Hello hey latoya i’m doing good how are you my decide to build them ready for the group watching it i’m winning but you know i want to get to the next level so i this i just thought of this idea you know because i saw that the first round that you guys did with the $50 work so you know i really want to get except i want to get this one fifty and possibly up to more

Oh yeah for sure once you get to one fifty you’re gonna go way higher than that but we’re live on youtube right now just you know so look we’re already live and i wanted you to talk about the bonus you want to run and see if there’s anybody that wants to team up with you and work with you training left the 4x and also with the stocks that you know the pics we’ve been

Getting i’ve been you know doing well so i wanted to give people wanted to join the academy you know once they join the second month i will give $100 to load up their trading account once they learn you know the basics of forex and you know possibly win maybe we could get a you know an amanda story out of it where you know one of the members joins 100 250 that’s

Pretty amazing so you want to offer a hundred dollars to anybody who joins your team on the trading academy and that’s that’s a huge incentive for people hundred us latoya is willing to invest $100 u.s. if you guys join her team right now pretty amazing bonus we’ve had an amazing growth we’ve had a lot of success stories short months from not only myself but a

Lot of the members that do join is amazing like success stories from a lot of people not just one or two but like you know this could grow possibly into the thousands oh it will it will grow it will grow in the thousands there’s no doubt about it i mean i remember when we started you were one of the first i think ten people we had and and we’re up to a hundred and

Seventeen now we have a member here nick saying that he’s gonna join us on wednesday when he gets paid nick if you join us on wednesday and you join latoya should give you a hundred dollars us brother you’ll still be working with me but you also be working with latoya and should give you a hundred dollars you asked to join her team there’s a lot of amazing things

Coming out from this academy thank you rich for putting all that hard work into even finding such an amazing platform for people like me to make money and you know the common people how are you doing with your trading now i know that you were having success are you still having success with your training yes your classes are your lessons i’ve actually learned how

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To independently read on the charts very good and you know i still watch you guys always give amazing picks you know so i’m winning in both directions now you know so it’s it’s pretty good i want to see that business side now growth that’s my main objective now i love i love the fact that you are investing in your business i think that’s a smart way to do it and

I think that if you’re willing to invest in your business then you have a chance to really grow and this is what i’m gonna do for you latoya because i want to help you grow too and i want you to offer this to all your friends too i will match your hundred dollars us and give $100 canadian and bitcoin to anybody who joins your team so you’re pretty much giving away

$200 to anybody who joins your team nice that’s how much guys that’s how much money i make guys straight up that’s how much money i’m making i don’t even give a i don’t even care i’m throwing money around all over the place to my team cuz i really don’t care so if you join if you join latoya’s team she’s gonna give you 100 us and i’m gonna throw in $100 bitcoin

For you guys to join the academy so just you guys know it only cost two hundred and thirty four dollars to join you’re pretty much getting $200 off to join latoya okay so if you want to take advantage of this if you want to take advantage of this bonus this is a bonus just to latoya that i’m throwing out because i want to help her grow she’s been here since day one

I’m throwing out this bonus just for latoya and she’s gonna throw it upon us you’re pretty much getting this for free okay so just email me rich tv live at and we will give you guys access to take advantage of this bonus you can be a part of the toya’s business my business and we can really grow together and earn together and we also give you guys access

To all the hottest stock picks every single day every single day we’re in the room talking about all the stocks and that’s and that’s easy money because we when your profits when your profits and you sell that’s a guarantee when your profits and you don’t sell we don’t know what the future holds of course they will and i always say take your profits and then thank

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The stock guards you many times people take a picture of their account and they’re celebrating they haven’t sold yet and then the very next day the stock goes down do not celebrate you sell once you sell then take a picture and celebrate cuz now now it’s real right it’s money on the table it’s fun you like do you like you like how i called that perfectly i said

Guys this is gonna be a short squeeze it’s gonna be a short squeeze it’s gonna be a short squeeze is gonna be a short squeeze jesus it can explode i broke down all the different reasons why i broke down all the reasons why i thought genius was gonna be huge and bam it exploded and that’s just years and years and years of training guys and between myself and my

Training and my just the way i rely research companies and then what i’ve learned from the training academy we add it all together it just makes it an unstoppable force and to be honest with you guys it’s getting too easy like it’s starting to get way too easy which is good yeah and the thing is i got my eye on so many pics so i will always keep you guys updated on

What’s happening cuz i got my eyes on so many pics like yesterday i did a list of about 35 companies that i’m watching and i watch them all every day and then when i see them making moves that’s when i’m in the group chat i’m like okay guys this is on the move and if you watch me in the group chat you’ll see i’m like alright like if you’re watching me last week it

Was ridiculous sona sona on friday was going berserk right i brought sona at 94 cents okay i was the first one in the world to bring sona before anybody else even knew who they were okay sona in canada s and anf this is what i do regularly by the way and it went from 94 cents when i brought it to you guys first on friday hit seven dollars and 35 cents absolutely

Ridiculous okay and i was in the group chat just sharing it with everybody sharing it on my look sona it was up it’s five bucks it’s at six bucks it’s at seven bucks and i’m sharing it i’m sharing it i’m serious people are like do i buy do i buy all my hate do you but i’m like look it’s going up it’s going out i’m not gonna tell you what to do it’s up to you guys

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To do what you’re gonna do but at the very least i’m gonna let you know what’s poppin so if you want to take that ride on the on the rocketship go right ahead i can’t tell you what to do it’s up to you to decide what you’re gonna do but i can tell you what’s poppin and if you want to jump on the rocketship you can jump on the rocketship a lot of times i’m gonna

Tell you what’s poppin before pops so you can get in early and you can just enjoy the ride right but i’m super happy that you’re having a lot of success latoya congratulations and latoya is having a lot of success with trading now i want to see her build her business so i’m willing to invest $100 bitcoin in anybody who joined to her team and she’s willing to invest

$100 u.s. and anybody who joins her team that’s pretty much anyone who joins her team right now is pretty much getting in for free for your first month all right guys that’s it i got nothing else to say we’re just throwing out this bonus i got nothing else to say if you want to join us email me rich tv live at right now today only we’re throwing out this

Bonus or if you just replied to this video this is gonna be latoya’s video to help her grow her business and i’m investing in her business and i want to invest in your business the question is are you willing to invest in your business if you’re not you’re probably broke and if you’re broke like a joke then you gotta get with your boy so i can help you turn your

Situation around all right latoya thank you so much have yourself a great sunday guys email me rich tv live at to take advantage of this bonus you’re gonna get some money for me you’re gonna get some money from latoya and hopefully you’ll be able to create some financial freedom for yourself because you’ll be joining the number one home-based business

In the world and the fastest-growing home-based business in the world in 2020 where you can make money from your phone at home all right guys latoya latoya i keep having amazing successes have a huge week guys we’ll be trading live in a few hours with our team if you want to join us holler at me is your boy richie wish to be live with latoya and we’re out peace

Latoya keep killin a girl joy latoya team ammo peace

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