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So i’ve been doing a lot of thinking the last few weeks about the purpose of this channel so today i want to share with you guys what’s the purpose of the channel where’s the channel going what am i working the channel into i want to talk about that i also want to talk about a comment i’ve been getting a lot in the comment section about people copy in my videos

You know from other channels and things like that and i want to give my take on that in my take on that it’s actually probably going to blow your guys’s mind and then the last thing i want to talk about is i want to talk about another comment that got made by subscriber the other day that i think i just really want to address this issue because it’s another thing

I thought about this video’s just me kind of like telling you guys about some things i’ve been thinking about those kinds of things so first off what is the purpose of the channel well we got to go back 14 months ago when i started this channel what was the purpose of this channel then the purpose was simply for me to educate people about personal finance about

Business about the stock market that was it that was the purpose if i could help just 10 people a day phenomenal if i can help five people add a phenomenal that is what the channel started at me just wanting to educate people on subjects they might not be educated on that’s the whole point that was the whole point over the last six months i’ve been totally morphing

The channel to not just be a place where it’s people not just a place where people can learn about personal finance business stock market investing those kinds of things but also a place that inspires people inspires people and i think that is the overwhelming goal of this channel i don’t necessarily care if someone invests like my style if you or a short-term

Trader and that’s your thing and you do good at that fine that’s cool with me i am no i have no problem with that if you are a warren buffett investor and you’re thinking 20 30 years out fine i’m cool with that i think at least a year out i think more like three to five years off thats my time horizon but if you just want to think 20 30 years and that’s your

That’s what works for you i’m cool with that like i have no problem with that i guess those kevin what differs me from like a priest or something you know a priest or someone from church they might say you know only my way it’s the only way i’m like i’m going to teach my way but if you want to go another way like that’s cool with me that’s fine i just want to

Inspire people that maybe haven’t been inspired yet to army subjects unlike starting a business on caring about their personal finances on how to make money in the stock market or you know i don’t really talk much about real estate investing in here on this channel but if they want to get into real estate best thing i’m cool with that like that’s like that’s for

Me that everything if i can inspire people if i can make it cool if i can make it cool to be a stock market person you know stock market people used to think about a stock market person someone investing in the market is an old person or guy dressed up in a student that’s the bottom line guys and then i come on here and i dress h&m and it’s like you know and

I talked the way i do which is not the way wall street people talk i talk like a regular human like a regular human who was good to talk so i want to try to i’m just-just biggest thing in this channel i want to i want to inspire people i want to teach people absolutely it’s always going to get a goal but i also i want to inspire people i don’t want to beat people

Down i never want to eat someone down i actually recorded a video the other day record this video i thought about it for a while i edited in everything and i even had it posted or supposed to be posted tomorrow and i actually just removed it because i felt like the way i was coming across in that video was beating people down and not inspiring people and i’m like

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That goes against what i’m trying to build for i don’t want to beat people down i don’t want to say negative things and you know smash things in the people’s head rather i want to go in an aspiring route so and i think it’s funny i was looking do you guys know joel olsteen is he’s actually uh a famous like preacher i guess you’d call i don’t know if you call him

A preacher but he preaches christianity and whatnot he he’s a controversial figure he’s by far the most known person call you in the religious community outside maybe the pope his church is the old houston rockets arena scott least 16,000 feet and he sells that church every single week for like three sermons or masses or whatever you call it he sold it and he’s

Got a worldwide audience of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people sells millions of books a year and what not he doesn’t beat people down he inspires people and that’s why a lot of people gravitate to his church versus some of the other churches and you know one of the things millennials don’t go to church anymore it looks so such a small percentage if

You look on the statistics on how many millennials go to church versus previous generations it’s the smallest it’s ever been and because people don’t want to get beaten down they want people to inspire them that’s the generation it used to be you beat someone down and you know make them believe that now it’s all about inspiring people if you can’t inspire people

Then you’re not going to go very far i was looking i was looking at cnbc cnbc has a youtube channel right listen to that i was looking in the this whole deal on this blew my mind before the video so i saw cnbc they have ninety-nine thousand subscribers they created their channel in july 17 2006 okay 2006 they have six thousand eight hundred and seventy-six uploads

So they basically have three or basically about four times as much because subscribers of this channel right as i’m doing this video and if you’re watching a way in the future we’ll have a lot more but right now we have about 25,000 ish they have a little under 100,000 so they got about four thousand four times more you have six thousand of e6000 876 videos posted

We have about 300 on this channel and we started this channel 14 months ago why is that cnbc is always high paid people they dress any fancy clothes they have these cameras they use these cameras that are more more expensive than all my equipment combined i can combine my drone right there i can combine my high-end dslr i can combine all that equipment on the floor

Over there i used for my photo and video business i could add up everything that’s room i could the vizio smart tv on the wall there the playstation 3 right there my high-end router we combine that all together and it would still be dramatically less money than one of their cameras you’re using all this expensive stuff to do only stink why why do they not have like

Millions of subscribers it makes no sense right because they don’t talk to the people they don’t talk to the people they talk through the people and there’s a big difference guys another thing was it’s funny i used to get common about and this was a while back you see comments like man if go pro stock goes down your channels done you’re done you’re finished like

I usually get a lot of people they say comments like that and guess what happened go pro stock went from $17 $16 $15 $14 $13 $12 $11 $10 nine dollars $8 seven dollars go pro stock price went like this and what did the channel do with like this that’s part of inspiring people is no one wants to see ivan drago you ever watch rocky four no one likes ivan drago right

He was hitting the steroids leaning knocking everybody out and no one liked him people like rocky balboa it like someone that is going to get bit of an ass kicked and then come back and fight and still win in the end that’s another part of inspiring gopro going down and me kind of building a storyline about my relationship with gopro that’s helped this channel


