Revealing My Early Retirement Bank Statement

In order to achieve fire, you need enough assets or passive income to pay for all your bills. In doing so, you may find various sources of income coming into your checking account. I looked over mine and realized there are more income than expenses! The variety is interesting and I want to share with you how I got each one.

How’s it going everybody this is btw bush today i’m going to show you what my bank statement looks like as a fired person not fired from a job or anything financially independent retired early now i am semi-retired so i sort of need a little bit of youtube income here and there just to sustain my life but if you’ve been watching this channel long enough i spend

Relatively little on a month-to-month basis about 1200 or so but before i begin i’m gonna get back to where it used to be this video is sponsored by webull don’t forget to check out their trading app you get free trading fees if you sign up right now and deposit 100 you’ll get four free shares two free shares for signing up and then two free shares for depositing

A hundred dollars this is you know free money just sign up even if you don’t really want the account you can just sign up get the stocks just liquidate them or something and then you can have your free stocks anyway check out my referral link down in the video description below so here goes my bank statement i’ve removed some personal information on this you

Know some transaction ids and the dates just in case because sometimes you can try to steal someone’s identity you just go in there talk to the bank and go hey you know this is my bank i know the exact amounts i deposited at what time to the cent and then they would try to verify this with you you know so i remove those things just in case it can be used against

Me i guess or to steal my identity so that’s why you don’t see the exact sense uh on my bank statement and also the ids and stuff i wanted to talk about this bank statement because it looked kind of funny to me first of all you can see a lot of credits into the account this is resulting from so many different sources of income most of these they are relatively

Passive other times i’m just cashing in on some kind of amounts that i have credits somewhere i like to turn it into cash because once i do this i don’t have to worry you know i have some credit sitting somewhere it gets pulled into you know car real hard cash cash is king right you don’t want credits in some airlines or something right especially right now you

Can’t even use any of that points although i do have some airline points because i have a specific purpose for those um anyway let me just go down the list and just kind of go over you know there’s a lot of reasoning of why i do certain things this is going backwards in time here so i can go from the list on the top towards the bottom chase credit card auto pay

Of course you have all your credit cards on auto pay and look it’s auto paid zero dollars is actually something less than one dollar why do i do this is because i try to charge some amount to every single one of my credit card and it’s all on auto pay just to keep them active the second one is paypal transfer this is actually a lump sum transfer from my own hour

So i got paid out a lot in ohm hour and if you guys don’t know what this is this is basically for california and also texas you save energy by not spending energy during these one hour periods and they pay you out on this so if you’re interested in that referral link down in the video description below city cards cash reward 354 dollars this is significant money

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Here i am just cashing out on my plastic referral credits here so what i’m doing here is kind of funny because i started an heloc account and then i use the plastic service if you guys are interested referral down there and i use the referral which is essentially free for me and i pay my city double cash card so let’s say if i charge my city double cash card for

Ten thousand dollars and i try to pay my bank of america heloc account and right before it gets paid i would draw ten thousand dollars from the heloc account and this is very instant and then it gets paid so then it just gets nullified right there i’m not really spending any money so this is kind of like churning uh the plastic account and then the city bank

Card gets charged ten thousand dollars and it gets paid ten thousand dollars so this is two hundred dollars worth of um rewards cash i did 354 dollars worth of it last month the next one i got 50 referral a friend bonus uh because i have a youtube channel i do all this referral stuff i don’t even know where this came from some sort of referral of a credit card

And i haven’t promoted chase credit cards for the longest time and you know this just came out of nowhere so i don’t really know you know exactly what kind of activity i did to get this fifty dollars deposit id number there’s a check i got twenty four dollars i’m not too sure where that is i don’t think that’s very important i paid hoa dues eighty five dollars

Most of my bills right now has a large credit of i paid maybe six to 12 months in advance so that’s why you don’t see it here and i use visa gift card to pay much of my bills and i’ll talk about why a little later discover cash reward it’s zero dollars it’s like less than one dollar of uh credit just because i just don’t like to see you know like pennies that’s

Like stuck in a reward of a credit card account that i hardly ever use so if i see something i’m like okay let’s just kind of put it there zero it out actually for discover you don’t want to zero it out you want to save about 10 cents worth of credits in there because if you have it linked to your amazon account sometimes if they say oh just use something on your

Discover cash rewards if you use some of it you’ll get like five dollars off or ten dollars off so for this particular purpose i don’t zero it out i just have leave like a small amount of money in there serious payment this is a credit card 301 dollars i’ve told you guys i get 10 cash back on you know 500 to 2 000 worth there’s a range where you get cash back on

And these serious promotional accounts are sort of directed towards a specific person so you know i i just have to talk about it because it’s on my bank statement i had a withdrawal of forty dollars and then i deposited 37 so you know not not much to talk about there auto pay another zero dollar so this is less than a one dollar charge over an entire month so

This is just also to keep a chase credit card active the minimum that you can do is 50 cents on amazon so you can just reload your credit i just you know every single month i just go through all my credit cards and i load the minimum amount just to keep some of my credit cards active discover bank i withdrew a thousand dollars because there’s just too much money

In this account and i transfer to another account that has a high yield savings rate and this particular account that i use all the time it’s more like i just keep just enough to pay for maybe one or two months worth of expenses and nothing more than that this is more like a utility account i just keep my working amount in this checking account another chase

