Hi how you doing today this is richard we have a rich tv live with a very special guest the ceo and president of callan x mines inc max porterfield how you doing today max i’m doing great things started to be here excited to have you here today and thank you for joining us and let’s talk a little bit about your company so first and foremost i want to ask you a

Question about exploration can an exploration company soar and succeed both during a recession or a slow growth economy and a booming one i mean is it independent of general conditions can you give some examples please i think every every business here in is gonna be impacted by things that are out of their control we saw this in particular in the base metals

Space when he had the u.s. chinese trade tensions the trade was kind of kicked up had a dramatic impact on global as in crisis as well as other other metals out there due to concerns mary ford with that being said you’re also seeing again with the coronavirus which i think know that the hailing of that the response that’s been appropriate and measured by think

The media hysteria around that’s kind of also been detrimental and blown out of proportion given what it is relative to you know other other things out there with that being said though expiration is is really one of the few businesses out there where you can create tremendous amount of wealth for your shareholders and that’s through a discovery and that’s kind

Of one of the things that we’re primarily are focused on a guinness to go out there makes discoveries within canada in an economic discovery is gonna make investors money no matter the market absolutely and what do you think is the upside right now in precious metals specifically gold and silver two very hot commodities in a world with endless government debts

Negative real rates and no solution in the foreseeable future well i think it’s gonna be a strong strong market for precious metals for sure you know any negative real interest rate environment you’re gonna see the she smells perform well your the day you’ve seen or more recently you’ve seen bolt from quite well its pulled back a bit but i think it’s healthier

No longer terminal market for the precious metal space that’s underpinned by everything you kind of mentioned there so i definitely see higher prices it’s gonna be really good for the overall industry as a whole people don’t realize it but over three-quarters of the monies raised capital dispensed as well in terms of an exploration actually does go to to gold

Exploration so healthy gold market is also going to be a healthy junior expiration market is all very good now the company that you’re leading callan x mines has been around for several years in terms of market cap we’re talking about a very small company only about 4.3 million in market cap canadian out of which canadian 2.6 million is cash meaning the enterprise

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Value is only about 1.7 million canadian in other words your portfolio of assets that are base metal centered with a key component of precious metals in them along with the intangibles like your expertise level and rapport with shareholders and institutions is not being valued highly by investors do you think this is justified or not i don’t think it’s justified

At all but i’ll be saving the evaluations shortly cheap and we’re not alone in that regard as i mentioned earlier with the pull back view so on a base model space you know they had a big impact on equity valuations so you know as a company just about two years ago when this all kind of get started with the trade tensions and led to the drawdown in zinc prices

You know we were trading an evaluation of between 30 to 35 million dollar valuation so to come down to you know 7 million our valuations a day when the assets and the company having gotten any worse reds may impact in in fact we’ve done a lot of work on expiration front to generate some very compelling exploration targets that can create a lot of value there

I could actually out there testing right now is quite unjustifiable it’s a huge buying opportunity which is one of the reasons i was a big buyer that stuck last year you know buy into this drawdown he saw in the your price now can you tell us about your projects and what you plan to do with them or with the ones you’re more focused on in order to de-risk them

Extract the value and deploy an exit strategy for shareholders sure absolutely so we’re focused on three prolific canadian mining jurisdictions and really the portfolio is again in acquiring assets that are in close proximity to existing infrastructure the the biggest hurdle that a lot of these discoveries have is the upland capex need to go on a production you

Know billions of dollars quite frankly given the location and keeping the people the power the water the access and all the infrastructure put in place can really kind of be the big big hurdle for for an exploration company when they make a discovery so when you really focus on making those discoveries within close proximity and infrastructure that’s going to

Compress your upfront capital costs because it’s been already there in reduce your urls dramatically in terms of you know making discovery that’s economic and has a big benefit you know i like to say that we’re doing purpose space exploration in a lot of ways right now again we’re focused in three camps we’re currently drilling the bathroom of new brunswick this

