Rant about Youtube Collaborations and Brand Sponsorships!

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Hello youtube hi its jeremy how are you yeah jeremy from the financial education channel okay you don’t know me okay so anyways i was wondering how can i make lots of money from youtube and get lots and lots of subscribers i want to make a lots of money like tens of thousands of dollars and i want to like i want to have millions and millions of subscribers how do

I do it okay collaborations and that will get me billions of subscribers okay and then okay sponsorships okay great so i just call companies and you know whatever so yeah okay great well thank you so much for letting me know that okay bye bye thursday subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today

We’re talking about why i do not do collaborations why i do not do sponsorships guys i’ve never once ever on the history of this channel ever done a collaboration i’ve never once ever done a sponsorship for those you guys you might not know what that even is a collaboration is where you get together with another youtuber or another social media person but usually

Another youtuber if you’re on youtube and you do a video together and they post a video on your channel you post a video on their channel etc and the goal behind that is to get more subscribers and get more of a fanbase right so that’s that’s a collaboration a sponsorship is basically exactly as it sounds like you go out and you try to get a company or company

Contacts you and you put their products behind you or whatever or you talk about their product in your video or you put in the description i get ridiculous amounts of people trying to do collaborations with me i get ridiculous amount the people trying to sponsor this channel and oh um you know do this or do that do this or do that you know and i’ll pay you such and

Such amount of money i’ll see you five hundred dollars a week and you just got to do this whatever why i don’t do them well let’s first talk about sponsorships let’s talk about sponsorships first right sponsorships one is a lot of the times the products you would have to be sponsoring are things that you really foley a hundred percent or confident in that’s the

First off guys so therefore i don’t want to ever sponsor something i’m not fully committed to like there’s a lot of people have contacted me and i’m like the hell is that like like that doesn’t seem legit or you know what i mean like that seems like a scam you think i’m going to tell my subscribers so go out and do that when it looks like a scam are you kidding me

Like like that’s a huge part and a lot of youtubers will just you know whoever give me money just give me money and i’ll put you on the channel or whatever i’m like i can’t be doing that like i would never want to do that just morally but also i’d like i feel like my base is much more valuable than to sell crap or just sell anything in general especially when it’s

Other people’s products i don’t want to sell anybody else’s products so another thing is people think that i feel like if you can’t figure out a way to you’ve got a big base f dam built up on whatever type of platform if you can’t figure out a way to sell them a product that you create then you probably are just not very smart like straight up and you’re just not

Very business intelligent if you can’t find a more profitable way of creating something your base would demand that’s a big thing like instead of just trying to collect money from this person in that person and all these things that you’re just getting a little fraction of that money in the end instead of trying to create your own brand or create something that

You sell yourself so for me it was a natural extension when i launched the book and i wrote a book and everything an investing book like that means cents something i could actually sell to my subscribers and not just like doing a sponsorship where i sponsor some other guy stock market book and say and he pays me 500 bucks or 200 bucks or whatever and say go buy

This book even though it might not even be the things that like i agree with when you’re investing right so it made much more sense for me to write my own book make my own money from that book right that’s a huge thing there guys like people think like the sponsorships the only way and it’s because a lot of the the honestly like a lot of social media personality

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You personality there’s just not very business smart a lot of them are really young like they just don’t know things but even a lot of the older ones for instance i came across this video the other day was liking my recommended fee to end up watching it and it was this guy he has like over a million subscribers on his youtube channel right and it’s like a channel

That teaches like men how to dress or whatever like that right and he was talking about how a lot of his his arm subscribers and whatnot had been calling him out and hating on him recently because they felt like he was being a sellout because he was just like sponsoring videos or doing sponsorships all the time and this and that to make money and he was trying to

Defend himself in all this right and and i’m kind of with him in the respect that like in the end you got to make money like you know what i mean if you want to do youtube or instagram or facebook or twitter or whatever you know snapchat you got to make if you want to actually make a living for it you kind of make money right so i’m kind of with him in that but i’m

