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Should any subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re doing one of the most requested videos from you guys over the last several months i’ve had a lot of you guys asking for me to do some type of real estate investing type video where i talk about how to really live invest in real estate

Like some of the best tips so basically what i’m doing today is i’m gonna tell you the three most important factors in my opinion being someone who’s involved you know i have a real estate marketing company so i’m not really into the buying and selling part or more like how to market the property right but i know and i’m around a ton of people who are extremely

Successful in real estate and from that i’ve basically learned a lot about real estate over time over the course the last year and a half since i started my company right so i’m gonna give you kind of three most important things to look for when you’re you’re investing in a real estate property that you want to flip maybe you want to flip that property you know and

Make some money off it maybe you’re just buying a house because you want to live there for the next five to ten years what are some of the things you should look for and those kinds of things guys so i’m gonna share the three most important with you guys today i hope you enjoy this let’s get into it number one location location location location now location is so

Key any i mean anybody who’s involved in real estate will tell you location is so key but what’s specific what specifically is so key about the location well one is the a big factor not a lot of people take into account is is there a clam to expand or for more housings more communities right around you that when you’re when you have a successful area right it’s

When a lot of people want to live in that area but there’s not a lot of land to expand around it it’s just like anything else in the economy right supply and demand supply and demand if there’s too much supply and not enough demand you have low prices however if there’s a lot of demand in there’s low supply you’re gonna have ridiculous prices look at an area like

Manhattan why your manhattan price is so low so ridiculously high well because a lot of people either need to live there or want to live there right and there’s no there’s nowhere to go then where the hell are you gonna put any land you got to put a skyscraper to the sky because there’s no more why our los angeles price is so freakin high because there’s no more

Land being a los angeles is all built out everywhere you can build in los angeles pretty much if you want to build something new in los angeles you need to tear something old down to get it in there and a lot of people want to live in los angeles and you go across any place out there look at london prices look at singapore look at anywhere out there they’re gonna

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Have ridiculous prices because a lot of people want to live in those places or have to live in those places and there’s nowhere else to build around them so when you’re looking into buying a house for yourself or if you’re looking at a flipper property or something like that or just invest in the property may be rented out things like that think to yourself okay look

Literally look around your physical space is there a lot of land to expand over there over here within a mile radius things like that guys is a huge factor huge factor in getting good prices and then another thing taking an account with location is low crime rates you know if this is a high crime ridden area your prices you’re gonna get are gonna be much much lower

If you’re in an area where there’s always shooting the crime rates are bad then not a lot of people are gonna want to live there so you’re gonna be very limited on the upside you can get if you if you buy property that’s in a lower crime type area you’re gonna get much higher prices because who wants to live in a crime-ridden area no one no one wants to live in a

Crack trading area guys not even people that are involved in criminal activities want to live in a crime-ridden area believe me so that’s another big factor with location another big factor with location is think about where people want to be especially if you’re investing for a long term you’re planning on buying a place to rent it out you know if you’re flipping

To places this doesn’t matter so much but if you’re buying a place to rent it out or you’re buying a house for yourself think about where people want to live ten years from now you know you got to kind of have a have a vision to see okay what you know what type of areas in my city or people gonna want to specifically live in ten years from now is this still gonna

Be a hot spot or maybe it’s not a hot spot right now but then maybe you know that they’re constructing a big huge mall that’s gonna be super nice and elegant and whatnot right down the street from where that house you’re gonna buy is maybe you know things like that those are the type of things you need to think about where do people want to live if you’re in if

You’re investing for a long term if you think 5 10 15 years out or people that i want to actually live over here is this gonna be a cool area will this be a cool area by then things like that guys think about those a very big factor in the last thing to think about as far as location goes is you want to think about the school system very big for parents i mean you

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Know i never thought about this before i had a kid but so many parents care about what the school system is or those schools ranked high you know what type of other kids are my kids gonna be around things like that people think about that so look at the school system see how they’re ranked you know look at the specific schools that kids would go to the elementary

School the middle school the high school look at all three of those because they’re all vital see what you know are the good things about those schools bad things and kind of compare them to different areas of town and then you can kind of make a decision you know is this school a good school system are these gonna be good schools that that if somebody’s bought

This property or rented this property from me and they had kids would they look at this and be like yeah that’s a really good school system i can tell you pretty much any area around america you can go to the the nicest or not nicest but the best school systems the best schools generally have a lot higher housing prices within a one-mile radius two mile radius 3 mile

Radius guys it’s just how it works so pay attention the school system number two thing we’re looking at here guys is you want to look at the comps per square foot so you want to look at recent sales that happen within the last six months maybe 12 months in that particular area if the house you’re looking at and you want to see where are the comps as far as how much

Is a house over here selling for a square footage-wise versus the house i’m looking at right maybe maybe this house maybe the house i’m looking at they want $300 per square foot but the one down the street sold for only $250 per square foot three months ago then you go ahead and now you have leverage and talking power and saying hey you know what this house you guys

Are trying to get $300 a square foot for this the other house sold down the street three months ago for two hundred and fifty dollars a month then you can start negotiating and talking back and forth and some of those kinds of things guys pay attention to those and use them to your advantage now at the same time if saying the comps for that particular house you’re

Buying is lower than the houses down the street you might not want to bring that up or something or maybe they’re trying to sell the comps for this particular house you’re trying to buy so the same price as the house down the street right but the house down the street have brand new flooring in they had modern countertops they had a nice sinks all these kinds of

Things then you go ahead and say hey okay this house does not have those type of things you cannot get the same common square footage as that and then you have a lot of negotiating power in there guys to talk them down those kinds of things so we definitely pay attention that comps how much per square foot is there’s a house down the street selling the house you

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Know over the street those types of things guys very important in the last thing number three is you want to thank how modern in is a property how much money am i gonna have to put into this property to maybe get it modernized very very important guy especially with the middle class and up the middle class and up they like modern houses i mean the amount of houses

That are sold that are modern versus not modern i mean a modern house goes like that you know what house that’s got the most modern countertops and the stainless-steel fridge and you know the nice flooring those kinds of things those those house is so freakin fast why do you think people buy brand-new houses they don’t just buy them because you know things might

Not go wrong with them because things do go wrong with new houses believe me there’s some builder problems out there but a lot of them buy them because they got the nicest little new little countertops and they got the nice flooring in it the lighting looks all nice and those kinds of things very important keys so when you’re going to buy that property think about

Those kinds of things in them when you’re going to talk price and negotiate think okay you know point us on these things you know that those countertops those are those are cool maybe 30 years ago but i’m gonna need to replace those you got green carpet over there what’s that green carpet you know i need money to replace that things like that you have a lot of

Talking points a lot of negotiating points to go back and forth with guys so i hope this helped you immensely today and kind of knowing the three most important things that when it comes to real estate investing you know whether you’re you’re trying to flip a property whether you’re trying to just buy a property to rent now or whether you’re trying to buy a house

For yourself and for your family and those kinds of things guys so let me know what you think about these three if you have any other good ones you want to add go ahead and leave that in the comment section i would love to hear from you guys on this i don’t really this is a rare opportunity to get me talking real estate so very rare thing here the guys hope you

Enjoyed if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finances in channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips and we talk stock market investing the most of everything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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