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Rich Tv Live – Clickstream Howie Schwab “The Sultan Of Sports Trivia” “Stump the Schwab” – August 11, 2020 – Clickstream Corp (OTC PINK:CLIS) announced today that its’ Original Programing Game Show Host Howie Schwab will appear on Rich TV Live, a financial focused digital network. The interview will air this afternoon at 1PM ET on and will be available on Clickstream’s social media platforms shortly thereafter.

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest it is howie schwab how you doing today howie doing great rich good to be with you i’m uh excited about this and uh great great uh times ahead i’ve been a big fan of you in your show and you are definitely a trivia expert how long did you work at espn and what

Were your positions there well i was there for 26 years and it was a great great time i really enjoyed it espn was great because of the people involved there plus you’re working in sports so every day you got up and you got excited about different things and so many different things happened i had many different jobs there i started in research actually when

I started there was no research department and i was the first researcher involved with sportscenter and with college football then i worked my way up i was a coordinating producer i was involved in a variety of shows like college game day both football and basketball and then i uh ended up doing this show called stump the schwab which was a lot of fun and

Uh at the end i was still a coordinating producer and involved in a lot of research things uh when uh i was let go after 26 years now when did you know and what made you the sultan of sports trivia as you were known well i’ve always loved sports i’ve been a big sports fan my entire life and i mean i went to my first baseball game at age four and sports was

Always going to be part of my life and i’ve been very blessed and very lucky that i’ve made a career i mean some people are fortunate to do something they really enjoy and i’ve been that i’ve really had a great time with this i’ve been in sports media for 40 years between espn between sports jeopardy between fox sports and now my latest ventures so i’ve been

Very lucky and very fortunate and very happy but i knew at a young age i was into sports i played stratamatic baseball i i read books i i just love sports and to be able to do something you enjoy in life that’s really rewarding 100 percent now tell us about your show stump the schwab which aired on espn over four years ago well the four years we did that it was

Really a great time first of all the late great stuart scott was so special to work with and i i had the pleasure of not only working with stewart but also seeing his daughters grow up and it was the staff and the team that was involved in the product was amazing and i really truly enjoyed it about 99 of the time uh there were one or two shows i was frustrated

But it was challenging because you had to think you had to be prepared um and i i had a great time with the show i mean what i loved about the show not only the fact that people enjoyed it but people would say they learned from the show sports fans actually learned some of the information and i thought it was it was rewarding in that regard as well how did

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You become affiliated with the click stream and the win quick app and what is the win quick app well first of all i got associated with clickstream a friend from high school named lenny tucker called me up back in march and said hey we’re doing this sports trivia app it’d be right up your alley i said okay and uh since then we’ve been working hard on this uh

The clicks uh wind app is going to give you opportunities to win free money and challenge yourself with great trivia questions in a variety of different subjects and that’s what i think is really fascinating because yes i’m doing sports brian baldinger’s doing sports uh we have uh a variety of other people george nandino’s doing cooking and food trivia we have

Uh michael who uh who’s a former green beret who’s doing trivia on uh on uh survivalist stuff josh dobbs the quarterback of the jacksonville jaguars he’s going to be doing outer space trivia which is really fascinating wow amber amber theo harris is doing religion trivia uh i mean it’s going to be great i mean we have six or seven great hosts who are going to

Produce and be involved in many interesting trivia subjects there’s a diversity there and i think that people can find different things that they like and they can win money think quick win quick i love that i mean who doesn’t want free money so i think from that perspective it’s a genius brilliant idea now you’ve seen the whole process from the beginning but

It seems like the company has really taken off in the past few months what have been the biggest developments well first of all it’s been a real process and to go through a startup like this or and to go from march to now it’s incredible how much has been accomplished i mean the developers and the people working on this project have really busted their butt

And i know i’ve been involved because i’ve been writing trivia questions and uh helping out giving input and it’s just been a lot of fun because the people involved are very excited about this i think this thing is going to be great it’s going to take off and in this time period with the pandemic and the the problems we’ve had in our country i i think that

This will be a great opportunity for people to have fun enjoy themselves on this give it a shot try it out see how well they can do it will be challenging i can assure you from the ones i’m writing there will be some good easy questions and it’ll be some difficult questions we wanted to be diverse we wanted to be a test we want you to earn your money and have

A good time with it and be entertained by it so i i think this is going to be a really fun project uh and coming very soon now i understand that the wind quick app is going to have two live beta tests this thursday august the 13th at 8 00 and 9 pm eastern what can you tell me about the beta test well i tell you what this is where this really starts this is the

