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How to make a moving R2D2 animatronics pumpkin in a X-Wing. Light provided by an LED light bulb. Sound by an iPod and mobile boombox. Movement by Arduino and a servo.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush this year i carved an r2d2 bumpkin that can actually move and make sounds the x-wing part is just cardboard and just cut up a bunch of cardboard pieces and stuck them together with this white label tape these tubes right here they’re from gift-wrap tubes that are spent these are gift-wrap tubes also and it’s pretty

Straightforward just make it to look like it i didn’t make it to proportion because i didn’t want it to be too big just enough to show that it’s in an x-wing is enough there’s a there’s a nose over here bunch of electronics are inside i’ll show you that and then it leads out here to two more electronics in here basically i’m going to lift this up that’s what it

Looks like all around the pumpkin i did carve it all the way around i use an led light bulb because when it when it’s on i don’t want it to get too hot okay you can see i cut off a notch here for this metal bar to go so it can key on to this pumpkin and rotate it i’ve also scraped it a lot in the inside so when the light bulb is on the light can shine through a

Bit better i could have made this a bit thinner to make it brighter here’s a bar that keys off the pup can cut it off to length and i put some rubber band here so that it won’t slip out of the pumpkin it stops it from moving in and out like this i put this cardboard here and then put some saran wrap so that if it ever gets wet it won’t seep through and land on this

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Lazy susan something i just had its ball bearing the pumpkin is heavy enough that it needs a ball bearing one i actually tried using this plastic one just to hold your spices and it was too heavy so that it was too much load for the server i this cutting board here because it needs to be high enough the pumpkin can protrude out of this box so for this linkage i

Just drilled a hole put this thing through this is vol links for rc airplanes so you connect it to the rc servo and the linkage raw to cut it to whatever length you want put it in there and then you got a joint over here there’s only three wires that connects the servo to the arduino the arduino here is power ground and the signal pwm signal it’s pretty easy to

Program in there there’s a predefined function in the arduino you just say oh set it to zero degrees and then it goes there and then here set it to 180 degrees and goes there i made it stop at a random interval from 0 to 3 seconds or something and so there’s a there’s a small program it’s very tiny that just moves the servo i have to put it in this high-density

Foam thing because you need something to hold on to the servo because if nothing’s holding on and this thing is moving you won’t push this pumpkin around so i put it in here and this piece of foam needs to be held down somehow so what’s the easiest way i just put some hot glue here to hold it on this board and the pumpkins sitting here is heavy enough that it won’t

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Move anywhere other than turn so that’s okay and that’s how it’s held down inside this box there’s two wires coming from the box above right this one was for the arduino this one was for the light bulb and this one the incoming extension cord i have a ipod here with my specially made r2d2 sound that i play on loop and i play on to this portable speaker here both

Of these are connected to power so that’s all i have for you today i hope this video helps you make future pumpkins that can move and make sounds too if you like this video please give me a like and comment down below don’t forget to subscribe somewhere over here thanks for watching

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R2D2 Pumpkin Animatronics in an X-Wing | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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