Retail Store Brainwashing

You step into a store and you come out with an empty wallet and a shopping cart full of stuff. This happens to most people and one might not even classify as a type of mind control. Here I explore the ways retailers get you to buy more over and beyond what a normal clear thinking person would.

How’s it going everybody this is vito busch to some extent we already know that retail stores use all the tricks in the book in order to get you to buy more so today’s video is about how retail stores brainwashes you to buy more than you want it’s kind of like meeting a very good salesperson you have no knowledge of this product before meeting this person and somehow

After this meaning you have couple of these products that you bought from this person and you have no idea why now i say brainwash in the title so this kind of implies that you are being mind-controlled it’s kind of like a gradient right if you tell someone to do something and if you can 100% make sure this person always does what you say that you tell them to do

It’s kind of like mind control if it’s maybe half the time then you can kind of go well it’s only 50% mind control because it only happens you know it doesn’t always always happen that there will always follow your orders so what do you call it if you are somewhat doing mind control and you’re only doing a half way it works half the time or maybe five percent of

The time i call it if it’s anything less than a hundred percent let’s say 99 percent success rate it’s kind of like marketing right there just marketing it to you and they have a certain rate of success where you’re gonna follow what they want you to do which is to buy their product now to figure out how all this mind control stuff works you can kind of think of it

Like in that inception movie where they go into the dreams and they try to implant an idea in their dreams and then the person that had the dream sort of starts to think that it’s their own idea so this is kind of like what marketing is you’re trying to plant a little idea in someone else’s mind where it’s gentle enough you’re not just telling them straight up hey

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Go buy this right you never see ads very rarely though sometimes there is and when you see these form of advertisements you do not immediately pick up on it so it comes to me in my perspective it’s kind of like a subtle way of implanting an idea in your head and then over time it just sort of grows in your head until you feel like oh my gosh i cannot live without

Such an item same thing with poker right sometimes you need to bluff if you bluff too hard it may appear kind of fake so what you need to do is sort of implant this idea in someone else’s mind if you’re bluffing to one other person let’s say there’s two players left then my bread is done actually okay that’s long it’s like ten beeps or something sometimes in poker

If you have a hand that you know is gonna be everyone if you’re too rash about this and you try to bet very high in the beginning you’re gonna scare everyone away so you need to plant an idea in other people’s minds that you don’t really have the hand that you actually have in other words you have to sort of act like you don’t have that hand at the same time you

Have to act like you are acting like you have that hand so other people will actually pick up on this thinking that you’re bluffing but you’re only pretending to be bluffing in order to lure them in you know in order to bet more so i equate all these subtle hints that retail stores try to implant in your mind similar to this poker thing so in retail stores they

Use all five senses right sight smell sound taste touch in front of the store they use all kinds of site tactics such as bright colors and stuff in order to lure you in they might have signs saying fifty percent off but by the time you walk in you know it’s only like a tiny section that’s fifty percent off and then the rest is just retail price there are various

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Colors that could induce you to buy more now they do research on this so is this a fair thing to unleash on consumers if they do you know studies across a thousand people or something and they know that if you know certain combinations of colors it’s gonna cause you to buy more at a higher percentage rate let’s think about is this fair this is marketing i mean

You know typically this is a legal thing to do this is not like where they put subliminal messages inside advertising where they go buy this item it’s more of more plain okay it’s more subtle therefore it’s legal these days they know all kinds of tricks such as playing a certain kind of music to cause you to buy more to you to not be able to think clearly about

Your purchase so that you would just you know perhaps just buy it and then leave they’ll have all these very fancy giant displays to serve as a distraction so that it would lower your inhibitions to buy we’re all just very simple humans right we can be manipulated without even knowing it in fact it works better if we don’t even suspect it now let’s move on to the

Control of smell you can see they use every access possible all five senses in order to get inside your head the smell they might have a certain type of fragrance that is known to cause you to buy more or maybe you know they might have something that smells very good so i’ll catch your attention that you’ll go in and go buy such item they’ll do other tactics such

As putting the very low margin items or things that are high traffic that you absolutely need to buy every single time that most of their customers would buy so therefore they put it in the farthest part of the store and to get you to walk through the store in as long a distance as possible to get you to view more stuff because the more stuff that you view the more

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Stuff is you’re gonna buy they’ll do other things such as to give you free food samples how many of us have tasted that sample and go hey this is pretty good and then you end up buying it do do other things such as you know having things on display so that you can easily touch it because once you touch it you have some sort of connection to it then again you’re

Gonna be more prone to buying that item now with all these tactics that they use it means that once you step inside that retail store you’re just at the mercy of that retail store they’re gonna do all kinds of tactics and it’s just gonna bombard you that’s why a lot of times in certain stores the really good ones that sells you very well you walk in without needing

To meaning to buy anything and then you walk out with hundreds of dollars of stuff that you didn’t even intend to buy in the first place when walking in now what’s the solution to all this if you are not immune to the retail store selling you on stuff if you’re the type that always walked in a store and walk out with bags and bags a whole shopping cart full of stuff

It’s best that you avoid the store altogether if you can personally i’ve gotten to a point where i actually go to a store just to exercise or something or just to practice my willpower because i often can walk in the store and walk out with nothing at all thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Retail Store Brainwashing By BeatTheBush

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