Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich from rich tv live and i’m here with a very special guest this is jonathan mendez are you doing today jonathan i’m good thank you for asking which thank you for being here and the reason why we’re talking today is we are both part of a academy and you’ve had a lot of success and you’re called the what do they call you

Gold sniper gold sniper so why did they call you the gold sniper there is what they call me that because i started sending those results right and in our channel all my channel i sending those results and then it was like man how do you do that it’s like different places the same time and in a lot of prophets and i could started what happened there is seven months

Ago i start searching doing things you know how can i make money on this one i learned the videos from i am academy and based on that video you it’s very limited i wanted one more so i start a research deeply quantitative qualitative and mixed method of reasoning for every indicators so there is thousands of indicators that’s what i found out yes and believe me

Or not believe it or not i tested 275 indicators just to get my algorithm i blown two accounts 50,000 accounts in there on 50,000 accounts and they talked to my mentor oh my and he has no idea that i’ve learned my second account about the reasons i blow it because i’m testing each one of them each time frame from one minute to four hours each one of them richard

Just to come off an algorithm how can i make this better now after two months i got my reading get it back into it and i tasted that one over and over again it was like then this is the algorithm that i want so what happened is i’m using that strategy it saves me time actually it saves me time looking for a trades because when you have the algorithm it enabled me

To get that signal and once i get that signal get the confirmations validated boom it’s game over and i got that from it no the thing one second so what are you trading which are you trading gold yeah jessica only gold only good so which pair is that is that xa you usd xa you usd yeah okay only gold only goes and you take it up and you take it down and you take

It out yeah take it up take it down so every movement in price moving my algorithm was able to sync to that one so when i get in my algorithm let me let let me get in this is your entry boom and they put that one boom so every price movement every momentum i’m telling you rich i’m cashing out everything so when i post it out one is the same positions now this is

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My another tactics i strayed my lights eyes say for examples i have a lot size of 1.0 i want to keep that position and go if it’s short i mean it’s going down i keep going 25 take out of the fraction and i keep the point 75 doing more occasions right and as i go down another point 25 cashing it out and then the point 50 is still making money and at the end of

The day of that trades i have one point oh if i do a 1.0 in one shot probably j’s me $150 but if i do a thread sometimes i go over $250 because i choose my position so a shred is when you sell a portion of your holdings and yes portion of your holdings yes right yeah just to keep the original positions right because once you lose the original position you gotta

Go you gotta go over again and then the price the price will be is totally different that’s what i tweaked it so every every positions i had that now if my algorithm signaling me is about to finish what am i gonna do i’m in a place for a long and i don’t place for one or two i use place three at the same time going up so that original price if i have a 1.0 ice

Read those so ice read those one point old like 3.0 total ice widow’s going up and i’m telling you if i keep the original price i can make more money in straight a fraction so 25 25 25 and i closed all the way now my algorithm is not designed for a long a big timeframe i always do one minute in five minutes time frame tomorrow thing is so you’re in weeks yeah

It’s bit it’s very quick who trades overnight no i don’t i don’t hold race overnight like they call electro down no i don’t do that i don’t do that the the more i think how long have you been trading oh seven months seven months seven months are you starting to win consistently now yes and you are training students you have a team are you yes the channels that

I have right now some of them are had a one-on-one on me actually zoom we had a one-on-one my strategy not actually my strategy but it’s a bluefin how i started this indicators that have been counted during my developing is algorithm that helps me as a beginner and i’m sharing that to them so when you’re saying you have an algorithm so you created i’m assuming

You have a list of indicators you use that you believe gives you an advantage and gives you an idea a better idea of what’s gonna happen in the market before it happens is that what you mean by now yes yes so you you you you choose a certain amount of you know the magdy the stochastics the right the indicators that that people use but you’ve got a cocktail of

Them that you think really give you an advantage right right and you are looking for people that would be interested in working with you to also learn how to trade exactly and how would someone be able to get in contact with you if they want to learn how to trade well i had that i had that link and i have that as channel also they tap into that one but the thing

