Pure Extracts Technologies Corp . (CSE: PULL) (OTC: PRXTF) (XFRA: A2QJAJ)

Pure Extracts Technologies Corp . (CSE: PULL) (OTC: PRXTF) (XFRA: A2QJAJ) – RICH TV LIVE – February 16, 2021 – Pure Extracts Technologies Corp . (CSE: PULL) (OTC: PRXTF) (XFRA: A2QJAJ) (“Pure Extracts” or the “Company”), a plant-based extraction company focused on cannabis, hemp and the rapidly emerging functional mushroom sector, is pleased to announce its licensing deal with U.S. based Taste-T, LLC (“Taste-T”).

And we are live and interactive with our many time guests ben nikolevsky the ceo of pure extracts are you doing today ben i’m doing great rich thanks for having me back hey thank you for joining us thank you for being here and super excited to have you on the show and pure extracts has already been a huge success congratulations already on all your success and

We talked about a pre-ipo with our entire club and with all of our followers all over the world on youtube and all over social media pre-ipo around 40 cents today you’ve been trading around 77 to 80 cents and there’s some big news that’s been coming um that’s been happening pure extracts technologies is a plant-based extraction company focused on cannabis hemp

Functional mushrooms and psychedelic medicine can you please tell us a little bit more about what the company does thanks rich that’s exactly right we’re a plant-based extractor so we do business in uh in three verticals um the functional mushrooms is an exciting new vertical we’re launching our own uh product under a pure mushroom so chaga lion’s been and

The like extracted product so upgrading the traditional product set that was in market for many years under chinese medicine so we’ve taken that to the next level that’s an exciting new area we had some experience in the psychedelic and the enlisted market previously and then our uh our core business where we got started off was the cannabis and hemp business

And that’s growing by leaps and bounds though we did a release today with a deal we did with fireball the alcohol brand and their their cannabis side of the business their gummy business so super excited about the new u.s partnership so um the business continues to grow but we’re we’re a plant-based extractor if it’s a plant-based product we can extract it and

Formulate a product to it and what fueled your decision to enter the edibles market well when we looked at the edible market we had some experience we bought the assets of of pure that was in the illicit market they had experience in the gummy market it was a great skew for them and when we look for at south of the border in the california market las vegas oregon

Edible were very strong and gummy was also always number one in those marketplaces so it was a natural progression that canada would have a strong gummy demand and with the partnership we found with fireball and their proprietary packaging methodology that’s quite different than what’s on market today um it gives a shelf stability and a temperature stability they

Don’t stick together because the way they’re blister packed together it is a superior product and that’s what we really liked about it it’s the the next iteration of product and the gummy space wow and what’s the history of the fireball brand well i think we all have a history with a fireball brand so some good some bad so it’s a it’s the second largest alcohol

Brand in the united states by my revenue um it’s a cinnamon alcohol product a lot of us have taken a shot or two in college i’m sure they made the same recognition as constellation brand that invested in canopy that is a direct competitor to alcohol we better enter the cannabis business fireball had the same thinking and they created their cannabis gummy and cbd

Brand um they’re in five states today um highest selling uh gummy in their states that they’re in today and uh we’re very fortunate to be selected to be the manufacturer of that for canada and we have distribution rights for around the world that we’ll be selling into different markets we’re setting up those agreements as we speak in different countries so we’re

Super excited about that wow congratulations how many u.s states are fireball gummies sold in they’re in five states today and they continue to expand that they’ve been super popular in the state states that they’ve been in i had the opportunity to try it in vegas that’s where i first ran into the product um super successful you know sold you know through most

Of the dispensaries in you know the regions that they’re in and they continue to march across the united states expanding their uh state footprint wow and what’s your production capacity um we can produce uh 20 000 units an hour of product yeah so uh we uh yeah yeah yeah we were lucky enough we have some proprietary equipment from them that we can continue to uh

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Clone that so uh we we can supply the demand for canada and internationally depending on the way we need to gear up and then the machinery is super flexible so they have some they have a proprietary machinery we didn’t buy an off-the-shelf product super flexible from from that perspective so uh and you know even i can run it so it’s kind of kind of easy to run

