Quit My 6 Figure Job for 3/Hr [Not Endorsed By Amazon]

I quit my fix figure job and started working at an Amazon Sortation Facility for $13/hr. Am I crazy? Why did I do that? I don’t really need the job but this is my way of broadening my perspective in life. I always dreamed of working a many different jobs just long enough to get good at it. So in a way, you can think of this as following my dreams. I might be bored of doing different random jobs one day so we will have to see where it takes me.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush a while ago i told you i quit my job now i’m gonna tell you where i actually went to it’s probably pretty obvious with the master’s degree i’m working as an engineer in the silicon valley i’m making well over six figures i quit that job a while ago instead now i am a amazon sortation associate now instead of making well

Over $50 an hour now i make $13 an hour now you might think i’m completely stupid for giving up such a high salary job for such a low-paying one the whole point here is i do not actually need this job i’m only doing this for fun and it’s not really for long-term or anything i’m just doing it just to learn things actually now it is nice to get the $13 an hour i went

Through orientation which is five hours already i went through training which is eight hours that’s 13 hours 13 dollars an hour that’s a $169 well that’s enough to buy my hard drive in order to declutter my stuff i don’t actually need that money to buy the hard drive or anything but it’s nice to get a little bit of extra money and on top of that i get paid 275 for

Walking from the parking lot to the sortation center which takes me about 10 to 13 minutes or so and it’s nice to you know walk that duration and you get paid you know a few dollars now you might wonder why the heck i started doing this it’s mainly because i was very curious i’m curious about the sortation center i’m curious about the distribution center if i could

Go work in that at some point in the future um i don’t know i would like to do it for like a week or something number one i toured a jelly belly factory before and also toured that budweiser factory over i think near sacramento or somewhere um but when i went there you know you don’t really get paid for to do that and then you go through the whole tour it might be

An hour long or something but um doing this this orientation and training it’s quite boring except it’s kind of like a factory tour to me except it’s a really extended one and then you’re more hands-on you’re actually doing things instead so to me it’s like doing a factory tour except i get paid while doing it the second reason i’m doing this is really to broaden

My perspective if on these sortation centers and things and also perhaps in lower wage jobs i kind of you know i’m very curious about you know going back to it after the fact that i’ve been you know sitting in a cubicle you know just doing my computer work for such a long time and getting paid a lot basically now i want to go back and just try this i don’t plan to

Do this long term like i said but during the training when i’m doing the unloading or sorting stuff it was actually quite fun for me i’m like well you know i can you know do this let’s see how fast i can do this it was fun i think maybe after you know like 10 hours of doing it it might not be fun anymore and if it’s really dragging on and not fun anymore perhaps

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Yeah i probably would just quit and and not do it anymore now i still actually have this job and i’m gonna go for a shift this evening but i want to share this little bit of perspective for you before i even complete my whole thing because i plan to complete the whole thing quit and then i’m gonna make some videos but now i’m like well you know i i just want to

Jump the gun and and just you know tell you a little bit about it and it may be maybe later on i’m going to make another video just tell you a little bit even more about my perspective after going through a few days of actual real work the first thing i want to tell you is that through this whole process going through orientation and the training what i really

Noticed a drastic contrast with being known of you know having a college degree or whatever is that while doing the orientation i was doing this drug test thing you have to have a drug test where they do a swab with your teeth it takes us a lie of a sample when i was putting it into the bag my butterfingers you know i was very very careful i’m like i gotta do this

Right and then i noticed that you’re supposed to put it in like make sure you cover both edges of this hole but then the way the the person asks you to do it is to just fold it all the way down at which case it would not cover both edges on the hole and in that case it might fall out so then i was being very careful trying to cover both sides of that slit so so

Your swab they won’t fall out and i accidentally slipped i slipped and then that thing was super sticky so that you can’t remove it and anymore and then that lady who was telling me to do it correctly she just kind of like told the whole classes like yeah that’s why i see i’m telling you to follow instructions i was you know very very carefully trying to follow

Instructions i i’m like you know it’s just my butterfingers it’s like i’m like what and then once you let go once it just you know plops down and it sticks there and that’s it you can’t you can’t remove it after it’s just six-month just once as opposed to when you are in like a cubicle environment where you know you know everybody you know is at a certain level

