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Well howdy there guys we are hiking a mountain we’re doing a little outside video today and i want to talk to you guys about financial matters and a significant other and i’m mainly talking to my male audience which is like 93 percent of the people that watch my channel are males to begin with so this video is directly for you guys out there so if you’re a female

And you’re watching this video might not relate to you but i just want to talk about this is a subject i don’t think we’ve ever touched on on this channel and we’ve got to touch on it because it can mess up your life in a big way financially a wrong relationship or it can benefit you in a huge way more than you would ever know so i kind of want to talk about that

Today as you guys probably know i’m personally i’m married i got one son he’s 3 years old and another son on the way here he’s due for the time i’m recording this he’s doing about a month and a half or so so we’ll have two kids and so i’ve been through the whole game i’ve been through the dating game i’ve seen it all and and i’ve seen obviously you’ve always hated

Central financial matters you guys know me i’ve always done that so i mentioned something our live stream one day or something in a video about you know the pumpkin patch analogy i use which is like you know you want to look for someone a significant other when you’re younger because there’s more available people out there and all those kinds of things that are

Your age and your appropriate age and i’ve had a lot of guys a lot of guys comment about i know it gets better as you get older and wait to find someone tell you’re in your 30s or 40s or this or that and i definitely disagree with that a hundred percent other way so let’s say a lot of the guys that were saying wait till you’re in your 30s or 40s you all better

Picks or whatever they’re basically they banking off of you being in a better financial position and so therefore more females will want you okay so first off if every guy that i’ve ever known in my life who got in a relationship in his 30s or 40s he pretty much always got women that were already divorced you know women that had kids things like that so you know

Women that had already situations in life already had baggage already had experience some good things and some very bad things which obviously if the of the relationship now they probably experienced a bad things so they are women with some baggage nothing wrong with that well it’s a little different and then other people are like well no then you can get some

Hot chicken or 20 okay you’re 43 years old you got money you’re getting a 23 year old chick who’s super hot you think she wants you for the sexual gratification hell no you think she wants you for you hell no she’s probably more than likely more than likely wants you for the damn money at the end of the day and you could say oh that’s fine you know she she’s

Using me i’m using her for her body whatever for sexual reasons to look cool because you’re this older guy who’s got some hot chick if that’s the way you want to play it that’s the way you can play it but at the end of the day know that the likelihood of her cheating on you with some younger guy i mean i know when i was younger i had people that try to get with

Me and i ended up finding out they were engaged or they’re already married and things like that and so you know just realize that you know some little hot jeremy out is out there he was 20 years old with the six-pack and this and that who you know might do some damage on that so just realize that that’s a big thing to realize there also a lot of you guys still

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In relationships when it comes to money is because you guys never set the expectations early on so for instance my wife now when she moved in she was my girlfriend we were only been dating man we’ve been already been dating less than a month or maybe a month and i set the financial expectations up front i said okay you can move in this is cool you know i’m more

Than welcome it was kind of like a mutual thing like i was definitely okay with her moving in but i gave her like the bill she was gonna have to pay yet pay the electric bill and i don’t know a television internet like i gave her the bills that she would have to pay and i was definitely making more money than her so i paid the majority the bills i paid the super

Expensive one like the rent and stuff like that but she paid the little bill so right off the bat there was no way it’s going to be a free ride type thing there’s no this is this is your free ride and i think that’s a big thing like you guys got it like i you got to set the expectations up front you can’t just have someone move in with you with no expectations and

It’s like okay am i paying all the bills and you’re giving someone a free ride because that’s a huge issue in itself that’s a huge issue if you’re if you’re fronting all the bills then you’re putting your sofas a significant financial disadvantage the only way i could ever see myself paying all the bills is if i already had a family i’d kid and that’s what we

Did once we had kids my wife stopped working but she had already proven to me throughout years that she was willing to do it she was willing to work she was willing to make sacrifices she proved to me everything over the course of years that she was a hard worker as she could make her own money and she did that for years and then we got married had kids and all

That good stuff so expectations up front guys like that is huge that is huge you’ve got to set those expectations up front if you’re going to have someone move in you’re going to take the relationship to the next level it’s going to be a serious relationship set those expectations so then we get into you know as you move along in situations you move along in life

You can have someone you want you had kids right once you had kids in life and that happens if that’s a route you want to go maybe you never want to have kids in life and i’ll just tell you as a dad like you know there’s a time i didn’t think i really wanted to have kids and then i had kids in like i would not trade it for anything in the world like the the day i

Cried the most was the day my son was born like holy smokes i turn into ya you ever see those guys that win the super bowl and they just bawl on their eyes out just uncontrollably that’s how i felt the day my son was born i was just uncontrollable in motion that i’ll never i’ll never probably ever experience something as great as that emotion i felt that day ever

In my life i don’t think i mean you know it doesn’t matter how much money i have doesn’t matter how many subscribers i have on youtube doesn’t matter how much how good my real estate business is nothing will ever compare to that moment in time it’s just a special moment so kids can definitely drive you to be much better financially in life because you’re trying

