Ednan – shannon bull market and anika mohawk territory in ontario new video for rich tv live and the community shown the future glimpse into the future of what the legal market could be if health canada got out of the way and let them do their thing you guys can be making money like the free market here and i’ll kind of show you how it’s just growing and thriving

It wasn’t $5 grams hundred-dollar ounces was about $50 probably a quarter for the first year but just like the legal market after year people dropped $5 grams most places started this little dispensaries like that little shacks now they’re turning in actually that one is over there just because they’re building that’s brand new to places but rich was right about

The $5 grams the first place to get $5 grams was this little box trailer and it blew up and now they have this kanak here it was the first place to put $5 grams a year into all these dispensaries have been open and you’d see $5 grams hundred-dollar ounces they have drive-throughs at two of these places but that little shack that’s going to be their new one and

There’s a gas station they’re putting they’ll just keep making so much money they’re opening gas stations expanding growing but rich’s record about the $5 grams hundred dollar ounces it really 10x to this community blew up brought people by and coming in just to try out $5 grand get inedible now that’s just one there there’s this better bullets there probably

You can get $50.00 ounces here and you have hundreds like probably 200 strains but it’s really a $5 graham place there because they have both 30 40 different $5 grams there’s be leaf here for them free flow petroleum gas is like 92 cents i’ll turn into this pot shop here i’ll show ya this place started as a little shack five thousand dollar trailer they got a

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Hundred thousand dollar signs leds it’s actually good in the summer they got the slushies slashing machines and all that stuff but then they expanded to this place they have their own radio station plays old-school hip-hop and advertises but yeah the pot shop it all started with this little place they sell thousands and thousands of clothes in the spring but you

Know you can see they got things strange specific five-dollar pre-rolls cbd 20% charlotte’s web available and they’re pretty smart business people here socially the next let’s come and i think it might be the indigenous roots sport the chronos actually funded on the chromeless got involved with um here’s the new one made of flour it’s beautiful place it looks just

Like any winery wine-tasting vq a place now that one’s called native flower there’s a smoke on the water that’s got lounge pool tables everything but the indigenous roots is something maybe to look into the stock i think it’s i rcc indigenous roots port cronos bought a big stake in and cronos even said we’re going with the native people because they don’t have to

Deal with all the health canada craft and get to market way sooner let’s chronos not just me saying it and they’re smart business people over here they’re not just growing ditch weed and selling it for five bucks and stuff it’s like they’re doing so well like i’m always at the racetrack here just as a little story will i turn up here to another the one color is

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Always at the track you went up to toronto to buy a mclaren he went up to fatima clan bought a mclaren cash $280,000 and like they’re indigenous they don’t have to pay tax right that’s why they the shipping and all that stuff is another crazy fee to get something drop shipped over here so by him being on native land and getting his mclaren drop shipped here saved

Him $70,000 in cash by the way mclaren had to go to faff here’s field of dreams or had to go to ferrari to get a second money counter you can see how large field of dreams is it’s just drawing and they just built this even larger place here it’s almost done turn around another hundred thousand dollar sign but it started it was actually see that little shack on the

End it started that big they built the one across the street here built that one they got all the crazy signs they’re allowed to advertise don’t have to deal with all the health canada crap and it’s a field of dreams that new one there opened up doors keep expanding he’s got a couple broke the money machine at faff they had to go to another one rory this is kind

Of funny thing but you can advertise their signs i’ll pick it up but these places are blowing up but it’s not all $5 grams i know you can’t sell for more than $10 a gram that’s you have to max your top stuff at $10 they’re low stuff at around 420 a gram pun intended and then they’re in the game they only got to work about quality and get rid of health canada rules

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And all that crap this community is booming it used to be so poor like so so poor like tar shacks shack the cars friends ride look like demolition derby cars a big joke like they were born in five years every roads getting repaid i’m going up on this is the last road to get repaid they’re out cleaning the streets it’s the cleanest place that you’ve ever seen and

It just keeps getting better and better than actually built schools and community centers and it’s such a great thing that it keeps growing and it’s just proof that illegal there’s potential and at once the health can it gets out of the way kind of they can do it but i’ll show you that five dollars to grandma’s and everything it’s true pardon me the 2.0 stops big

The place i’m going to now is fully integrated legacy 428 does everything from cds they have indoor outdoor production they have like cookie factories like bakery commercial bakeries evergreen there’s about 6070 dispensaries on the land i’ve just done this little quarter-mile stretch but 420 i’ll show you that it’s not everything then right beside there’s peacemaker

Across the street servos baker before 20 i’ll show you because they have everything and i’ll sue you they don’t i think they’re cheapest graham is they have hundred dollar ounces but its grand seven bucks oh cool and i’ll show you that they make their money a lot of the 2.0 because it’s so vertically integrated they make everything themselves inhale try to shoot

Another video just inside for y’all

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