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Dyson AM04 product overview and review. It is compared with other typical heaters to help you decide to own one or not.

Today we are going to look at the dyson hot and cold model number am oh for now these units retail for close to 400 dollars each but you can get them refurbished for about half the price and street price for these are around 360 they looks just so cool you see i got the white one here to match with the rest of the furniture i did go on the dyson website to check it

Out recently and there is a recall on the amo 4 and a mo 5 there is something wrong with the internals and it caused it to overheat or start a fire or something but no property damage has been reported when you take this out of the package you need to assemble this on to the base unit for the stand this is all that you need to do just kind of put this on and turn

It into place and there it is so let me just turn it on and you can see how how it works here’s the power button right here you got the speed goes from 0 to 10 and then you get you set the temperature to whatever you want here and and then if you want to want it to oscillate you push the left the remote control is here stuck on the magnetic thing on the top i

Got your power button oscillator span speed control here and the cool less lower temperature and higher raise the temperature here so it has a tilt function you can tilt it back or forward to aim the air when it’s on heater mode you can’t really change the speed of the of the fan which is a shame because it has a minimal fan speed so i assume to not get the blades

Too hot because this is made out of plastic when you press down and get it to go in the fan mode the power button turns slow and you can lower the speed and the speed of the fan actually follows your orders so here is the infrared input when you use the remote it goes you it goes in here so the remote is battery powered by a little coin cell to remove it you just

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Push the bottom lightly and don’t come off if you want to put it back in just push it lightly in don’t push it too hard because it will just pop right back out so you just push it and it goes back in much better than the other kinds where you have to use a little too a little paper clip and push it in so this requires no tools i just use my finger great comes out

Put you back in the intake is from all these little holes if you use it long enough the little dust particles might get stopped so you need to kind of wipe those off one thing that annoyed me when i got this unit is that it comes with this big old tag attached to the power cord i just want to remove it and it annoys the heck out of me and i will one day remove

This you’re watching this probably because you want to figure out if this unit is for you so let me tell you some of my experience i’ve used this unit for about a year now the air that comes out of here is just kind of lukewarm sometimes it’s not something that you want in terms of wattage suz as i measure 1200 watts but here like this one also consumes 1200 watts

Except it’s much more concentrated when you turn this on the heater comes out and you can feel that it’s a lot hotter in front it may not be as safe for kids or whatnot but sometimes you just want like a little bubble of really warm air to get you know to to warm you up really if you stand in front of this on the cold winter day it doesn’t really warm you up that

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Well but this will i measured the power consumption on each one it’s funny how i did this because i actually don’t have a power meter i just went outside to look at the smart meter that we have outside just looked at how what what the place is consuming turn on each one of the units and check out what the increases both of them consume 1200 watts of power and yet

This one feels a lot warmer in my experience and it can actually warm you up a bit more this one does the same thing but the funny thing about wattage is that the amount of wattage is exactly how much heat it produces so why is the dyson heater not as hot when to consume the same amount of power well my theory is that this thing has an air multiplier technology

When it sucks in extra air there’s so much air moving through here it mixes with the same amount of hot air that’s coming out but with more air so it kind of dilutes things and so by the time you feel it it just doesn’t feel as more whereas this one it has less air not as much air moving – and then you and it’s moving slower so that when you feel when you put your

Hand in front or you try to sit in right in front of it you get more hot air essentially they both both of these will heat the room just the same it’s just that you won’t have the luxury of dealing you know nice and toasty sitting walk in front of one so i also want to compare it to one of those radiated sun heaters like this one these kind when you turn it on the

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Coil in here see right here heats up and then it reflects it and it shoots out like a beam of light in a big you know through this dish here so once have i had this turn on a little too high in fact a little too high is above middle right here or on but a little bit above low it’s a little bit too high i got a sunburn sitting in front of this thing so it’s that that

That intense out of these three heaters i’d say this one you get the most concentrated power in fact it’s only one kilowatt when i went and measured it one kilowatt 1200 1200 that’s just great when big companies are selling $400 heaters it’s getting kind of like getting swindled so this is proved you can make any mundane household object as cool-looking as possible

And people will pay a buttload for it well that’s a disappointment i was hoping the fan will just suck in all the all the bubble wrap and just toss it in front and even maybe the ones that are coming over here we toss in the front but apparently even at the maximum fan level it doesn’t do that also this thing comes with a tilt control it’ll just automatically turn

Off when you tilt it enough it doesn’t turn off when you go like this but seems like about 15 degrees it’ll turn off i’ll turn it back on like this it just turns off let’s try it this way yep turns off i hope this video helped you figure out if you want to get one or not i know it’s really hard to figure out if once you buy will you really like it or not type of

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