To strive you want to prove to them that you can be successful so you set them on the right path and right plan so that can definitely help but then as you go in life and you have kids and whatnot then if you want to be the sole the sole moneymaker and you want your wife to take care of the kids you can do that you can go that route that’s about i’ve gone because

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I just i’m just the opportunities i have between my real estate business between youtube and everything i don’t really have time to be taking care of my son during especially during the weekdays as far as like you know watching them for several hours or whatever and i don’t want him being watched i don’t want my son being raised someone in a daycare that’s the

Bottom line like you know a lot of a lot of parents nowadays you who’s raising the kids it’s the the daycares end up raising the kids or some other family member i want i want one of it’s either me raising them the majority of time where’s my wife i want one of them i want either her and me raising the kid so with my whole situation was like who has the better

Chance to make a lot of money and for me i felt like it was me and she felt like that as well so that’s about we’d gone and now i take a hundred percent of the bills and that’s just the way we go and i’m perfectly fine with that because i want her raising the kids at the end of the day i don’t want those kids being raised by you know someone in a daycare and she’s

Working so she ends up getting to work you know and then and then who’s raising the kids who’s raising the kids at the end of the day that’s my question and that’s a big problem we have in society and in my opinion you know uh that’s just you know how i feel about that and people may disagree you know they may say oh maybe the daycare is raising the kids better or

Whatever whatever and i understand there’s some women and some men that both want to work they don’t really want to take care of the kids and if that’s the way it goes that’s the way it goes but you know those first five years in my opinion the woman should be raising those kids and if not and the dad needs to be raised i’m not not the uncle not the aunt not the

You know the maid not a you know person at the day here you met for seven seconds and talked to like those people shouldn’t be raising your kids your kids should be raised by you you’re the parent that’s your number one job is the parents to be apparently be there and you know do all those kinds of things so financial matters in relationships like you can kill you

In and i don’t want you guys to i know this happens for men a lot like you guys think like you your parents maybe were divorced you know i was blessed that my parents never got divorced so i never seen divorce as far as growing up i know a lot of you guys you know you saw your parents get divorced maybe uh you know you heard the story about some gold digger married

Some guy and then you know she divorced him right away and she she got millions of dollars of billions of dollars in this at that you hear a lot of negative stories about marriage or relationships and things like that and i think that can clout your guy’s judgment a lot of times because you see failure and that scares you away well just remember like relationship

Failure everything you can fail at you know you could say well a lot of businesses fail so i should never start a business okay oh a lot of people fail in the stock market so i should never invest in a stock market okay so what do you do never take a risk in life you’re never going to do anything in life you’re never going to achieve anything in life you’re just

Going to i don’t know how can work at mcdonald’s for the rest of your life and and sit in a closet and hope you don’t you know what i mean it’s like come on guys like you got to you got to be willing to take some risk in life you know and you say all 50% of marriages end up in divorce and this and then you can read me these you stacked and yeah guess what a lot of

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Businesses also fail a lot of investors also fail i mean i would say the amount of business startups that fail versus relationships that fail are a lot higher for businesses i’ve heard sophistic before like 90% of businesses fail or something that doesn’t mean has to scare you away it’s just be aware that you’re gonna have to work a lot of people get content in

Relationships a lot of people think like they’ve been together with so long so they don’t really have to talk to them that much or they don’t have to pay attention at everyone’s emotion they don’t have to do this they don’t it always takes work guys and that’s any relationship i don’t care if you’re really sure it’s just a friendly relationship or your significant

Other like you always got to be willing to put in the work the minute you stop putting in the work is the minute things start falling down a little bit by a little bit in the same way if you have a business and you also decide man i don’t really want to put in the work i just want to go on vacation for the next month or two months can your business survive probably

Is it going to be hurt significantly or or at least a little bit i would say a little bit for sure impossibility of even significantly because you were absent all that time and who knows what the hell was happening with the business unless you’ve got some great manager to run the business while you’re gone um let’s think about stocks i mean if you you could just

Throw money at some stocks and hope it works out for the next ten years but i’m going to tell you the the one that’s actually paying attention to stuff all those ten years and you know it’s looking for new investments and opportunities and when they get a big gain over a couple years you know selling that game and put it in the next company that could potentially

Have their game i’m almost guarantee you they’re going to probably do much better than the guy that you know just puts money in an index fund and throws it away for the next ten years or 15 years never looks at the money unless unless the stock picker is just so horrible that they can’t pick stocks correctly so that’s just kind of how it goes guys relationships

Financials set expectations up front don’t don’t just you know do whatever like make sure you got a plan there and that’s just my feelings on this whole relationship and finances game guys so i hope this video helps you out if you’re a male out there and i know there’s going to be some guys that are just negative and you know had a bad relationship or got cheated

On or saw this or saw that and you just always have a negative a negative view on that same way some people have it with the stock market like they just had you know something happened the stock market they saw someone lose money or they lost money in the stock and i screw that the stock markets a scam or they try to business once and they didn’t even you know

Approach it right and they fail like oh you can’t open up business you are you got to just work for company thing that’s just the way the game goes guys so i hope you enjoyed this i hope this video helps you significantly in life and just understand relationships and financial matters so anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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