So that’s good but don’t worry your viewers i won’t be running any of the equipment you mentioned that there’s some export opportunities so can you explain what those export opportunities are associated with the fireball licensing agreement absolutely so uh as you know canada has a very good name on exporting cannabis products to the eu and other places around

The world uh we are able to get first right of refusal for distribution in uh in the world basically there’s a few parts that we don’t have but canada because of our ability to export relatively easily in comparison to the united states can’t because of federal laws we’re able to export to places like germany the uk for cbd products into the eu as you know our

Facility is eu gmp compliant we’ll uh finish our licensing for that over the next year and then we’ll be able to go full bore into the product set into those eu countries that require the gmp certification now pure extracts is currently in the process of building out its state-of-the-art processing facility can you tell us a little bit more about that yeah

Absolutely so we’re built out for 10 000 square feet uh fully gmp compliant we’re expanding to the next step that will house a larger footprint for our edible business gummy and uh and a few other exciting uh things that we’ll be back on your show to talk about it shortly um in the edible business and our functional psychedelic our dior’s license will reside in

The expansion in our psychedelic department so we’re uh we’re underway without expansion on the space is now being ready for for that so we’re super excited to be able to upgrade our footprint to handle those new expanded business lines now you’ve also been expanding the cannabis and hemp side of the business where are you at currently with that and what’s coming

Next so we’re uh we’re expanding that business on a daily basis we have uh several white label and tolling contracts that we’ll be releasing to the market we released you know our first commercial sale of wholesale oil a couple a couple of days ago we’ll continue to release the market our our good fortunes in that uh we’ll have pure polls and pure shoes back in

The dispensaries over the next 60 days so by the end of the quarter hopefully we’ll be on sale at the bc alberta and hopefully ontario uh shortly for your consumers to be able to buy so it’s super exciting to be you know in market with our own brand we are a brand company we created probably the first full spectrum vape that was in market the the folks that had

The the assets before we bought the assets out so we’re a full spectrum company that’s what we got our roots and if you look to the u.s market everybody started the same way they started with this delay it was cheap it’s easy to make fso is much harder to make um but we cracked the code with our partnership with vitalis as a co2 extraction company we were number

One or two in their first extractor that went out the door with them so um you know we’re lucky enough to have a very strong relationship and we continue to do r d with them over some of their new equipment coming out so um we’re uh we’re definitely you know on the cutting edge of full spectrum product that will be coming to the canadian marketplace you guys

Are getting your hands involved in so many things you guys got a tight chair structure tight float companies going in the right direction stocks moving up you guys are able to do pretty much everything you wanted to do that we talked about since the beginning you guys have been literally doing everything you said which is really important to us what is what do

Investors have to look forward to now uh for pure extracts if there’s one thing that you wanted to let investors know about extracts what do it be it’s it’s growth for us it’s all about you know growth and sustainable revenue uh we as we said we have a seasoned management team and you know we were we ran another cannabis company we successfully exited to tillray

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About a year and a half ago we have you know 20 years of management experience growing cpg companies and that’s really what we are in our functional space or our cannabis base we’re really a cbg company and we’re looking to have sustainable revenue and profitability through the life of the company we know how to create good quality brands that resonate with our

Consumers and we know how to generate profitable revenue that’s really what we’re all about and we like to be like the fireball on the cutting edge of new products we developed in my previous business the first antioch free chicken that hit the market we were cutting we’re on the cutting edge of that um both within the stores we were before maple leaf for any of

Those guys and we like to be you know nimble and be able to roll out new innovative products to the market and take that a little bit of risk of being the you know the first to market um but that’s really what we’re all about good quality products you know in the fso space uh and really developing new products that the canadian marketplace and internationally

Will resonate with the growing consumer base so when you have a company that’s involved in so many things is there a specific area that you would say that you’re focused in first is it psychedelics is it extraction would you say it’s 50 50. um do you look at the business that way does it really matter to you yeah we don’t really like it we look at ourselves as

An extractor that’s the first first level of all the things that we just talked about the psychedelics functional cannabis hemp it all revolves around formulation and extraction and then the actual product set is not you know that relevant from there psychedelics obviously is super interesting because i personally uh feel that that’s the next real um exciting

News out of the medical industry that’s going to help people with depression ptsd and the like and it makes a real difference i studied the uh the medical information quite readily with our uh with our science advisors and they’ll be a real medical help and i’m super excited about that area just the difference you see in the people that have taken the product

