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The measure of intelligence is the ability to change and today i hope to change some mindsets about why most people are struggling today i’m gonna kind of change a lot of mindsets out there on why people think people are poor or broke or any of those things so we know it’s a fact that the majority of people out there and it doesn’t matter what country you look at

You can look at the united states of america the country i live in right most people at the end of every month they have almost no money left over or very little money left over and why is that why is that well today i’m gonna change some mindsets out there and i hope this will be kind of a life-changing video to some of you guys who need a video like this so the

Reason i got my eraser today i got a little marker here these are the three main reasons why people think people are poor or struggling this is why i’m this way this is why i’m this way the first one is a lot of people like to put on laziness somebody’s poor somebody’s broke somebody doesn’t have any money left over because they’re lazy they’re lazy that could

Not be further from the truth some of the hardest-working people i’ve ever met in my life are not lazy but are poor i mean think about how many of the landscapers i know out in arizona here in vegas that work out in 115 degree heat sweat their butts off all for minimum wage back when i was 18 years old i used to work for einstein bagels i would clean the dishes

In the backroom for hours upon hours don’t call me lazy i was working my butt off for seven dollars and fifty cents an hour so are there some people that are poor or broke or barely getting by that are lazy abso-freakin’-lutely absolutely there’s some there’s some that just want government handouts or whatever absolutely there’s some in there but some of the

Hardest-working people you’ll ever meet in your life or poor are broke or barely getting by so that’s not a real reason let’s erase that a lot of people also like to say well they didn’t go to college they didn’t graduate college that’s why they’re struggling because they can’t get a better job or whatnot hmm i seem to know a massive amount of people that went to

College and are barely scraping by or are considered in that or class make under basically what the median income is no a lot of people that graduate college and are in that so just going to college that’s not gonna make you rich that’s not gonna get you even to not even let’s today not even rich just above you know struggling you know having a few extra thousand

Dollars around to then ever end of every month just because you went to college absolutely not we all know a lot of people who went to college who are not in a great situation and another thing people like to pin it on is debt you know how focal i am about speaking about debt you know i hate debt i hate people that you know take out all these personal loans that

Don’t you know deserve in my opinion but the banks give them to them just because they feel like they collect payments but the problem with debt it’s most of the time the reason people take out debt either because they have to because in a bad financial situation already or because they feel like they feel like they’re not worthy of anything so i need to have this

Car i need to have this bigger house and i can really afford just to make myself feel better because i really feel like i can’t get that any other way than taking out debt so that’s not really a real way either in my opinion all of them are legitimate all of them have you know something to them but it’s not the biggest reason i’m gonna show you the biggest reason

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Right now on why and this is what 90 to 95 percent of people out there think this is a way their mentality is guys i’m gonna draw it out for you here and this is most people let’s see so all right so time equals money most people i’m talking ninety ninety five percent maybe even more than ninety five percent of people they think the only way to make money is by

Giving up their time so they have to do something they have to do a task they have to do a job and for that job they make money and that’s the only way they can make money and so people think well if i want to make more money than i just need to give more time okay or they think well if i want to make more money than they need to give even more time and get another

Job so you need to have two jobs oh let me get three jobs guess what guys i used to have two jobs remember i told you i worked at einstein bagels i was also working for walgreens at the time making eight dollars and ten cents at walgreens seven dollars and fifty cents and einsteins when i was eighteen nineteen years old yes right added up to a whole lot of nothing

I was still broke at the end of the day just because you give up your time does not mean you’re gonna make more money but that’s the way most people think they think literally the only way you can make money out there is by giving up more of your time doing the tasks doing a job for somebody and that’s how you make more money absolutely not the game changer is

That’s not the only way you can go let’s talk about let’s say jeff bezos okay jeff bezos one of the richest men ever ceo amazon founder amazon biggest shareholder at amazon so jeff bezos how does he make money he makes money every second put es he makes money every second of every day he doesn’t have to trade his time for money when he’s sleeping he’s making money

Because guess what amazon when he’s sleeping it’s making tens of millions of dollars on revenue literally while he’s sleeping amazon web services bringing in millions upon millions of dollars when he’s sleeping his employees running all those tasks so he doesn’t have to trade his time for money his his time was already spent and that’s just yielding results now he

Makes money constantly so you think well jeremy jeff bezos that’s you know he’s a billionaire that’s so hard for me to even comprehend someone of that level so i’ll tell you about myself someone that makes six figures a year that’s easier for people to understand now my way is not necessarily the best way for everybody out there okay my way is just my way okay so

There’s a ton of different routes you can go there’s a ton of different routes you can go where you can make money constantly okay so we’re just gonna talk about me for a second and i’m someone that you know is making really good money but at the same time it’s understandable to everybody out there cuz i’m not some kind of billionaire or something okay so we got

Jeremy’s bank in the middle i picture that being my bank account what’s all coming in jeremy’s bank account how are all the different ways jeremy’s making money okay while you’re watching this video on youtube okay so that’s one way youtube i make youtube at revenue okay so i make when a video shows usually an ad place somebody watches more than i think fifteen

