REVITALIST LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS LTD. (CSE: CALM) CEO Kathryn Walker – RICH TV LIVE – September 16, 2021 – REVITALIST LIFESTYLE AND WELLNESS LTD. (“ Revitalist ” or the “ Company ”) ( CSE: CALM ) ( CSNX: CALM.CN ) is pleased to formally announce the opening of its fifth psychedelic assisted psychotherapy (“PAP”) clinic located at 1418 E Millbrook Rd, in Raleigh, NC. With 14 treatment rooms, the clinic can provide over 14,500 ketamine infusions to patients annually and generate approximately $7,100,000 USD in revenue at full capacity. #psychedelics #calm #richtvlive

Hi how you doing today i’m your host rich here we have rich tv live with our very special guest it is katie walker the ceo of revitalist with the symbol calm a brand new ipo how you doing today katie i’m doing well thank you thank you for joining us very excited to have you on the show and congratulations on the new ipo thank you i appreciate it hey my pleasure

So let’s get right into it and talk a little bit about revitalist which is a wellness center specializing in ketamine assisted therapy along with psychotherapy ketamine assisted therapy has the potential to treat many mental health disorders can you tell us more about this and your company sure absolutely so this company is led by medical experts anesthesia

Providers like myself and then also expert therapists to where we are the first of its kind to implement kind of the integration and the mental health field and the medical field so we are an extremely effective model greater than 85 success to where we are able to help people with chronic mood chronic pain conditions we all know those people with the mood

Aspects um you know we have several people out there with suffering from depression anxiety ptsd even the suicidality piece and then also those that are just in the pain epidemic right now so we’re able to address a lot of these really complex conditions with providers that have you know 10 20 years of experience and we’re all coming together to be not only

The best model out there but also the most cost effective so we’re able to bring a lot of a lot of experience to the surface we’re able to help to really take care of the patient on a comprehensive level and then not only that we’re able to be you know where you can actually invest money in this company and it goes to so much more than what other companies

Would actually be going to just because you know as the ceo i’m also a medical provider and then that’s what we’re kind of doing with this business is we’re leading it with medical and then also business model people to where we can be the most effective model and cost efficient model out there that sounds great and our community here at rich tv live we love

Ipos because they’re new opportunities and we love companies that are undervalued underappreciated underexposed typically an ipo is undervalued under appreciated underexposed because it’s brand new what made you want to fuel your decision to go and do an ipo right now and go public so in the in the outpatient community what i have learned i’ve been in medicine

For about 20 years now doing a lot of critical care medicine and also anesthesia what we have learned since opening this clinic back in 2018 is that there really isn’t a standard of care out there at all so what we want to do is we want to become that standard of care that gold standard the accreditation board to where we can really implement this and we want

To be in every community out there to where when you see a revitalist you know what we stand for you know the transparency that we have you understand the consistency the quality that we have to where when you are having trouble with mood or pain you come here and then you recognize that you will be treated to a high level of care and then you’re able to do

That in any cities not only across the nation but then all across the united states but then also you know in the canadian in the in canada and united kingdom and in australia as well wow that’s a lot of markets that’s exciting where would you say revitalist fits in within the market and what does it mean for the future of the wellness industry i think this

Is the most exciting part about revitalist with the wellness industry is you know it’s you’re taking traditional medical providers going with also the mental health providers this is something that has been yelled out for 20 years that they have wanted to do so we are the first of its kind after this 20-year yelling out you know help us help us now we can see

We’re in a mental health crisis we’re in um you know the opioid crisis and then also just general wellness you know with vitamin deficiencies and such we’re really really struggling with not only our physical health but also our mental health and that’s out there for everyone um so what we’re able to do is we’re coming you know we’re coming big and we’re coming

Really really strong with these providers to not only are we going to change mental health but then we’ll also change the physical health aspect so everything that we’re able to do is inside of these clinics we’re not contributing to anything outside of the clinics and then that way we know you know that we are not contributing to anything um negative per


Se and we’re able to be this overall comprehensive care clinic to you know we’re we’re led by experts we we’re aware of that kind of thing to where if you bring in anything to us we can really understand it and that’s really a neat piece that just doesn’t exist right now in the outpatient communities yeah i agree mental mental health mental health and mental

Wellness is a major issue and it’s getting worse so having solutions like what you guys are providing is going to make it a lot better for people that are struggling and there’s people all over the world that are struggling with this problem and i remember years ago it was a small portion of the market because i used to work in the charities industry and mental

Health was a small portion of the market but now almost everybody can resonate with mental health almost everybody anywhere in the world can resonate and understand the importance of mental health so it’s really come a long way and i appreciate the work you guys are doing now what can patients expect that are seeking services but have limited financial means

