Pure Extracts Orders First Shipment of Functional Mushrooms for e-Commerce Store

Pure Extracts Orders First Shipment of Functional

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from merch tv live and i’m just looking at pure extracts so i’ve done all the zoning here you can see the cell zone which i put it over 80 cents you can see the buy zone which i put around 50 cents and you can see that right now pull is right at 52 cents so it’s right in a bi zone it could go a little lower it could go

As low as around 44 so if you’re a patient you might be able to get a little cheaper the upside from here though if you were to get it at 50 cents in my opinion if you were to get it at 50 cents and it went to a dollar you would make a hundred percent on your money so as an investor i’m always looking for that like 100 return or more obviously but the 100

Return is like that you know that that’s kind of like what you want right and the thing i like about pure extracts is the news is really good they always seem to have really good news and there’s really no reason for this stock to be down you know the stock has gone up it’s come down recently and it’s kind of trading at the lowest it’s ever been right now

In america and in canada so it’s been maybe a little bit lower but not much lower you can see it’s trading right around the bottom so it’s it’s the lowest it’s ever been despite the fact the news keeps coming in and the news just keeps coming in and it keeps coming in it keeps coming in and then here’s the big news pure extracts orders first shipment of

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Functional mushrooms for e-commerce store so the news just keeps coming pure extracts technologies corp on the csc the canadian securities exchange under the symbol pull pull and in america on the otc under the symbol prxtf in frankfurt germany a2qj a plant-based extraction company focused on cannabis hemp functional mushrooms and the rapidly emerging

Psychedelic sector is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary pure mushrooms corp has ordered its first shipment of functional mushrooms from his british columbia co-packer pure mushrooms has developed three premium functional mushroom formulations that come in safe and convenient vegan capsules these products will be available through its

Online e-commerce store with sales of rishi and my take formulations expected to commence in april and sales of lions main formulation expected to commence in june wow this is exciting rishi mushrooms has been a staple in eastern medicine for centuries and provides antioxidants supply for the immune system help increasing energy and resistance to stress

And are often used to strengthen the body and nourish the heart in traditional chinese medicine might take mushrooms are widely used in the japanese and chinese cultures in foods and as a supplement with perceived benefits in combating stress supporting the immune system with high antioxidants that benefit the heart and the brain lion’s mane is thought to

Boost cognitive health and power provide memory support and enhance mental clarity each formulation has the potential to generate fifteen thousand in gross sales per month pure extra seo ben and koleski remarked we’re excited to be ordering the first pure mushroom products to launch our direct to consumer online store the functional mushroom wellness market is

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Experiencing robust sales as many consumers are trying to boost their immune system in light of the kova 19 pandemic as we build out our mushroom extraction facility we plan to bring more products to market extracts technologies corp features an all-new state-of-the-art processing facility located just 20 minutes north of world famous whistler british columbia

The bespoke facility has been constructed to european union gmp standards aiming towards expert sales of products and formulations including those currently restricted in canada into european jurisdictions where they are legally available on september 25th 2020 pure extracts was granted its standard processing license by health canada under the cannabis act

And the company stock began trading on the canadian securities exchange cse on november 5th 2020. so you can go and find out more on their website which we’ll go quickly take a look at and this is some big news for pure extracts orders first shipment of functional mushrooms for e-commerce store and once again currently at 52 cents in my opinion we’re going to

See them at a dollar sometime in 2021 and if and when they do go to a dollar that will be almost a hundred percent from today’s price of 52 cents so i can’t guarantee that remember this is a sponsored video and rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest anything that we

Talk about here in rich tv live consult a financial advisor get their opinion on the stock before you invest in anything okay and if you do like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe you can also follow them on twitter as you can see they don’t have a lot of followers on twitter this is an early

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Stage company and with early stage companies you have to learn how to exercise patience okay and as you can see here i’m gonna follow them on link in it there you go so i’d love to know what you guys think comment down below on the video and what do you think about the news and as you guys can see these guys have news like lots and lots of news like look it

Seems like every couple days there’s new news and i’d love to know what you guys think about the news this is your boy rich from usb live bringing you the winners we’re bringing the two first right now pull living in the buy zone what do you guys think it’s your boy rich from rich to be live and i’m out with the big news just keeps coming pure extracts orders

First shipment of functional mushrooms for the e-commerce store p-u-l-l in canada prxdf in america a2qj in frankfurt germany he’s your board rich from rich to be live you

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Pure Extracts Orders First Shipment of Functional Mushrooms for e-Commerce Store By RICH TV LIVE

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