m going to go over seven practical tips that you can use while driving so that you can minimize your chances of getting a ticket i can just tell you to follow all traffic rules but a lot of times this is not practical and not what people do in real life some people even if they follow all traffic rules somehow

They’re managed to still get a ticket for some reason watch the rest of this video to see what practical tips i have for you the first one is 74 miles per hour this is a very special number because most the highways here are 65 miles an hour and we know that nobody ever drives at 65 miles an hour if there’s no traffic why do i say 74 because this is at the edge of a

Twitch you can get a ticket it’s the fact that you can go and yes you can still get a ticket at 74 technically you can get a ticket at sixty six miles per hour i say 74 because when you go at 74 mile an hour on the carpool lane or on the fastest link you’re most likely going with traffic if you go a little bit above that you’ll notice that you start to go a little

Bit faster and than everyone else go in second place all the time really if there someone knows a little bit faster than you the policeman is going to catch the faster person and not you so i generally i see 74 miles an hour work really well and i have never gotten a hit at 74 miles an hour surprisingly i have gotten speeding ticket so my methods here sometimes i

Don’t even follow it some roads or exact for example around here if you’re in alameda 25 mile an hour is the speed limit and they will catch you for going over at 26 miles per hour so you really got to look at most freeways you can do this okay but some counties they’re really really strict if you go one mile over then they would catch you so it’s kind of good to

Know which error you’re driving in and if they’re prone to catching people that’s just 1 mile an hour over the mixed practical tips is the color of your car now you can’t exactly choose the color of your car but if you’re about to buy a car it’s kind of good to know these statistics this data here i just found that online it’s a composition of two million tickets

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In the state of ohio here are the formal ticketed cars of that six you can imagine if you have a lot of cars that are certain color of course it’s going to get to get it more the trick here is to figure out if that car gets ticketed more often than a random ticketed car if every single car get ticketed evenly then here is the percentage of all cars that are that

Color then that would mean that green color would get ticketed six percent of the time the red one who would get ticketed 14 percent of the time and so on however here are the percentage of tickets that actually were given for that kind of car it’s actually ten percent you have six percent in the road somewhere but somehow it gets ticketed ten percent that means

If you just randomly drive a car with a certain color if it’s great you’re going to get a elevated chance of getting ticketed a red car comes in that 1.1 for slightly more than a random chance of a red car if you drive a white car is actually a little bit less at point seven six and silver is a little bit lower at half the chance of the number of cars on the road

Of course white is the most hated car you don’t look at it always there are a lot of white cars there so the chance of that is this ratio therefore it’s good to keep in mind that if you have a high ratio car of getting ticketed is a little bit better to watch out and be extra careful to offset this higher chance of getting a ticket the next set of stuff is what

I call nitpicky so if there’s something wrong that gives the police a reason to stop you they will so the number one thing is registration you can see that registration sticker is a different color and they can see this from really far away and i’ve had policemen stop me for having a different month it was just off by like a few days and they stopped me for that

Taillights needs to all work so if you have a friend that tells you your light is broken go and fix it right away sometimes it’s good to have a cache of those light bulbs ready in hand in your garage so that you can put them in right away loud exhaust and modifying cars a lot of younger people like to modify their and this is just like a beacon of come stop me

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So for my car i like to not do any modifications i just leave it stock and it’s great the way it is and i don’t get soft all that often front tinted windows in the driver side and the passenger side are not allowed in california so if you have tinted windows they’re more likely going to stop you if you have tinted windows maybe in the back you’re still going to be

More likely to be soft it’s kind of like the modified car thing loud exhaust you if you put things black they cannot see you and so that kind of feels like a reason to stop you it’s good to know where the policeman hides a longer commute mainly because your commute you’re going to do this over and over again therefore increasing your chances of getting a ticket

There are websites that aggregates this information or you can just get this from your co-workers i’d rather been along the same route v tips to not get a ticket is to not leave it out and not tailgate most likely you’re going to do this kind of stuff when you’re in a hurry so you really should refrain yourself from going in and out of the lane because that’s just

A beacon of thing stop me until because you’re going in and out and it’s really obvious for someone that’s you know like a couple cars back and you’re just going in and out it’s really easy to see you and the police is going to come and stop you tailgating is a little bit harder to see compared to weaving in and out but they can just as well see this if you’re

Closer up to the six tip is kind of for a card i was in where the person driving actually follows a police i had their lights on well it’s the stupid move they are going really fast it has their lights on and somehow they decided to follow up maybe because they think they can go faster or something don’t follow the police it’s a terrible idea they’re going to stop

And and then come and stop you instead of going to wherever they need to go the other point is to respect them and not pretend they’re not there once you notice them it’s okay to react as if you know they’re there of course you respect them you see them there if you’re on the highway and you are going 70 it’s okay to slow down to 65 but don’t jam on the brakes to

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Slow down to 65 you can just let gasps and let it trickle down to 65 if you’re on any kind of road that has a lower speed limit slow down to the exact speed limit it’s okay even if they’re behind you they’re not going to try to stop you just because you’re going at the speed limit sometimes they might be tailgating you because they need to go somewhere fast but

Refrain from driving faster just because they’re pushing up against you because you can still get a ticket for going over the speed limit even if they’re tailgating you the last thing is always stop at a stop sign some people make it a habit of just kind of rolling through for me i always always stop at a stop sign even if there’s no police even if there’s nobody

Around i still stop at least one second practically i’m stopping at one second but don’t let this be a recommendation because i cannot leisurely recommend people to stop at only one second this is just what i do you do what you do and the official recommendation is three seconds okay and definitely if there’s police presence you should stop for three seconds this

Is after the wheel stops you go up and then you stop you go one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand then you go to sound like whenever you see the policeman you do everything to the word of the law even if it’s impractical and practically every single day when i see people stop they stop for one second they don’t stop for three seconds this is this is

Real life realize as one second realize it’s also 74 miles an hour on the freeway one thing i forgot to mention is blue headlights if you have blue headlight to kind of draw attention as well i hope these practical tips helps you not get a speeding ticket for many years in the future to come don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me

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