Immensely because it got people interested in the storyline in the plot line who maybe wouldn’t even have been interesting the channel but it was interesting and people started to care about what happened with go pro stock i mean most people you know only care a little bit right but those videos get it outstanding use some people care a lot that i do great on that

And a few people hope i you know lose my ass on them they hope gopro goes bankrupt i lose all my money so we got three categories but it’s about inspiring people and it’s about building a storyline and a plot line if i can do that i can inspire people i can bring more people into the community so that’s what this channel is about it’s about teaching it’s about the

Fundamentals of a business about stock market those kinds of things personal finance and it’s about inspiring and that’s where that’s where i’ve been taking the channel and that’s where the channels are going so just so you guys know now i want to talk about another subject so the other subject one of the other subjects were talking about is i think the in comments

Lately about people are mentioning things like oh so and so is copying your videos or you know you post a video and then they posted 0 such and such person they post a video similar and i get a lot of comments and from you know all these different channels that i’m not really i don’t really watch in and not into but people say things like that and you might think

I might go oh why would i do that i copy my ideas i’m like that’s cool i think that’s cool if people want or inspired enough to create another financial education you know channel if they copy video ideas or whatever or you know take an idea the next level whatever they do i’m cool with that like i’m cool with building youtube community of financial education like

I’m cool with that man like that’s awesome because i realized that not everybody is gonna like me right not everybody’s going to like my personality inla jority people do i mean we want to built the the base we have if i was on a likable person but at the same time there’s going to be some people that just would rather hear somebody else or somebody talk a different

Way a different style than i do maybe look a different way than i look things like that i understand that that’s human behavior but at the same time if we can grow the entire community i’m cool with that is like the gaming community is still big on youtube there’s probably i would say there’s probably a hundred youtube channels for earth using gaming channels 100

Gaming channels on youtube that probably have more than a million subscribers and that’s bill you know if it was just let’s say pootie pie doing gaming videos and was no one else it would never have built the huge community and he wouldn’t have never gotten sa geetika right but it’s like a okay if you don’t like pretty posh gaming videos then you go watch que si

If you don’t like que si go watch markiplier you don’t like markiplier but watch jeff septic i you don’t like him to watch another person or that other person and so i’m cool if we can build a community out of it that people want to copy my video ideas or if they want to just you know kind of copy them and steal some things i have no problem with it i have no

Issue it’s about inspiring and if somebody else expires somebody else i’m who what that is fine it’s fine with me guys so it might be surprising to you but that’s how i feel and the last thing i want talk about is i got a comment the other day and i had been thinking about this for a while somebody said you know you should create a patreon account you know patreon

Calvin’s basically account where people can donate money to you they have so many youtube channels have it out there and a lot of social media networks where you know people that enjoy the content somebody provides day they would donate money stem i’m against us i mean i’m not against it as far as anybody else can do it i’m not personally into doing it because

How i look at things in life i look at i need to give somebody else more value than they give me back and that’s like my whole goal so when i post a video the value i get back from that for you guys is all the wonderful comments you leave all the thumbs up that means the world and also the last thing is the monetary value which is anybody that watches an ad that


Shows on this channel for longer than 15 seconds i get paid for that do you watch an ad for 15 seconds and i get paid for that that’s good that’s fine that’s fine like that i’m cool with that like that’s good so if i ever if i’m not providing as i feel like i’m providing the value and you guys are providing the value back and so i have no issue with that like i

Don’t need to create a patreon account so in that goes to the book i’m writing right so i’m writing this book i’m spending months writing in it the pain in the butt but it’s a process i’m writing the book the books can be released i’m going to advertise it like heck on this channel as far as putting in the links and whatnot and i’m going to do a video today it up

And i’m going to talk about the book and things like that and all the way i look at that as i’m going to try to provide you guys with a phenomenal value with that book and if you guys want to return the love to me then you can buy the book so fiscally if it’s within the first 48 hours because i looked in the amazon the way things ranking amazon and when a book

Comes out if it sells really really well within the first 48 hours then amazon’s going to rank that book a lot higher so meaning if we sell let’s say we sell a hundred books within the first 48 hours that book’s release let’s say a hundred you guys buy it amazon’s go looking down and puts a decent book you know that’s a decent book and they’ll rank in a certain

Position if we sell a thousand bucks and also amazon’s like that’s a good book we need to rank it higher so when somebody searches stock market book or kind of investment stock market on amazon to buy a book it’s going to pop up there more if some if we sell let’s say 10,000 books within the first 48 hours and on amazon’s also in like oh we need to advertise we

Need to put that at the top of stock market rankings we need it like advertise that book everywhere we can infer that the greatest book ever known to mankind so that’s going to be a real opportunity where i’m going to provide hopefully a phenomenal value to you guys in that book and then you guys back if you buy it specifically within the first 48 hours you’re

Going to provide me a lot of value back because then the book sales will be a lot better from people that have no clue about the financial education channel and also in that book in the very first sentence i mentioned that i specifically run the financial education channel on youtube which would then people that buy that book would then come back to the financial

Education channel will build this community which this community is angle this community is what it’s all about this is where i want to bring people is where i want to funnel people so that’s my take on that i’m always trying to give a lot more value than i get back from people but you guys give me a great value back so that’s what it’s all about an end and that’s

What should be in my opinion for everybody and like it you’re if you feel like you’re you’re not giving someone a little more value than you’re getting back from that’s probably a problem if you feel like if you feel like you’re they’re giving you more value than you’re given them i think that’s a problem in life you should always feel like it’s at least equal or

Maybe you’re giving a little more value than what you’re getting back that’s just my take on it guys that’s just my take so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this today i just want to share my thoughts on this and you know what have a great day

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