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Is the telegram it’s a telegram channel that i had gold sniper and i had these group discussions attached to that too and that’s the only way bits but these people is already in iml there are beginners and i want them to succeed you know moving forward because i hate seeing traders that struggling and then they’re making money tomorrow they lost money they making

Money much money you have to be consistent but for you to be successful and consistent in this kind of business it is only one thing you had to be consistent what you want to do you want to be a scalper you want to be a swing trader you want to do trader you have to figure that out because if you want to try each one of this one you blown an account that’s what

It happened to me 100,000 mr khan taii blowing because i tried to be a day trader and tried to be a swing trader i tried to be scholar here and there you know what i said i keep my scalper just one one good but three weeks ago i just able to diversify all my training so i can trade with the other pairs not just for gold and it i think it is more viable to have

Those kind of a diversified trading strategy not just for gold because just in case gold is gone well should i do i had this another pairs that major pairs that i can rely on to continue and sustain my account what do you think about pairs like have you seen like the u.s. 30 it’s been going up non-stop the s&p 500 is been going up non-stop i’m apple it’s

Been going up non-stop visa it’s been going up non-stop the uk 100 has been going up non-stop have you looked at these ones i look at you it’s sturdy actually they’ve been going up non-stop like non-stop like crazy like it’s crazy thousands of pips yep thousand last week it was like 1800 pitch just for the us 30 nothing saying so have you ever thought about cuz

I started trading that and i was like yeah smokes this thing is crazy uh-huh it’s firing up i got the eight hundred pips last week wow eight hundred pips last week and i was like i’m back but us thirty yeah yesterday i pair eight us 30 in the gold right i guess like ding so i escape my algorithm actually is not picking up options futures but i’m trying to tweak

It i try to tweak it i combine with another indicator that really really suitable to pick up the indices the the options the future options now it’s working i just says it last week with you is there anything it’s like 800 fish i’m like i’m done for the week yeah it is you hurting and last question so you’re part of i am master academy i’m part of i am master

Academy you’re looking to build your business i’m looking to build my business this is the first video we’re doing maybe we could do some live trading will do we can go so let’s do this because i don’t want you to give away all your secrets right now we’re gonna put a link down below this video to your channel thank you for doing this video let’s do this again

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We’ll do this more and i want to be able to do videos in the future talking with some of your students some testimonials maybe we can even do some live streams talking about live trades that we could do for members that are watching all over the world and hopefully we can work together to help grow the trading academy and help build your brand and help build my

Brand absolutely regina thank you very much for giving me this opportunity good fortune i look forward to it i’m excited i am part of your channel oh telegram i am excited to to see your success and to help share your story and hopefully we can grow together thank you so much absolutely and one more thing also that i’ve been looking forward because two weeks ago

I’ve been i was able to made a tool but i’m not gonna make it any announcement yet the developer is working on it and it’s kind of a my two algorithms i put it all together to become a automated right and so i took out of that kind of headache to be on front of the computer two hours three hours just to look for a a trades right so this automated one it’s not

Effortless i have to put inputs in everything but i’ve been tweaking it so last week after that eight hundred pips of us 30 i go back here but the thing is in minimize my returns while i’m testing it because honestly and frankly honestly i’m not bragging about it i’m probably making about 2500 to 3500 a day just for the gold gold sniping but when i testing this

Tool i went down to about like 800 to 1200 but the same distance is giving me a consistent average of $800 a day if i’m going i’d love to see that like i love to see you’re eating and doing and doing that together and i think we could literally make the world a different place if we can literally show people how you’re consistently making $800 $1200 2500 3500

Hours a day that’s a long name you guys and this is with real money you’re talking real money no this is no time oh i only have a demo when they testing it what i’m doing it this is these are real money playing with real money so congratulations for your success let’s let’s do this again my friend yes thank you for coming on the show and i hope you continue with

All of your success moving forward this thank you so much from california your boy rich rich to be live from vancouver canada and we’re both members of the i m mastery academy thank you for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching jonathan mendez your boy rich from rich to be live and we’re out thank you

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