Profound Consequence of Not Buying Stuff

Want to get out of debt? Just don’t buy anything. Well… there’s more to it than that because most of us cannot just stop cold turkey. It takes practice and understanding of marketing tactics. Once you realize that most people are being duped, you will feel stupid if you willingly fall for it thereby serve as a way for you to spend less.

How’s it going everybody does it beat the bush for most americans who actually make more money than the average person across the world but because our standard of living is somewhat high we end up spending most of our paycheck and have nothing left to save now i’m not talking about people at the poverty wage level here because sometimes if you make that little you

Can just save as much as you can and yet you have nothing left in your paycheck at the end of the month now over the course of the last year where i started doing this minimizing selling a lot of my stuff i personally realize i bought a lot less stuff from online sources from anything anything that is an object i need to bring into my home i’m super duper careful

About it i think it over a lot more than before what i used to do is like oh this is something that i don’t have i might bring it in without trying to get rid of the previous item so at the end i might have like three or four cd players now a lot of this consumption has to do with your perception of how valuable it is for example lobsters and that language steno

Thing the cheaper type of lobster were they try to substitute it as lobster sometime and restaurants gets caught doing it if you ever tried it – they taste kind of similar and yet how come lobsters cost four or five times per pound than this langostino things interestingly a long time ago lobsters used to be a poor person’s food for the fishermen that catches them

They used to have so much of them that they’d try to feed this to you know all the poor people and then they went on strike thing that they should not feed them more than three times a week of lobster now right now if you’re at some startup company and they feed you lobster three times a week it would be a positive thing you see how weird that is right just because

You time shifted a hundred two hundred years all of a sudden people want to eat lobster so it’s kind of all in your head right what if you can change your perception on things at will and then go you know what lobster is a cheap kind of food it’s the poor person food but langostinos is the rich kind of people food you start eating this because nutritionally it’s

Roughly about the same anyway it tastes about the same and yet you can save a lot more money eating this cheaper kind of lobster i want to talk about how profound this is because this gives an indication of how much we personally value something just because the rest of society does all this and lobsters these days they might be like $20 a pound if you have one

Little lobster tail at a restaurant it might be $30 why are we eating it these days because we just kind of grew a taste for it we kind of like it now and also it’s part of like a rarity thing because we can’t have it all the time so then we want to eat it more and more often and we’re willing to pay for it and then people might take a picture of it upload it on

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Instagram social media or whatnot and sort of get social points right you kind of bring yourself up and then other people seeing it will be like wow okay you can treat yourself to you know these fancy dinner lobster being the fancy thing and then they would put you into this group thinking that oh yeah you know you’re just kind of you know upper middle class person

You you’re you know kind of like a fancy person and then so you kind of get these social points and elevate yourself so now let’s talk about diamonds this might be a little controversial because sometimes when you ask a female this is like oh they might like it because it’s shiny right there’s nothing else that glimmers like that but when you think about it this is

A monopoly by some company that restricted their demands if you think about what’s useful as a diamond to you as a person there’s nothing useful about it other than that you have it you can show other people that you paid a lot for it and it kind of ends there you’re not actually using the hardness property of the diamond you’re not using it to cut something and

The worst part is if you ever tried to resell your diamond you’re not gonna get that much back certainly a lot less than the retail price that you paid for so how do you exactly avoid falling into this trap where oh i want to eat lobster i want to have diamond rings i want to have the most fancy cars the fact is is to be more humble you have to allow yourself for

Other people to perceive you as a lesser person even if it means okay yeah they’re not gonna look up to you as much just because you know the clothes you wear they’re not super fancy they’re not always flinging new and stuff you don’t care if people mistaken you as being a poor broke even homeless person the result of willingly becoming humble is quite profound

You no longer need to buy these $100 jeans you no longer need to buy these hundred dollar 50 sneakers because you can just buy 20 $30 sneakers they’ll just work just as well jeans you know 10 20 dollars would do already you might not even need to go to these travel destinations that you see on social media people keep on posting about whatever travel destination

They always take the same selfie in the same exact spot because once you get there they always have this tourist area where you can go oh yeah this is picture taking time and then everyone goes there and takes their picture the question to ask yourself if you’re going to dee’s travel destination in order to save yourself money of course is if you cannot upload

Any pictures to social media nor can you talk to any friends about it afterwards we still go because if you’re still gonna go anyway it might mean that you really really want to go just for yourself which is you know the most cost-effective way when you’re going for someone else just to show off and you might drain your whole bank account before you’re able to

Catch up with everyone else because it’s just infinite when you look on social media someone is always going to somewhere new they’re always posting pictures about it if you want to replicate this it’s gonna be very costly and it’s not going to make you happy because you are not the one that wants to go there at this time because i haven’t bought a lot of stuff