Is this going to be a very expensive process so we actually have our own entrance um the billing group to where they they can file insurances with that we’re being very proactive with the cost structure there as well because you know as we all know medicine is not it’s not cheap by any means so anything and everything that we do has everyone’s best interest

At heart um that includes not only our clients but everybody who’s invested in this vision um you know all the investors with the with the stocks and things like that everything that we do is to make a difference with all of this stuff and and we we do recognize there’s a lot of wasted funds that go to other things that just don’t come to fruition knowing

That we have this cost-effective model and and people are able to actually put their funds into something that they believe in and trying to help the most mental health and trying to help with the pain conditions we’re able to um help clients not only with the insurance aspects but we’re also associated with a non a non-profit called community change that is

Going to be a nationwide thing in the united states to where it’s going to be able to delineate funds to those that are needing it the most um and that’s really an exciting thing as well too can you tell us a little bit more about your clinic in knoxville and your expansion strategy sure so um clinic in knoxville has been open since 2018. since that time we

Have given over 6 000 infusions and and we’re growing by the minute kind of thing with the expansion strategy where we are going is going to be where we are needed the most initially um so right now we actually do have a veteran contract um in the united states to where we can go we can transfer this contract across the states with us so we are we do take care

Of our veterans that way through the veterans administration we also have an athletic division to where we are going to cities that have a strong university presence uh right now there’s a there’s a big crisis with our athletes that’s um that’s very unfortunate uh but we are we are addressing that we have our own athletic board as well so all the cities that

We go to um that when we go there we are going to not only partner with the universities and the va we’re also going to partner with the hospitals there um if you know about the hospital systems they just do crisis stabilization to where they will you know keep you for two to three days sometimes and that’s it um so what we want to do is to partner with the

Hospitals we have partnered with a lot of hospitals um to where not only do we do they call us and say hey i’ve got somebody who’s coming here um you know or who needs to leave here i want to discharge them to your care so we just really have many pots to choose from for clients to come to these clinics because like i said we don’t exist yet on a nationwide

Level and that’s the most exciting thing so like i mentioned you know my anesthesia background and then also we have the therapist not only that but we also have an athletic board we have neurosurgeons involved because we’re going to focus with the traumatic brain injuries with athletes we also have the veterans and then we also have frontline workers so um

With the frontline workers you know that’s your police officers your teachers your therapist everybody who’s really with covet especially they have really taken a hit with their mental health so what we want to do is advocate for them so that’s that’s really the point of this company is to be a very um a business that advocates for it for everyone that’s

Associated with it and and we want to bring that sense of community back because we have lost it in medicine and that’s how we really want to step up to the plate is to you know bring that back make people feel heard uh make people feel validated in their feelings and then you know with that understanding that on on a business level with their clients and


Our patients that’s what we also want to see with our investors when you invest in this you know what we need right now is we need someone stepping up to the plate in order to break what’s going on because if no one does then it’s going to continue to cycle so that’s what we have um with you know and we have psychiatrists anesthesiologists the surgeons like

I mentioned neurologists we have so many good people with their advisory boards that are just ready to to to go and we have the business model there and it’s going to grow like a tidal wave we’re so excited over it i like that i like that i was i was thinking about the symbol calm and now that i’m learning more about your company i see it’s a perfect symbol

Because you’re trying to calm people down make them feel relaxed make them feel comfortable in a world where there’s a lot of reason to not be calm there’s a lot of reason to be uncomfortable so i think it’s a really good idea that’s a very good symbol and i think it’s uh it makes a lot of sense and i think there’s a huge market for this and there’s a need for

This now speaking on that spravato is the first prescription nasal spray taken with an oral antidepressant how does revitalist plan on using this product so spravato we we’ve been associated with them for a few years they’re actually fda approved johnson johnson is actually the creator of that so what we’re trying to work with them on as well is um you know not

Everyone likes to do medicines and different routes of uh you know revitalists the ketamine that we do is iv a lot of the psychedelics that are be coming to the surface they’re going to be different routes of care as well with bravado it’s a nasal spray and what we did with that is we have really worked a lot with with jansen that’s owned by you know johnson

Johnson owns jensen but we have worked with them a lot to really to help bring awareness to their product um a lot of clients actually do very very well with their product and that’s really what we want to help them with is to try to um you know in it in a sense to be more detailed as to who they give it to or how how people um tolerate it because it’s still

A very new product and if you look at it in the psychedelic world the spravato is the first fda approved psychedelic to a sorts because it’s acting in a very similar mechanism um as the psilocybin and the mdma so that’s that’s kind of an exciting thing is with ketamine and spravato with the ever-growing psychedelic market that that’s out there we’re already

Doing that um which is really really exciting so you know with mdma with psilocybin we’re super excited for that as well we actually have our therapists that have been trained in the maps program for expanded access so that’s something that we’re converting into and we’re preparing to be those providers that not only take like i said expert care of all these