And moving that from this theoretical uh eight hour process to treat one patient to move that into a commercialization type um medicine to help these people that’s what i’m excited about our nasal jail hopefully will shorten that treatment time to a reasonable amount we’re working you know people like us to go to work every day can go in get a treatment that’s

A few hours and have you know multiple treatments and still have their regular day go on versus you know what goes on today which is an eight hour plus for one patient treatment which is not which is interesting and helpful but not a lot of people can take you know a whole day out of their schedule for one treatment so um that’s you know important to me and

When we look at the business they’re all different segments of growth cannabis and hemp are more mature business and obviously we got our roots in that so that business will grow by leaps and bounds we have to put a little bit more water on our functional mushrooms and our psychedelics but that’s a growth engine for us so it gets it gets equal attention and um

You know as i said one is not better than another it’s all the same you have to put that product into a formulation you know make that you know work the way you want and then sell the product so the the process is the same the product is you know kind of not necessarily irrelevant so i don’t fancy one versus the other the the psychedelics and functional are new

And exciting the cannabis business we’re rolling out new and exciting products all the time sorry with that that’s okay and if somebody that’s watching this wanted to get in contact with you wanted to get in touch with you was interested in learning more about the company what’s the best way for them to reach you on our websites we have a uh an info email info

At purextraxcorp.com um they can fill out the form comes i get a copy of that and so does our pr department and our ir department uh and we’ll respond right away so they have any questions our deck is online they can take a tour of the facility is online um and if they have any questions by all means love to hear from your uh your group and happy to answer the


Question well super excited to see how everything continues to unfold uh congratulations on all your success so far ben you guys have done really really well i know a lot of our members are really happy already most of us got in you know around 45 cents or lower so to see the stock trading at around 80 cents today that’s obviously almost double for our investors

And i’ve been telling our community that i believe that this is going to go to at least a dollar and above so i believe there is still some upside guys now remember past performance is not an indication of future results we can’t guarantee it’s going to do that but based on the conversations and the chatter the tight float and the growing business we believe

At rich tv live this is a company that’s still undervalued under appreciated underexposed especially when you compare them to their peers and you’ve seen what companies like mind medicine have done nume wellness have done and we’ve seen company after company after company in the cannabis sector obviously recently explode so we’ve seen a lot of explosions this

Is a company that’s still relatively new ben is there anything else you want to say to anyone that’s watching rich that’s exactly on point where a uh a plant-based extractor has a uh a full-blown um psychedelic and functional mushroom mine uh we’re definitely undervalued from that perspective we’re doing real clinical research on product set and we have real

Revenue on our cannabis and hemp side of the business so your investors get a two for one deal you know our ipo pre-ipo was a 30 cent share a lot of people believed in in the that methodology versus being fully exposed in the in the mushroom if they don’t uh if they don’t come through with the formulation that you’re kind of exposed with us you get you get the

Confidence of marijuana and uh and have continued to churn at revenue and profitability and the psychedelics if the timing takes a little bit longer for the uh government entities to approve it that’s okay too right that gives us more r d time so um i think they’re still investing you know room for your investors and i think you’re going to see great things out

Of pure over the next 12 months oh i agree with you 100 thank you for joining us again on the show love to invite you back anytime you have any big breaking news or if you just want to do discussion about your industry about the company any big breaking news in the sector love to invite you any time to come and speak to our community guys remember rich tv live

Is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always invest in the best the best is blessed and you deserve the best if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first we brought

Pull p-u-l-l in canada first prxtf in america first and obviously it’s been a big winner congratulations to everybody involved if you liked the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe and feel free to get in contact directly with ben if you have any questions if you like to do a joint venture you like to

Do some business interested in this business contact ben easy guy to speak to the ceo as you can see um uh i love it when ceos are transparent and they come on our show and they give people an opportunity to see kind of who’s behind the symbol so thank you for doing this ben i really appreciate it keep up the great work and we’ll talk to you soon my friend all

Right thanks very much rich and we definitely will be back we got some news coming okay great guys keep pure extracts on your radar keep it on your watch list like ben just said they got some news coming so stay tuned thank you guys for watching and have a nice day see you later ben

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