RICH TV LIVE | ALLSTAR HEALTH BRANDS (OTC: ALST) – MAY 27, 2020 – AllStar Health Brands Inc. (OTC PINK:ALST) a specialty pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements company is pleased to announce sales in Q2 are continuing the upward trend in front-line products. AllStar is also working with qualified overseas suppliers to provide products such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as demand is expected to increase sharply with the gradual re-opening of the economy.

I has everybody doing today this is richard we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it’s daniel naggy the ceo of all-star health brands how you doing today daniel very good thank you thank you for having me thank you for joining us again great to have you here been a crazy few months obviously then a crazy time in the world with this coronavirus happening

You guys are right in the middle of it so we love to be able to learn a little bit more but what you guys are doing so why don’t you tell us a little bit about all-star health friends inc financials and how you recently had the yield sign removed in otc markets making the company fully current and congratulations by the way well thank you our goal was and is to

Remain current and then eventually up list to the bulletin board as we as we make progress on our you know business plan very good very good and congratulations on getting fully current obviously that’s a huge goal for the company to be fully current on its financials a press release of last month mentions $100,000 worth of sales in coronavirus related products

Have been sold by all-star health friends inc can you please go through with us what this means for the company so that’s that was a major event for us as you can imagine all-star health brands is a is a really a sales and marketing company right now that’s our focus so we know that sales are important too to show shareholder value we are focusing on the on certain

Products for coronavirus most of the being through you know through the through the koba 19 rapid test kits and we do have a pipeline of other products that we are going to develop we know that our our like people will perceive us right now as sales and sales and profits so that’s what we’re focusing on well congratulations on all your sales that’s phenomenal

Obviously this is a company that’s just getting started guys they just got current they just did a hundred thousand dollars in sales the stock isn’t moving crazy yet guys because they’re literally just getting started and what’s happening is the stock is trying to find a floor okay and the market makers are trying to determine where the price should trade so that’s

What you see the stocks moving up and down and the best advice that can give any investors that are watching you want to watch a stock for a while and if you see it dips to a really little level that’s a buying opportunity and then if you see it moves up and you’re in profit you should always be thinking about taking profits then you can go and position yourself

Again at a low level and then when it moves up again you can take profits and you could just keep doing that over and over and over again i know some members are already doing that with alst having some big success can you tell us daniel about the upward trend in sales that are continuing for q2 that was mentioned in the press release on may 19 so not only did you

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Guys do $100,000 in sales but it looks as though you guys are going to continue that upward trend yes thanks the the club it 19 seems to be a long term challenge when many reports suggests that testing will be key for the future and we believe that these these forces and this our focus could last several years or more so our who will focus on on us sales and now

International sales as well so that’s really what’s what’s happening the hundred thousand we’ve we’ve had more sales since then while we’re not putting out any numbers right now but we’re working hard and it’s just normal that we as we work and we and everybody wants to be tested there will be more demand for these products it’s pretty incredible to see companies

Like yourselves getting into this space and growing so quickly now you mentioned that there’s going to be an upward trend and upward trajectory in sales we’re not going to talk about the specifics but how pleased are you that the sales are coming in so quickly like how does it feel well it just validates our view that testing is key and that the demand is rising

Sharply we’ve seen we’ve had inquiries from both the us and from other countries everywhere south of the us and the western hemisphere almost so countries like mexico nicaragua ecuador peru argentina so all of these countries have major problems we even had inquiries from brazil which if you’ve kept up with the news is now one of the major epicenters for infection

So where we are we’re working very hard to follow up and be able to provide products for them this universe of of test kits has a lot of there’s a lot of challenges in it specifically because many companies that were offering products before especially from overseas have been have been have had a kind of a change and from their own governments and from the fda and

So on so that the the universe of suppliers has shrunk while the demand has grown so we’re in a in a situation that it has great opportunities if you have a good quality product now tell us a bit about the capacity of austere health brands think of supplying more antibody tests and other products to help combat the effects of cova 19 pandemic so as i just mentioned

A second ago the ability to manufacture enough of these tests is is key and will continue to be a key so the companies that are currently in the business have ramped up production substantially from let’s say maybe 50,000 tests a week or a day depending on the size of the company now to the millions of tests a month so that demand is growing with the supply the