Fun and the excitement of this thing actually going off and happening because you’ll have a lot of people trying it out having fun with it seeing how they do and learning from this and i think by word of mouth and the idea of this spreading out there that people will get an idea about this i i think it’s just going to be tremendous it’s going to be a lot of fun

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The beta testing should be very interesting it’s going to include the variety of hosts each a couple of questions and so you’ll get a sample of what you’re going to see when the app actually launches in september and we’re all excited about it because we’ve worked very hard at this we’ve tried to make this positive uh it should look very good uh the amount of

Work we put into it we’ve had meetings every week to discuss the progress and you’ve seen it go from march to now it’s it’s incredible to see how how far this has come and the beta testing will be a good test to to see how people like it and a good test to see if we’ve got all the bugs out we think we’re pretty close and and the people have worked very hard

On this the staff everyone’s excited about it it’s going to be great howie tell me about your first month of production what was it like and how did it go well i’ll tell you what we taped a few shows and i thought it went very very well uh we got to ask a lot of good questions uh we put out what i think will be a good product and i think that’s important

Because i think like like i said at this time we want to do something that will excite people the people will be happy about be entertained by this and i i think that this uh the wind quick app can be great uh by the way with the beta testing people should sign up at winquic app at rather w-i-n-q-u dot-com and they can sign up and participate

On thursday eight o’clock at nine o’clock eastern time and i i think it’s gonna be a great thing uh when people see it and people learn about it and people understand it uh i think they will have good opportunities to be entertained and to win i mean let’s face it you also want to win money i mean if someone’s gonna say hey we’re gonna hand you some money all

You gotta do is answer ten questions and do it as fast as possible because one of the rules of the game the person who answers the quickest uh could win that’s one of the tiebreakers so uh yeah i i think it’s a great concept and i’m really happy to be part of me i’m happy to be really involved in this because because it’s just starting up and seeing something

From the ground floor and seeing it build up i mean i remember the first day i walked in the studio for stump the schwab and i was very excited because this was new this was different and it picked up and people loved it so i think the same thing can happen here howie tell me about the type of trivia questions users can expect from you well i think what’s going

To be interesting about this is it’s not going to be the average question in in some cases you’re going to have to think and the other thing is it’s going to be diverse in terms of sports it’s not just going to be the major sports like baseball basketball football hockey uh there’s gonna be tennis there’s gonna be golf there’s gonna be boxing there’s gonna

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Be women’s sports there’s gonna be lacrosse there’s gonna be you name it i mean we throw a lot of different things in there because we want you to be challenged we want person who people who have diverse knowledge of sports to be able to answer these questions and to come through and so it’s not going to be oh hey i i have to answer this fast and oh it’s not

Going to be that easy okay it will be challenging but you’re going to earn your free money you’re going to earn the right to win and i think it’ll be bragging rights involved when people will win these contests and it’ll be exciting and we have plans to uh showcase these people and uh it’s just gonna be a fun thing and i’m so excited to be involved with click

Stream and the wind quick app and i hope people look forward to this it’s going to be a lot of fun that we have some great hosts we have great people behind the scenes working very hard on this project and uh it’s coming very soon starting with the beta testing which we’re all thrilled and excited about and that will help us measure some things really really

Excited about working with you on this project and seeing you grow and develop and really see this app become a huge success i can’t wait to see the trivia questions as a huge sports fan i want to test myself i want to see the beta testing rich i will i will i will sign up for the beta testing and i want to see what the questions are like and as a huge sports

Fan i can’t wait to see the app the questions the trivia and test myself the good news is also it’s multiple choice oh great so you have three wrong answers and one right answer now part of it is figuring out very quickly you have 10 seconds to answer the questions so it will be challenging but it’ll be fun and well we want people to have fun with this we

Have enough negativity in this world right now let’s have something positive i agree i i love it and the fact that you guys are giving away free money i think is brilliant at a time like this when people are looking for additional income this is another great way to do it so guys take a look at the click stream uh company clickstream corporation symbol clis is

The symbol and the win quick app thank you so much howie schwab the sultan of sports trivia thank you for joining us today i wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and hopefully we can have you back on our show with an update soon anytime rich my pleasure i i enjoy seeing your stuff and uh thank you guys so much for your support thank you so

Much how we have a great day keep up the great work and thank you guys for watching have a nice day everybody take care

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Rich Tv Live – Clickstream Howie Schwab "The Sultan Of Sports Trivia" "Stump the Schwab" By RICH TV LIVE

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