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We are live on youtube just testing the stream here trying to find the perfect stream you’re live on youtube just testing the stream here yo let me call you back okay so you’re live here with rich tv live com for any of you guys that don’t know we just set up a new website the website is wwe tv live com and my whole dream and my goal with this site is to create

A platform where people can come and we can talk sports we can talk stocks we can talk trending topics we can just talk about whatever we want i love to talk business because i’ve always been a businessman i like to make money i like to travel like to have fun i have kids so i like you know kids and i like you know all the finer things in life and i love stocks and

I love real estate and i love the freedom that stocks give people like myself and anybody else that’s invested in stocks that have done well we’re moderately well i like the fact that i don’t have to work a nine-to-five like you know the average person does unfortunately and i’m not here to brag about that but what i’d like to do is i like to be able to teach people

How they don’t have to work nine to five and how they don’t have to be a part of the system and that they can be a part of the the one percent and they just have to learn how to think differently and they can get out of the rat race and there’s a way to do it and there’s a lot of different secrets that can help people get there and i don’t have all the secrets


But i do know a few things that have helped me get along in my life and get me to where i am and i don’t believe i work half as hard as most people and i’ve learned how to invest in the stock market i’ve learned how to invest in real estate i’ve learned how to have properties get rented by tenants so tenants are building equity for me so i’m literally making money

When i sleep you know i’ve also learned how to buy property pay it off and then have them get rented so i generate rental income so there’s a lot of different things that i’ve done to put me in a situation where i’m comfortable but being comfortable isn’t always good so why what i wanted to do is create a platform where people could talk about you know what’s

Made them successful or what they want to do to become successful or what we can all help each other do to become successful because we’re all trying to figure it all out and not everybody has all the answers and some people do something that works for them and maybe it only works for them and maybe some people have something that can work for everyone and if we

Can have a platform we can discuss these things i think that that would be something that’ll be really cool and i’d like to be part of and that’s that’s why i did this with rich tv live is because i wanted to create that platform and that opportunity for us to be able to talk about different things you know i love sports there’s a lot of things going on in the ufc


Conor mcgregor fighting potentially floyd mayweather i think that would be amazing i’m a much bigger ufc fan than i am a boxing fan because there’s really no major boxers anymore to really talk about after floyd mayweather has retired and that’s why they’re trying to get floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor to fight because there’s really no one else to talk about

That’s even entertaining so you know there’s a lot of things to talk about i want to create a platform where you know you the audience has a place where you can vent so if your team this weekend losses you know you can come onto rich tv live and we could talk about it we could talk about the game we could talk about you liked we dislike you know we want to create

That i wanted to create that platform for people to come and and be able to vent their frustrations so hopefully i’m able to do that and hopefully you guys like rich tv live and if there’s anything that you guys want to talk about or anything that you guys have on your mind if there’s any stocks that are up that you want to talk about then this is going to be the

Platform to do it ok guys this is rich from rich tv live i’m just testing the software i’m gonna start doing some shows we’re gonna start really ramping this thing up we’re gonna start talking stocks and we’re you know going to look to do some big things so i look forward to talking to you guys all soon this is rich from rich tv live signing off shows we’re gonna

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Start really ramping this thing up we’re gonna start talking and we’re you know gonna look to do some big things so soon this is signing off

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