RE ROYALTIES LTD (TSXV: RE) – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 12, 2020 – About RE Royalties Ltd.

It is barnard who is the ceo of our key royalties limited you do in center bernard good so why don’t you tell us a little bit about your company what makes it tick well we are the first royalty focused company on renewables so there’s not many doing this we are the only company doing this in the renewable industry which as you know is a very large industry and 2018

You know eight times more was spent in renewables than mining 22 times more than cannabis so by and large very very large industry and we are a first mover in the space and how long we took the company public on the tsx venture in 2018 november it was an investor that’s been watching from all over the world that’s interested in getting involved in your company

Why would i want to buy this stock what’s in it for me well there’s we work operate on four fundamental principles yield so we currently pay a dividend one of annualized four cents per share so that’s about a four four and a half percent yield we also focus on growth as i mentioned very large market first mover we can be very opportunistic capital protection

Renewable projects are great because they are effectively infrastructure long life assets and the way that we invest ensures we protect our shareholders capital and the fourth pillar is basically it’s a sustainable investment so you’re doing something good for the planet by investing into the clean energy sector and we’ve got investors in about sixty countries

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That watch our show and look for undervalued underappreciated underexpose companies can you break down the share structure a little bit maybe maybe a little bit as far as what the total issuing outstanding is and maybe how much is held by insiders so currently we have thirty two million shares outstanding yeah yeah insiders management and board owns about 35%

Of that so we have significant skin in the game lots of money in the game and continue to believe in the long term prospects of the company and obviously for investors one of the key is to find revenue growth what’s the revenue look like what is the balance sheet look like for the company so currently we have very little debt we have about 10 million in terms of

Working capital as of our last published financials which was september 2019 in terms of revenue we’ve been you know i would say compared to last year we’ve been more than double our revenue so continue to grow our revenues our last quarter we were profitable so profit revenues dividend things that we feel are important to interested investors sounds great now

If i’m an investor and i’m looking to get into this stock for 2020 what can i look forward to anything that coming up along the pipe for 2020 that investors can look into yeah so in terms of opportunities and deals that we continue to be you know honestly we have two too many deals on the table so we definitely look for very high at creative opportunities you

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Know we’re definitely working through that and you know hopefully we’ll complete some of those imminently or in the short period of time frame and then continue reinvesting really continue reinvesting and that’s how we build our royalty streams our cash flows and hopefully grow the cash flow that we pay back to shareholders sounds so so great so much for your

Time today hope you enjoyed the rest of the conference thank you a lot richard and hope this was a good conference for you guys well it’s been a great conference guys take a look at bernard re royalties on the tsx venture exchange under the symbol r ii thank you guys for watching

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