Clients but those providers that also allow the investors or whomever has the products to where they can feel safe actually having those products being delineated at the clinics here knowing that everyone’s going to be taken care of because of the expert training that we do have that’s fantastic now how do you plan on making ketamine assisted therapy a part

Of daily practice in future clinics can you speak a bit more about your plans for advancing sure yeah absolutely so um the plans for advancing with the ketamine assisted psychotherapy is we are actually working on our own proprietary therapy to where right now a lot of people do ketamine assisted psychotherapy in very different ways to where what we think we

Have figured out is really the best way out there so we are able to actually bring clients in and what we what we have done is we’ve increased our chances of success like 10 to 15 percent by implementing this with the ketamine so we’re working on actually having that to be kind of a proprietary therapy that’s given within our clinics just because we’re we are

Aware of the quality that we have and we wanted to maintain that quality aspect to where we can go across the across the lines there with that but a lot of the ketamine clinics out there right now there are a ton um a lot of them do not implement the therapy aspect and that’s really we i actually did not do that for about six months when we first opened but since

That six months after we opened seeing the difference that it makes is astronomical and what you can do too is you can break the pattern of what people are going through much more quickly to where long term they don’t have to feel like they’re barely hanging on to life they actually start thriving in life instead of surviving it that’s great now recently there

Was an article about your focus on athletes who have suffered a serious injury or traumatic brain injury which a lot of people are talking about nowadays concussions how do you plan to help people in this profession so um that’s actually kind of exciting too so i played um collegiate sports myself when i was growing up so i understand the mindset of an athlete

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A little bit as we all know athletes are natural leaders or they’re not natural they’ve been they’ve been trained to be leaders um growing up so what we want to do is we want to help the underserved populations that are not being heard so you know athletes people never talk to them i had never had anyone talk to me about my mental health with with being an

Athlete and what we see right now is in a lot of the professional sports you know there’s a lot of addiction issues there’s a lot of mental health issues we see acute suicides acute you know homicides even um to wear with the athletes what we want to do is we really want to step up not only help you know the collegiate athletes but we also want to help the

Professional athletes and the retired athletes so with retired athletes you know they’ve proven with um concussions over time that that can lead to something called cte which you know it’s it’s a basically swelling of your brain um and and it leads to you know a lot of dimension things like that and people are extremely fearful of this the neat thing with

Ketamine is it’s treating the symptoms associated with it so you’re able they’re able to come here you know they’re able to come here treat those symptoms because like i have a huge neurologic background i’ve been involved in several neurosurgeries i’ve worked in the neuro icus to where we understand not only the behavioral piece but the functionality piece and

We can differentiate that i think that’s a big thing right now is in the brain we see the brain as one we don’t see the brain as the brain deals with function it also deals with behavior so not only are we bringing this to the surface to implement the mental and the medical but we’re also helping to differentiate neurolog neurology versus psychiatry because

Both of those kind of get intertwined sometimes and when we see that with a lot of our clients so advocacy does not exist to the role that we want it to in the outpatient world and that’s what we want to do for these people is to be advocates so athletes if they’re struggling they can come to one of these clinics they can expect to be heard because we understand

The mindset of an athlete what does the future look like for revitalists in the next few years so future wise we’re super excited because actually um you know we’re looking to you know hopefully in the next three years our minimal goal is to build 120 clinics wow um but with a goal that you know hopefully we could be around 300 clinics because right now we

Have um oh we have like 30 people waiting uh and when i say 30 people i’m talking about the expert trained anesthesia providers that are ready to go um and those and not only are they are they ready to go but the therapists are already ready to go so you know this is the model that everyone’s thriving for fortunately i’ve been doing it for the last five years

So um i’m about i feel like i’m a little ahead of the curve um so that’s the exciting thing is you know what we can do is once we once we get going we’re not going to stop kind of thing and then you know just impact is is the biggest thing that we want is to impact these communities katie this has been a great interview we’re going to have investors from all

Over the world watching this interview we pretty much have about 100 countries that will be learning about calm today symbol is c-a-l-m on the canadian securities exchange what is the best way for investors to get in contact with you once they see this interview sure yeah the best way would actually be to email me at info that’ll be a direct

Line to me to where if people have questions that’s what i’m here for i’m all about communication like i said we’re bringing the communities we’re advocating and that’s what we want is to be transparent and then we also want to communicate effectively to where everyone feels validated and that includes all of our investors because we couldn’t do this without

Our investors that’s great thank you so much for your time today katie walker the ceo of revitalist and for those of you guys that are watching if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your

Research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in bridge tv live now in saying that we love to bring you the winners and we love to bring them to you first i always like to tell our community invest in the best the best is blessed this is a brand new ipo so a lot of potential here and i’m very excited to see it roll out thank you once again

Katie for joining us thank you for having me always a pleasure and thank you guys for watching have a great day everybody you

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