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On amazon this is such a change of who i am as a person because when i started this youtube channel at the time i’m kind of like a amazon addict i like to receive a package every single day sometimes i try to do it you know it might come like three or four times every week and this is very very consistent several years ago where i would just try to order stuff on

Separate days even though i had two items i wanted i would order one one day and then see that they shipped it already and i’ll order another one to get you know just just so that i can get another item another day because every single time i get an item it’s kind of like an adrenaline rush or you might call this addiction even because it’s kind of like a slot

Machine you know because every single time you get something you feel rewarded every single time something comes in the mail whenever i hear the doorbell i actually go oh happy right something’s gonna come and then i get to open this box it’s like an enjoyment in itself just opening the box but since going on this journey of minimizing reducing the stuff that i

Have i’m selling all of it which taking me a long time because every single item it takes me you know i have to take pictures of it listed and stuff it takes me significant effort and because i know how much effort it takes i am so much more careful with buying something new because i know buying it is the easy part after you buy you have to open it up you have

To unbox it you have to kind of analyze the item just kind of see how you’re supposed to use it and towards the end of the life you might throw it away or you might sell it which takes a lot of work in itself now a long time ago in different videos i talked about how to turn credit cards where if you have extra money that you cannot spend on stuff that you would

Buy anyway during that month i would normally go and buy amazon gift cards just kind of load it up so that okay you know you need to spend $2,000 i already spent 1500 and it’s the last week of that promotional period before i can get that bonus i’ll go okay i have $500 left let me go to some supermarket buy $500 worth of amazon gift card and this is what i used

To heavily do i might buy $500 of gift cards you know every couple months even just to satisfy these requirements and what i thought i could do was that this gift card would come in and i can just hold it as long as needed i’m only gonna buy stuff that i need and i’m not going to spend extra just because i have those great gift cards analysis of myself is that i

Started realizing finally you know i didn’t know this you know when i was telling people to buy gift cards that when i had those gift cards i was more easily buying amazon stuff than not it’s quite hard for me to admit this but it’s true um when i have those gift cards i might go online and and go oh yeah you know i have you know so and so much 500 1000 dollars

Worth like gift cards so when i use those gift card credit it would feel like i didn’t really spend any money it would kind of feel like it’s free so then my threshold for buying something is a lot lower what’s the lesson in all of this here is basically don’t buy you don’t need it and it’s more ingrained in me as a person i would say since not buying anything

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It’s kind of like a skill that’s learned i almost don’t need anything anymore other than food water and shelter and internet and of course a lot of the stuff that i already bought it’s weird because even the food i buy sometimes it’s very bland i treat myself once in a while but then you know i try not to treat myself every single day i might do it two three times

A week or something but once you are used to eating bland foods eating healthy foods eating things that you know don’t cost very much although it’s very high in nutrition value it ends up being not costing you very much and if you’re not buying t-shirts and if you’re not buying toys you’re not buying video games you are not buying jeans you end up not paying for

Anything it’s just like these days i don’t buy anything at all this is what it feels like of course i do buy certain things just today i went out and ate a lunch i paid like $13 for it but it becomes a situation where i spend very very little money and yet i still make some amount of money but because i spent so little i accumulate most of this money that i earn

If anyone isn’t that if you get into this habit of the thing i created for myself here where you basically don’t need anything you kind of see through all the marketing gimmicks and stuff you go oh yeah you know you’re just trying to sell me on this on that it’s not actually gonna benefit me all that much other than you know if you’re trying to show off to other

People once you realize this you’re spending it’s gonna plummet and all of a sudden you’re gonna have all this extra cash and you’re going to really evaluate how to use this cash for the things that you actually really want rather than buying things to show off to other people i know i’m kind of talking about things in generalities here but if you can apply this

To your life i think it will make a profound impact okay so here’s the sales pitch now i do have this t-shirt it’s funny because it says don’t buy and then a lot of people like to comment in the comment section and go haha you know you said don’t buy it therefore i’m not buying that t-shirt yeah this is fine this is funny i’m not gonna be offended if you actually

Don’t buy this t-shirt but if you say you’re not gonna buy it’s just kind of like you know i didn’t think you’re gonna buy anyway but then you’re just saying it just to you know ruffle some feathers or something anyway it says don’t buy it you don’t need it at the very bottom over here if you want to support this channel if you want to wear this t-shirt just to

You know tell other people not to buy stuff kind of like a reminder for yourself to not buy other thing and i feel like this t-shirt might actually save you and save other people around you a lot of money more than the price of the t-shirt itself if you guys are interested in this t-shirt i’ll leave a link down in the video description below don’t forget to give

Me a like comment down below let me know what you think of these i would say this is almost like a rant about not buying stuff don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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