Or thirty seconds of that i get paid it’s only a few pennies a time or whatever or maybe a nickel of time but guess what those nickels add up especially when you’re getting thousands tens of thousands of years okay so that’s one way of jeremy making money i’m also a book author so i got a few different books in the market this is the one that sells honestly the


Other two books i got passive income book and like a motivational book those ones don’t sell for crap it’s all about this book so i make money from this book sale every time in that book sells i make like seven and ten dollars okay so i make money from that i also have a stock market course sc stock market course it’s a $19 course linked in the description it’s

I just came out with it a couple weeks ago it’s actually doing way better than i have expected i never expected so many people to buy it that have neither none of these i’m killing it on right none of these youtube ads like i said usually you make pennies or nickels per time and add place like my book what is it i make seven ten dollars i’m not killing it on each

Sale my stock market course i sell it for 19 dollars like nine none of these i’m killing it but guess what the numbers start adding up when you start you when you times it by hundreds or thousands of people right so these are some ways so far i have a real estate marketing company okay so i’ll be our i basically take pictures for homes that are going up for sale

Do videos do anything that’s related to realtors that need help i even consult some things like that now where this one’s been this one i have to be there i don’t have a way of any other way of making money but the great thing is in 2018 i’ll probably be hiring somebody to go do all those photos videos all that type of stuff so then i don’t have to so then that

Becomes something i can make money at even when i’m not there so that’s a great thing there but right now i have to be there for all anything real estate marketing related another way i make money every month it goes into my bank account well is technically stays in a different account than my bank account but this one is i d what does that stand for evidence a few

Of my stocks i own actually pay me dividends every three months so every three months i get to collect dividend payments the next one up here guys is what is it stocks stocks generally speaking my stocks all generally speaking appreciate over the longer term maybe they go up initially i make a bunch of money real quick maybe they go down and then it takes a while

To make money on that but mostly 99% of time i’m gonna make money on stocks i own ninety nine percent of the time so stocks they bring me money and those bring me money every single month because they own multiple stocks in the last way i get money is a a which is amazon affiliates i got a few affiliate links in the description of all my videos some to my books

Some to some of my other favorite books things like that and if somebody buys something within like a 24 hour period i get paid for that so amazon affiliate links so look at all the different ways i personally have of making making money now you could have a million different ways of making money it doesn’t have to be anything relate to this there’s so many massive

Amounts of ways you can make money out there guys it’s disgusting you just have to find what’s right for you you just have to change your mentality from being i need to give up my time to be somewhere to be doing something to make money or the only way i can make some more money as if i get promoted now or the only other way i can make more monies if i get a second

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Job absolutely not guys you could just create more things and more things that bring you money look at how many different things i have and i’m not even 28 years old i’ll be 28 years old here in a couple months look at how many different ways i have of getting money you too look author i still stock market course what was this one again oh my real estate marketing

Company amazon affiliate links stocks dividends paid to me all these things are yielding money for me all these things and think about my age now what am i gonna have what i’m 38 years old if i’m blessed enough stay on this earth i live to be 38 years old imagine how many i’ll have then guys so think about that so change your mentality from being the only way i can

Make more money as if i go get another job or if i you know trade my time for something absolutely not guys you can make money so many ways this is just my personal way of doing it you got to figure out what’s right for you just like jeff bezos personal way is is amazon amazon web services and of course on amazon he could just sell books on there right but he’s

Like i we can get another we can get another source of income let’s also sell diapers we get another source of income let’s also sell some food items on there we can also get some more let’s i’ll just add electronics so jeff bezos with amazon now has millions of different ways of getting income through amazon so that’s another thing you got to understand when you

Just have a business if not just about that businesses yielding your results it’s all those individual things or you’re yielding new results all are bringing you money and bringing your money and now amazon sells just about anything so think about that guys think about how kinda versafine my revenue how can i get more and more things because most people most people

At the end of the day guys they they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they don’t have this they just got one thing bringing them money and that’s it and this is most people out there some majority of people and it’s called the jo be their job their job that’s the only thing that’s going in their

Bank account that is it that is it guys that’s a hard thing to do that’s a hard thing to get ahead of the game if that’s your only way of making income guys unless you’re i don’t know lebron james or some you know ridiculous athlete or something and you got a job to do and you can make ten million dollars you hear it’s gonna be really hard for you to get ahead of

The game if your only way of making money is that job funneling into your bank account think about expanding your mind so you can do other things guys and it takes a while to figure out what what route do i want to go but once you have the mindset of that it’s all gonna get so much easier for you it’s all gonna get so much easier so i’m sure this video with your

Friends if you you think it will help out them any family members that might enjoy it it’s just a mind a mindset shift type video and i want to do here guys that you don’t need to get a second job no no figure out some things you can do on your own guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this thank you for watching and have a great day you

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Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset | How to Get Rich By Financial Education

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