People don’t talk down to you in that way because the people there just kind of assume that you know you you are at a certain low intelligence level you can just you know mess things up and you’re just not listening to them or something so i feel like people were just talking down to me they’re not respecting me i guess i there were doing that to everyone basically

So just something i guess i wasn’t used to and this is kind of eye-opening though like because going through that i think it’s important for me to go through something just to just to experience something like this the second point of talking down is with the trainer where when we’re going through training there was something i did not understand what it was but

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It was not specifically pertaining to what they were trying to teach us we’re just walking through the whole thing there were just some stickers i did not understand what is for and then they were saying oh you can ask us any question you want anything you want and now i was like okay yeah let me ask you what are those for and they’re like those are for whatever

Whatever basically what i caught from that was this person did not know what it was and in the end this person just said oh you did not you don’t need to know about that so i think this is more a pride saver instead of saying i don’t know this person just said oh you don’t need to know about that i think that was kind of like a bit of talking down so you know i

For all those talking down things i don’t really you know call people out on it i don’t want to stick out i’m trying to like i just blend in and stuff so you know i’m probably not blending all that in because whenever i ask questions i’m like why is this doing this this this you know i was more interested in the process than the actual things that they’re telling

Us to do because you know okay yeah you need to do this this this a certain way so yeah okay so that’s all i have to say about that when going through the training i noticed that everything was repeated at least three times in different ways which i see the point of that because sometimes you need you need to see it in a video sometimes the you need to have people

Kind of show it to you so at some point it’s it’s kind of boring because they repeat it so many times so if you’re able to catch something on the first try okay if they make it really clear and if you’re like pink super duper attention typically like in a university setting i guess they only teach you things once maybe for certain things they teach you things only

Once like some some material that’s you know deeper inside so i think this five-hour orientation in our training could be condensed down to three or four hours i don’t know if they don’t repeat everything finally i think this is all really good for my body at least because just going through this eight-hour training i had to walk around a lot i’m a little bit of

Sore from doing that and i typically don’t have to walk around all that much so this is kind of like exercise i got the smallest amount of part time that i could which is i think four shifts it’s almost like if i go in it’s kind of like exercising i’m gonna walk like you know miles i don’t know like four miles or something and instead of getting a gym membership

I get a part-time job and i get my exercise that way and lastly as strange as it might seem doing this is intensely interesting for me i’m sure it won’t be so interesting after i get used to how to do something and i just have to keep on repeating it but this these first five hours and the training was very very interesting like i’m seeing like all these new things

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You know clocking in and like moving boxes a certain way by the way and now i know what those stickers are for sometimes they have these stickers on these boxes that i get all the time and i’m like what the heck do they mean now i know what those different markings on those mean and basically at a sortation center you have all these boxes they don’t have a lot of

Different lines this is what i’m assuming of trucks coming in so then they carry stuff that’s all jumbled up and when they reach a sortation center they need to gather all these boxes and sort them to the proper areas that they need to go different zip codes different probably sub zip codes because if you just have one zip code it’s not divided enough i think i i

Don’t know i’m just guessing here so they need to divide it enough so that you know they can distribute it very easily so this sortation center is basically taking all this stuff and sorting it into places where those different boxes needs to go in the same group and like i said some people like to go traveling in order to broaden their minds i think this is

Broadening my mind just as much as traveling somewhere so in a weird sick sense i guess it’s like oh you’re doing this weird crazy trouble of applying for a job going through orientation going through training just to get this new experience yes yes i am i did all this just to get this new experience and oh boy it’s it’s so fun for me and it’s kind of enlightening

So you look i’m you know they give you these little glob things and i’m wearing this weird vest so thanks for watching this video i’m glad to share my experience and i hope to share a little bit more after i actually do a few shifts of working my goal here is i kind of want i’m kind of competitive i want to be very good at it i’m not sure if i will be but we’ll

Kind of see don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of this exploration for me this is of course not the end goal for me i have other things lined up after this this is just like a test out thing i can only do it for a couple of weeks i think i’m not even sure if i’m gonna do it for one week even so let’s see

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