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Well howdy there ladies and gentlemen so i just have launched a new product that has been commented so many times over the last month or two so many you guys suggested i do something like this you’re very interested in this and i’ve kind of thought about it i was like yeah that’s kind of interesting and finally someone left another comment about two or three days

Ago when i was like i just need to do this once and for all i just need to do this so it’s called in jeremy stockmarket brain it is a private membership group that you can join if you like i’m gonna kind of discuss everything why you’d even want to join this private stock market group and all things like that just first for reference this changes nothing with the

Youtube channel the youtube channel stays the exact same and by the way this this this membership group it’s only for people that are really interested in the stock market if you’re if you’re on this channel for business and passive income and things like that this membership groups not going to be the right one for you so i just want to share that change there’s

Nothing with a youtube channel or anything like that this is just something extra out there that i know a lot of people are interested in because i give these comments all the time so it’s called in jeremy stock market brain and basically the reason i named it that is it’s a closest thing to actually like being within my eyeballs and seeing everything i see so

There’s those five main reasons why you’d even want to be part of this membership group here they are so every week i’m gonna post a video at least one video on this this membership group that’s going to discuss my current investments it’s gonna discuss any trades i made that week and buys or sells or if i bought any options out there call up so it’s put options

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Anything i’m gonna discuss that i probably won’t share the amounts i do with that but i will absolutely share what i bought or sold or anything like that and i’m also gonna share any news stories in regards to my companies that i want to show with you guys and discuss those so if there’s a news story that came out about something you know i can discuss that in that

Video as well so that’s reason number one why you’d be part of this you are the most up to date possible on my current investments any buys or sells are gonna be pulled on there any calls or puts on buying or selling on there will be talked about any trades i make will be talked about guys so that’s reason number one why you’d want to be part of this group reason

Number two why you’d want to be this group is any conference calls 10ks 10-qs investor presentations i listen to or read that week i will suggest them to you guys for you to read i will either link them out or i’ll put something the link therein to in the description or i’ll tell you guys how to get to that that part or what not of what i want you guys to listen to

If there’s something really important that i thought man this investor presentation of company abc that was a really good investor presentation i think people need to go check this out hey i’ve read an annual report of such-and-such company this week you guys should really go take a look at this this is a really good annual report that just might be something you

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Want to look into or something so anything like that i’m gonna share with you guys and kind of tell you where to go and give you guys the links for that type of stuff the third one is if there is something in the macro-environment i am paying close attention to i’ll draw your attention to it so if there’s something that week that i saw those numbers or something

I’m like man this is this is troubling the such-and-such number i’m going to discuss that with you guys always in that that in that video every single week and kind of discuss that if there’s something that’s really big came out that i want to pay attention to i might even post an extra video that week in regards to that subject the fourth reason why you want to

Be part of this group is i’m going to draw your attention to any stocks that i’m currently looking into buying in researching at that moment so you guys are gonna have the potential now to know about a stock i may be buying before i even actually buy that stock so when i’m researching into stocks i want to be sharing in those weekly videos every week about what

Stocks i’m buying what stocks i’m really looking into hey i’m tracking this stock this stock is starting to get close to an entry point for me or something like that i’m gonna discuss all that information in those videos so it’s pretty cool you guys will probably know about stocks i want to buy before i even actually ever put a dollar into them which is pretty neat

And the fifth thing is i’m gonna also post the for stocks i’m buying in three stocks i’m watching the two most popular videos on the channel i’m gonna post those on this membership site the day before actually do on youtube so you’ll have exclusive access before anybody else does because you’re a member to actually see those videos before anybody else sees them

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Which is kind of cool because those videos get like 40,000 50,000 views a month so the fact that you get to see those before anybody else gets to see them out there guys probably a pretty cool thing that i just kind of threw in there that thought would be neat so i hope you guys absolutely love this membership group i know a lot of you guys are gonna join based

Upon how many comments i got for something like this you know and a lot of you guys who maybe aren’t sure about it it just really comes down to if you want to know exactly what i’m looking into exactly what companies i’m looking into exactly what trades i’m making buys or sells you know if i’m buying call options and a company or selling call options or if i’m buying

Put options if anything like that if you want to know exactly what i’m doing all the time that’s the place to be other than that guys you know if you don’t really care about that type of stuff that it’s probably not the place for you so it’s definitely for stock market people who are really into the stock market and really want to know exactly what i’m doing what

Moves i’m making what i’m looking into all the time guys so i hope you absolutely enjoy that membership group it is linked there in the description and you know what guys have a great day

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Private Stock Market Membership Group By Financial Education

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