Is an area we had a maiden pda or nash creek and superjet projects we recently acquired another smaller higher grade historic resource and our headway property in all the drilling they were doing out there is to really grow the scale demonization that you already have to find through aggressive drilling campaign that we’ve been working on over the past year and

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A half or so target generation so we’re quite excited about that and begin in terms of the purpose base this is an area again that’s got a rich mining history that runs at number 12 mine was really the flex mine shut down in 2013 at one point there was a large underground zinc mine in the world and again that’s led to a lot of job losses in the area from you

Know mining alright starting now in the bathroom as well as the forestry industry obviously been impacted you’ve got over 20 percent unemployment rate and lauren or the national food deposits it’s and just down the road in belle doon there’s over 20 percent unemployment rate there’s the key infrastructure and they’re actually shutting gonna lead smelter there

Which is going to really today it counts for 80 percent of the jobs in bell do so doing exploration in these type of areas we have the people you have all that infrastructure in place and you’ve got the geologic pedigree increase a lot of opportunities we’re also having bish’s the exploration campaign in flint fun camp of northern manitoba again flint phones of

Jurisdiction that’s had 32 mines and counting over the past almost a hundred years the triple seven mine which is the flagship mine in the town of flint fun it’s been operating since 2004 is again going to be shutting down in early 2020 to there is no new discovery and new mine did go into production and to take that place and so making an economic discovery in

An area it’s got such a prolific history and there’s an immediate need and the community really depends on is is really of importance to us as well with every said we also have a gold silver zinc copper deposits of bms deposit in newfoundland called point leamington and we’re looking at that and different opportunities there from metallurgical standpoint as well

As from an exploration standpoint generating targets be tested later this year and then that all aside we’re always looking for m&a opportunities any of these camps to kind of put together with already an existing portfolio so that’s kind of what we’re up to that’s how we see things and how we’re you know our objective moving forward to aggressively accrue

Value to the shareholder base very good now you mentioned that you bought shares last year so do you own shares personally and can you kind of give us an idea of how much shares are held by friendlies or insiders within the company yes sure so you know i i am rather significant year old around roughly 4% of the shares outstanding you know my family in total i

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Think in addition to myself i was just under 10% a resource capital funds it a very large private equity fund has been a long-term supporter of the company owns just under 10 percent i’m in family offices owned another 10% and that’s one of the other things in terms of outside the really supportive shoulder base and everyone having skin in the game per se on

The team is we also consolidated the share structure last year and that’s you know it kind of be a big component because all ships will rise in a rising tide i’m gonna you know we’re gonna help perform you know in that regard because of the the sheer structure and going through the consolidation process after kind of taking the lumps that we had from the the

Drawdown in base final prices in 2018 now how passionate are you about colonics what would it mean for you to get this ray uh-huh well if i haven’t come off as passion i don’t know if i ever will but i’m extremely passionate about we were doing obviously very very excited but we’re doing quite frankly if i wasn’t doing this i don’t know what else i would be

Doing a discovery in flint flown in the world’s mia we’ve got a long history in as a corporate history into the flin flon camp and coming in and learning about that history actually being an american i’m a canadian now as well but you know this town i can go anywhere in the world and i can mention flint fun and someone will have heard of it in an odd way and

For town i had a peak population of 15,000 people at this really kind of made a mark as a small town cam here in canada and then in the bath first camp and the buckins camp be able to drive those those assets ford is obviously the most important and it can have a huge impact to those communities as well as well as from the you know the tax revenue being thrown

Off of these larger projects now there’s investors that are going to be watching this video all over the world how can they get in contact with you and your company and learn more about this amazing project that you’re part of yeah you can visit our website at callan xca that’s ca ll i nex ca our contact details are there give us a call as well as email and then

Most importantly fiona purchase shares they can obviously do that on the tsx venture under the ticker cnx as well as on the otcqx i’m sorry otc market in the united states in particular cll xs that is fantastic well thank you so much for your time today this is the ceo max porterfield of tallinn x mines thank you for watching everybody you

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