Against him in the respect that he was sponsoring other people’s products and i looked at a lot of the comments like i went through the whole comments in the comment section and i was seeing a lot of his subscribers are saying things like dude we’re not pissed that you’re trying to make money we’re pissed that you’re trying to sell a shitty product and to us like

And that’s was the thing like he was trying to sell shitty products to them that they felt and they would buy them and they were like garbage type products right that’s what i had saw many of those type of comments in his comment section a lot of them had a lot of thumbs up so that must been a common theme there and i’m like why why could he not figure out to start

His own clothing brand like his own brand that he could tell his subscribers that would be high quality that tons more than would actually buy he would make way more profit on it like not even close like what’s he giving on if he sells this pair of shoes that is from such a such company in china like what’s he getting from that 10 percent royalty 20 percent royalty

Versus if he created his own product he’s getting 80 percent 90 percent royalty so a whole different ballgame there that’s what he should have done he should be building his own clothing brand off of that it’s got a million subscribers to sell to a clothing brand like that is freaking ingenious but instead he went the route of doing an easy way out and he turned

Off a massive amount of his subscribers right and he totally missed a huge opportunity to expand with his odin brand which he maybe could still do but that was a huge opportunity missed by him there and so that’s why i’m just like an n like why do i want to do sponsorships also sponsors they want you to save certain things they want you to speak a certain way you

Can’t speak out against certain things if you want to speak out in it me i can say whatever i want on this channel if there’s something that’s bothering me and i want to talk about in the world i can talk about it like i don’t have to like please anybody except myself like in the end like i don’t have a sponsors that over here the same you can’t say blah blah blah

Or we’re going to pull our sponsorship so in in like like i’ll give it a you know sports example right a lot of sports athletes they think you know sponsorships in the best way you know if you get sponsored you can make money and they’ll pay you a million dollars a year blah blah blah okay here’s a great example floyd mayweather became the richest athlete at the

Time when he was fighting right night right right he would make a hundred plus million dollars a fight the pacquiao fight he made over 200 million dollars never had a sponsorship he didn’t do sponsors from like 2006 all the way till the end of his career in 2016 no sponsorships at all but he made so much damn money in a sport that’s like not even like close to the

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Top sports like nfl nba soccer baseball like all these sports a ufc or all of these are boxing as far as popularity yeah he became filthy rich like disgustingly rich making hundreds of millions of dollars per year making fifty plus million dollars off fight for a 12-round fight because he never had to make his persona a certain way he got to do with this persona

The way he wanted to do it which was like throwing money all around like pissing people off which was really smart on his on his part especially for fighting like get people to have an emotional reaction against you like either they’re going to hate you or they’re going to love you but you want them to have either in boxing so way people they like oh i want to see

Him get his ass kicked so i’m gonna pay 90 bucks to see the pay-per-view or i want to see him kick somebody else’s ass so i’m gonna pay ninety bucks for the pay-per-view that would his persona but a lot of things he didn’t set over those years if he had sponsors if nike was sponsoring him if relocking this person that person he would not have been able to say a

Lot of the outlandish things he said in which got him that attention he got him all the hype and all that stuff so that’s another huge example there so sponsorships it just doesn’t pay out in the end in my opinion now collaborations collaborations so why don’t i do collaborations well as far as collaborations go i don’t want to ever associate myself with someone

Else and i don’t know what what the other person could associate themselves with right so if you do a collaboration with somebody right in your videos on their channel in like your you’re instantly associated to that other individual you look like your boys at that point right so when that person either does something that says something that whatever that’s going

To somewhat fall back on you i’ll give you an example i remember if you guys know who gary vaynerchuk is he did like an interview type thing with ty lopez this was about a year ago and and ty lopez is not liked by a lot of people because all people don’t feel like he’s a real businessman he’s just a person that does youtube heads and basically sell the 68 step

