RECEIPTPAL: Can You REALLY Get Cash For Receipts?

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I’m simply going to download it from the app store, and drop a like on this video for the youtube algorithm. and it’s one of the largest market research companies and that data is very useful to companies out there. now, i do know there is a 24-hour verification process and then number two, i also linked it to my amazon account, so in a little bit we’re gonna take photos

Of my receipts so the cheapest one here is entries into a sweepstakes, by taking a quick survey if you wanna go ahead and do that. so now let’s go ahead and snap some photos of my receipts only supposed to use receipts from within your household, so we’ll start out with this dunkin’ donuts receipt. and the one thing that you do have to make sure is that, so it looks like

I’m getting 25 points per receipt. since we went ahead and put our receipts into receiptpal, now, the reason for them being declined was different so assuming you have 20 valid and legitimate receipts if you had 20 different receipts that you could submit i’m not gonna be photographing my receipts after this video, i read multiple reviews of people who were able to cash out.

This was our live testing here of the receiptpal app. go ahead and drop those down in the description below. will see you in the next video.

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RECEIPTPAL: Can You REALLY Get Cash For Receipts? By Ryan Scribner

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