Supply of products as has also ramped up can you give us any projections for revenues for this year with the opportunities that are opening up for all star health brands inc well if we continue our a recent trend we believe that we can surpass a million dollars in sales this year and maybe more it will depend on obviously on factors that are outside our control but

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We’re working pretty tight you know they’re very hard weekend’s 24/7 to try to make things happen now if you’re an investor and you see the stock is just getting kind of started it’s been as low as 25 cents been as high as a dollar recently and it’s right now around 42 cents what do you tell those investors that are kind of like you know what do i do with this stock

It’s not trading very much it’s been as high as $1 been as low as 25 cents what do you tell those investors well i think some of the volatility as an otc markets we don’t we don’t really have that much control there may be traders speculators we don’t know i believe that what will impact strongly on on our price moving forward are there are timely announcements that

That recognize the progress we’ve made and the milestones we’ve reached regarding sales so i think that will be the underlying factor and where we’re confident that that will be we believe strongly that that will be a major factor in the in the price and i like that answer you know when you hear companies are focused on revenue and making sure that the company is

Building its balance sheet then you typically believe that the price will fall so i like that answer that’s that’s a type of answer we like to hear within our community when we’re looking to invest in stocks now if i’m an investor and i’m looking at alst and i’m looking at a company that right now is in the coated 19 space what would you say to an investor that’s

Like okay you know i’m investing in a company that’s a covert 19 company is that really the role that you guys want to play or do you guys want to get into other areas too or you just want to mainly focus on like the covert 19 space right so because we’re in this pandemic situation and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved anytime soon especially in the

Testing arena we are definitely focused we’ve been fortunate that the relationships we’ve had both in the us and in many countries in latin america have allowed us to to leverage those relationships build over the years and translate those into sales so our focus right now is sales of the tests we do have a a pipeline of other products that are important as we’ll

Call the developmental stage so we’re we don’t see ourselves as just a one a one product company but we are definitely focused now on building revenues through these through these testing and perhaps other supplies as well well it’s good that you are focused in this area because this is obviously front-page news in the in the front of everybody’s minds is affecting

The whole world so it’s definitely a good time to be focused on this so congratulations for getting into the cova 19 resolution business because there’s so many people that are sitting there thinking what are we gonna do i love the fact that you guys acted and said okay you know what we’re not gonna sit here thinking about what we’re gonna do actually do something

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To help solve these problems so congratulations on being someone that is actually making a difference i think that that’s extremely important now before we end this interview what is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company daniel well on our press release we have a phone number and you just through the through email through you know through

The email on the website okay great okay congratulations on the hundred thousand dollars in sales congratulations on becoming fully current congratulations on all of your success so far with the foundation and the fundamentals of the company i hope you continue on this path to profitability and generating more sales and providing more solutions for people in the

Fight to of kovat 19 and hopefully we can get you back on our show soon with another update so we can keep everybody updated on the progress as it happens thank you we look forward to it and we believe that over the next you know short term that we will have completed certain certain transactions that will definitely be you know part of our plan go forward planned

At our belief and that justifies our belief that our sales are going to going to go significantly over the short term well you know what based on what you’ve done already i can’t deny the fact that i believe you because the last time we were on the show you talked about having sales and now you’ve got a hundred thousand in sales and that’s been in like a month

Not bad it’s pretty good so congratulations keep up the great work and like i said as you guys progress please feel free to get back on our show and we’d love to be able to share your progress with our community thank you very much it’s been a pleasure okay guys this is daniel bagi the ceo of all-star health brands you guys have any questions or concerns feel free

To reach out to daniel directly or you can reach out to me rich tv live at i can forward any emails you have or questions to daniel directly to daniel and everyone that’s watching guys are not winning you’re probably not watching you bring you winners and we bring them to you first i think all star health brands is undervalued underappreciated underexposed

Very few people know about this name put on your watch list put on your radar i think there got a lot of big news and a lot of big things coming okay guys now remain remember guys smash the like button subscribe comment down below share the video everywhere and remember we’re not a licensed advisor always do your due diligence always do your research before you

Invest in anything that we talk about on rich tv live always investing the best the best is blessed i think this is a company that’s on the right path congratulations on your success and we’ll see you soon daniel thank you same to you stay safe you too have a nice day thanks thank you for watching everybody we’ll talk to you guys soon

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