Program and he just found like a little hack in the system and he’s not a real businessman where a banner truck is very respected as a businessman so they did this collaboration together and gary got a lot of heat from a lot of his subscribers who don’t like ty lopez because they feel like he’s just a scam so you know that’s that’s a perfect example right there

There’s tons more examples you know i could give you out there of people that say certain things or do certain things and then you’re associated with them so people might view you a certain way after that point also like i think it’s big for like all youtubers in general to build your own base like don’t ever make it that someone else made you like there’s a lot of

Youtubers out there who basically can you know people can say to them you only got on you only got big because so-and-so they give you a shout out because so-and-so they feature you in a video and that got you five thousand subscribers and three subscribers maggie got to your start that’s the only reason you’re big like no one can ever say that to me because i’ve

Never done a collaboration ever like i built myself and my fans built me so that’s a whole different ball game there so that’s another reason i don’t do collaborations and a lot of times collaborators like like remember what i always preached you guys give more value than you’re going to get back in return give more value than you’re going to get back to return

99.99999% of the time the person that wants to collaborate with that a person they’re trying to get way more value another person give it i got people that are trying to collaborate with me that i don’t even have a channel yet like what the are you kidding me like are you stupid like i hate to be mean and i hope those people are watching so you give this video

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A thumb down but i’m like are you kidding me you don’t even have a channel and you want me to put you on my channel like how stupid could you be like some people are dumb like like i don’t know what a nice way to put it guys i’m sorry like some people are straight-up stupid i holy cow so in and in in general like i’ve never had someone come up to me and want to

Collaborate who’s got a bigger channel i’ve never had you know cnbc reach out to me and say hey let’s do a collaboration i’ve never had bloomberg i’ve never had gary vaynerchuk with 600,000 subscribers say hey let’s do a collaboration like i’ve never had those people then i can tell you i’ve had a ton of people that don’t even have channels or have these little

Teeny channels that have like nothing to offer me i want to do a collaboration it’s like dude you’re not you’re just trying to squeeze every bit of value out of me you can and you’re not like given me anything and i turn straight up like you’re not giving me anything so if you’re youtuber and you come across this video remember if you want to ever actually do a

Collaboration with somebody and that is the route you want to go make sure you’re providing them more value than you’re getting back in return if you’re if you’re out there guys and you’re god you know 50 subscribers and you would want to do a collaboration with someone who’s got a half million like what value is that going to bring to them think about that like

Just common sense guys common sense you think they’re going to want to do a collaboration with you heck no maybe if you give them a bunch of money or you say hey i’ll edit the next eight hundred videos for you or something and then i probably still won’t want to do it like be logical guys so that’s another reason why i don’t do collaborations just don’t want to get

Mixed up with associate with certain people who might say certain things i don’t want to um you know in a lot of things like people why do people do it mainly they do it because they want to get more subscribers like that’s why most people do it right a lot of the times with subscribers you’ll get are going to be dead subscribers like they’re not going to be ones

That really enjoy your content they might just see the video that day they’ll subscribe to your channel and then most of them will not even ever watch your videos because they’re not into you personally they were into the other person like they’re just subscribing to the other person said hey go and subscribe this person so they subscribe you and so then you’re

Your subscriber number goes up but what good is it when no one’s watching your videos you know what i mean so it’s just a waste of time everything in my opinion but i’m not against it people want to do sponsorships do them if people want to do collaborations do them and it’s going to be done in regardless of whatever i say so that’s fine but in my opinion people

Do collaborations if you can bring more values than what the other person is getting and if you want to do sponsorships make sure it’s a thing that you bully back a hundred percent before you go so after your base or advertise that to your base or even better yet treat something of yourself that you own the rights to that your base would actually want to buy and

Actually care about buying that’s the smartest way to play it do that and you can definitely succeed in this game so hope you guys enjoyed this today if you have not subscribed you may wanna we talked personal finance we talked entrepreneurship this was very much an entrepreneur type video in regards to social media we talked the stock market investing more than

Anything how to successfully invest thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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Rant about Youtube Collaborations and Brand Sponsorships! By Financial Education

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