Recover a Corrupted Flash Drive with a Heat Gun

There are software methods that can fix a flash drive. And if all else fails, one may have to look into hardware repair methods. After exhausting minimally invasive methods, one can proceed to do the heat gun method I showed in this video. One must take care to do it progressively if you do not have accurate temperature measurement tools.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna show you how to recover data off of a corrupted usb flash drive the story goes like this i went on vacation with my very good friend chirping mermaid to hawaii she took a lot of pictures and then she stored them onto this flash drive after she loaded everything onto this flash drive it became corrupted

When you plug it into the computer it shows only 64 megabytes but this thing is a 64 gigabytes flash drive it also prompts you to format it because there’s nothing to read on it so today i’m gonna show you the steps i take in order to extract the files from a corrupted flash drive like this the first thing you want to do with any kind of troubleshooting is not

Exactly to jump right in just take everything apart without even evaluating it first the first thing you want to do is you know plug it into the computer and verify that whatever they say is wrong with the drive is indeed what they say it is this is an important step because sometimes you might find something else that’s really easy to fix but it might be overlooked

By whoever’s trying to use the device now that i plugged it in i see that okay yeah it prompts me to try to format it i go along with all those other things that other people tried such as data recovery from the drive itself using various software’s that you can forget for free sometimes they offer software where you can actually try to use it and see if it can

Recover any kind of data and then if you see that yes you can recover data then you can pay for the software and then get your data afterwards so you then you actually have a reason to pay for the software because you know what you’re gonna get rather than buy some software have a minimal chance of it working and you might be out i don’t know 50 dollars or something

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On that software and you still won’t get any data back i went and tried three different freeware data recovery software and none of them were able to do anything because the drive appears as unformatted and then when you go into the storage information inside windows it also says that there’s only 64 megabytes there’s something clearly very wrong in the hardware

Level so with all that done i verify that everything else that everyone else tried did not work so now i can actually dig deep into this at the hardware level to try and figure out what is wrong so i previously opened this up already so now it opens up pretty quickly and then i’m gonna open it up to try to look into this chip over here and see what’s wrong looking

Up at the close up of this chip you can see there are some watermarks at the bottom of the memory chip over here this indicates that there’s likely some sort of water that got in here and then it dried up so let me just try to explain what i’m trying to do over here there are a couple things that you can do to try to recover the data one is heating it or cooling

It because sometimes with these chips if you heat it or cool it give it a little bit type of thermal shock it might actually make the chip work so you might be able to elevate the temperature while plugging this thing in and all of a sudden it things might work but judging from the fact that this chip has some water marks on it there might be some residual water

Particles or something some impurities in the water that got left under the chip which is causing two different contacts to contact together so one way that you can think of it is you can actually go and try and dry out all this stuff try to wash it back out or whatnot so the steps i’m gonna take is from the least destructive to the most destructive okay i’m trying

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To not destroy this thing at all but if you bring it too much heat the chip might actually melt off so the first thing that you can do is use a hairdryer because this does not get as hot as one of these heat guns so what i do you know you just kind of heat it up like this until you know it’s somewhat hot to the touch and then i plugged it back into the computer

So with the first round i did not change anything it still appeared corrupted and it asked me to format it still the next thing i’m gonna do is use a heat gun now this thing i’ve used it multiple times and i know for a fact that if you put something about one inch away from the output of this thing it can melt solder what is solder solder is basically this thing it

Connects the chips on to the board and if you happen to stick the chip here and start melting solder the whole chip might just you know fall off because it melted it and you’re gonna have a really really hard time trying to put it back on because it’s super duper delicate there’s there must be like hundreds of little pads underneath the idea here is to not really

Melt things off or anything but just kind of bring the heat level high just kind of get things heated perhaps kind of evaporate away some water that might have been trapped underneath so what i did with this with the second try here is i’m using this heat gun and i’m gonna heat it a little bit higher i heat it a little bit harder each successive time after i’m done

With one time that’s not too hot okay i go back to the computer plug it in to see if it work and it turns out i did this maybe two or three times and it still did not work so finally i got a little bit more aggressive i use a temperature probe i meant this little infrared thermometer thing what i did was just kind of wave this on top of it with a pair of pliers

Of course because this gets really hot and you don’t want to you know burn your fingers or anything so i’m just kind of heating this chip up trying to do it evenly and it turns out solder melts around 410 degrees fahrenheit something was not that good about this measuring device and it only read up to 250 no matter how hot i got but i just kind of wanted to do in

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Steps i basically kind of it above here about about ten seconds at its maximum you know i did kind of like a little bit harder a little bit harder and around the fifth or sixth try after i did it when i plugged it into the computer i was able to read the data about 50 gigabytes of pictures and videos that used to be lost recovered i’d looked through the files

And chirping murmee told me that she really liked this one picture where she was diving underneath water and near the dolphins and stuff so i took one of them printed it out now i’m gonna surprise her with these pictures and videos i know she was super duper sad over losing these pictures so i’m like okay you know let me go take a look at this usb drive for you i’m

Not sure if she gave up hope or anything but a lot of people looked at this already and they weren’t able to recover the files she did tell me that she looked up some data recovery sites and they wanted to charge two thousand dollars to recover the data off of this drive so imagine i think she would be very happy that i can give her this data so let’s go and see

What she says here’s a picture let’s bring it to her are you filming yeah me you know where i got that from from the thumbdrive know where would i take that picture i thought you some help toys i ever next to you when you’re doing no way you cover the pictures your drive doesn’t work but i have your pictures all of them from this series all fifty four gigabytes

Yeah i really like this one picture where she was diving underneath water and you want to watch a video on how i made your last drive

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Recover a Corrupted Flash Drive with a Heat Gun By BeatTheBush

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