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Amado Corkscrew Wine Opener here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush apparently i did a pretty good job of reviewing that watermelon slicer as well as that handheld sticker from amato that they came back and asked me to review some more products so today i have this corkscrew opener one of those fancy one where basically you just push the handle down and then you pull out the court i got

A bottle of this two buck chuck from trader joes sadly is no longer two dollars is actually 299 this is a charles shaw red cabernet sauvignon 2014 apparently if you get the cheap wine from trader joes is pretty close to a little bit more expensive wine it’s not going to taste like twenty thirty dollar wine but it would be close to maybe ten dollar wine interestingly

If you look up taste tests on wine for like five dollar 1 $20 wine and two hundred dollar one most the time people can’t even tell the difference between twenty dollar wine and two hundred dollar wine so if you’re going to buy a bottle of cheap wine you can go all the way up to maybe ten twenty dollars and people won’t be able to tell the difference unless you

See the label or something it has like gold on it and maybe when people open it they’ll feel a sense of satisfaction they go oh yeah this is really expensive wine one hundred two hundred dollars and when they drink it there yeah it’s really good but you know blind tasting wise if you don’t show people the bottle on how fancy or the price tag of it if you go up to


Twenty dollars you’re going to get the maximum taste already there’s the box nothing on the side this wine accessories here here’s what’s inside there’s a manual here graphic corkscrew product service manual so it will be your best choice the contents and it tells you how to use it keep away from children don’t have minors use it the foil cutter thing and it says

We are so sure that you will love a model rabbit corkscrew hello it says redstone so here it is the rapid corkscrew thing it’s quite heavy it comes with one extra screw thing and over here all night actually comes with this air removal tool it’s like this little suction pump thing it sucks air out at the bottom over here so you see if i pull this right now i’ll

Go back whereas if i don’t plug it up it’s kind of like pushing air out it sucks it in here and i assume pushing it out there here’s the foil opener somewhat sharp here and then here’s the stand there’s a little cover here to cover two sharp pieces a little rubber band to hold this thing this cap definitely doesn’t belong on here because the coloring is a little

Funny so you got to remove this somewhat hard to remove for me okay oh geez put this little wine stopper here put the foil cutter sits in right here put the wine stopper in there so i actually don’t drink red wine regularly so i don’t have a really refined palate for red wine hence this three-dollar red wine i’ve actually never used one of these corkscrew opener

So we’re going to see how easy it is for me to do it for the first time there’s a little tab that allows me to remove the foil but i’m not going to use that let’s use the foil opener put this right on top like this squeeze it oh nice that removed it pretty easily and i guess i can just peel off the rest okay just open it up like that clamp it on top squeeze this

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One and pull this up you see the corkscrew going into the cork and then what and then you pull it back up ok and the corpse out and then push the handle back down hold the cork and then pull it back out like this and then you’ll get the courthouse so it was pretty painless and let me pour some wine cheers i think i actually can taste three dollar wine from maybe

Ten twenty dollar wine because i can definitely taste that this is a little water down i guess it’s not bad at all i mean after you have a glass there to you probably not even going to notice anymore anyway i learned the hard way for the best freshness on the wine you need to finish it within three or four days anything longer than that it’s going to start to taste

Funny but before three or four days is up you can use one of these wine stopper things that sucks off the air that comes with this thing you just stick it in like this and then i think it’s pumping out there yeah it’s something this thing you back week all the air from the wine in here so that there’s minimal amount of oxygen to oxidize your wine so then you can

Keep it for a fresh a little bit longer that’s all about this wine corkscrew opener you should know that they do print their logo right here on the handle and i did notice that there are some imperfections along the handle here there’s like a little dot right here but other than not the functionality is fine and it’s pretty heavy duty so i see this lasting pretty

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Long if you’re interested in this product i’ll leave an affiliate link down below in the video description on where you can get this product if you’re interested in supporting the channel check out my audible link down below or have a patreon link over here don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you use one of these send me

Automatic wine opener things and if we get to subscribe over here thanks for watching apparently alcohol is pretty bad for you if you binge drink although they do say red wine has some health benefits if you drink only maybe one glass a day wow one glass a day i can’t imagine drinking that much one leading factor that caused me to want to drink less because one time

I went to this body world thing and they showed the liver of an alcoholic that liver actually had all these black spots on it from binge drinking so even though you may not feel or see it immediately it has a very physical impact on your liver you should know that alcohol is not all that good for you and it’s known to cause cancer so drink responsibly take care of your health and cheers

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