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Credit card payment remote online deposit i actually forget what where the 66 dollars come from atm cash deposit these are likely from selling stuff on facebook marketplace i’ve been selling a lot of old things that i used to have i meet people in person they give me the cash and i don’t want to have cash because it’s just annoying i just use credit cards and

Stuff so i deposit them into my bank just kind of pal them up into my bank account sears online payment 1900 this is crazy right for you know an entire month but you got to know that i get 10 off of this particular 1900 so it’s 290 off of this and where did this 1900 dollar go you can kind of say maybe like two 500 visa gift card and uh maybe three of them and

Then four hundred dollars worth of uh amazon uh credits and then i just deposit in my amazon account and these five hundred dollar visa gift cards i go and pay my utilities i pay my ebay fees because i sell on ebay paypal fees i pay my internet i pay my tesla insurance i just try to pay everything with this and i 500 of it just went uh straight to uh my health

Insurance so all of this stuff i’m paying my bills with these days is i get a 10 discount so i don’t want to keep on ragging on about the sears credit card but i mean i am benefiting a lot from it so um i just have to talk about it auto save 25 this is good because if you have a savings account sometimes at chase you need an auto save thing going on uh as long

As you have that you don’t have to pay the fee for the savings account so i have to say auto save account going on but i don’t really like it transferring money over so whenever i notice that they transfer 25 over i just transfer it right back and then i don’t have to pay the fee for the savings account city card online payment 391 dollars i think this particular

Payment had my tesla auto insurance in it it had a whole bunch of other miscellaneous things that i do not get a nice bonus on which is you know gas groceries and restaurants i don’t buy gas restaurants sometimes i buy groceries is mainly where i buy my visa gift card sears online payment 506 dollars so this is just kind of additional payments i did uh for that

Credit card just because sometimes i don’t like to see too much balance on my credit card so i just pay it off early just you know to get rid of it i don’t like to see a large uh debt that i owe on a credit card at the end of the day there’s a amount of money that is in my checking account that is supposed to be for that credit card payment and i’m not going to

Earn interest on it anyway and it’s just sitting there so might as well just pay it off now it’s not going to lose me any money unless you know it’s a really really large amount where i have to transfer it from a savings account anyway so i paid off early amazon payments these are affiliate account payments of 354 dollars so um you know when i list various items

And people like it they go and buy these items if you have an amazon affiliate account you can look to get a credit of one to three and a half or four percent or so depending on the item so if someone bought something for a hundred dollars i would get a payout of one dollar atm cash deposit another 13 i probably sold some some kind of facebook marketplace thing

You know there’s just a lot of junk remote online deposit of a hundred dollars this is interesting because i used the bank of america premium rewards card and there is the yearly airline credit you can go on american airlines and buy their gift card because right now it’s really hard to spend on airlines right but you can still take advantage of these credits by

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Buying the american airlines gift card credit and this credit card will actually notice that oh this is some sort of charge or airline so then you get credited that i only did that on this credit card so it came back and i had a 100 credit on my credit card and i didn’t really want to use this credit card and spend it because i have other things to spend where

I get a cash back so the most advantageous way is to get uh cash back you can actually call them and then they’ll notice that there’s a negative balance on your credit card and i just did it with an automated system and they immediately sent me a check for the credit which is this deposit right here 100 atm cash deposit 526 this is the weird trick thing i did

At uh safeway where you know someone tried to scam uh with the gift cards right and then they noticed it and then when i was at the register they offered me to um you know either i can get a new card or they can just pay me back out in cash i’m like okay you know cash is better so i rather take the cash and then later on go and buy the gift card again because

Then i’ll get another 10 off so this realization of doing this earned me instantly 50 to 50 or so so immediately i take this money and i deposit back into my bank account i don’t want to hold 500 worth of cash that’s why and then you can see city card online payment seven thousand dollars this is part of my uh of the city card turning where i charge this credit

Card with the plastic service i pay my heloc and then right before it gets deposited in my heloc i take out seven hundred uh seven thousand dollars and this is an instant transfer into my checking account and then i go right back and pay the credit card so no money is ever spent and i essentially turned um you know two percent out of this and you know as you

See earlier in the 354 dollars this is you know a result of this churning over here aspiration p2p is a result of churning a checking account i just opened it up in order to get the signup bonus i got the signup bonus so then i transferred this into my bank and then i closed the account so this 100 dollars is from churning that card chase credit card auto pay

Another zero dollars which is basically less than one dollar somehow and discover transfer of uh three thousand dollars oh i just needed to put money into it so that i can pay my city card you know i’m not actually spending three thousand dollars it’s just kind of like a churning thing i needed a bit more money in my chase account in order to do the turning at

The end of the day that money goes right back into my savings account so i hope you guys enjoyed this video it’s kind of like a mumbo jumbo of a lot of different little tiny tricks hope you guys enjoyed it got some ideas on you know how to better arrange your finances when i used to work i had more expenses than income and the income was only one single thing

Which is my paycheck but here you can see i just kind of like have little tiny bits of income streams coming from everywhere you can see churning credit cards i got amazon affiliate i got you know referral credits coming from every which way this is not my entire checking account i got multiple checking accounts going on but this checking gives a good indication

Of a lot of different income streams thanks for watching i hope you guys enjoyed this video see you guys next time you

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Revealing My Early Retirement Bank Statement By BeatTheBush

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