RICH TV LIVE – New IPO: Zacatecas silver Corp (TSXV: ZAC)

RICH TV LIVE: New IPO Zacatecas silver Corp (TSXV: ZAC) – March 1, 2021 -February 26, 2021. Zacatecas Silver Corp. (“Zacatecas Silver” or the “Company”, ZAC:TSX Venture) is pleased to announce its common shares will commence trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on March 2, 2021 under the symbol “ZAC”. Highlights:

Hi guys how you doing this is rich here we have a rich tv live and i want to talk to you about a brand new silver ipo that’s about to open up zaca tech s silver zaca tekkas silver this is their website zacatecas and you can see that they’ve also got news here on the national post top tier mining team prepares for imminent launch of a highly anticipated

Silver company the news is trending and that these guys are about to go public and we’re breaking this news first they’ve also got a video on vimeo i’m not gonna go through the video but there is a video on vimeo about zacatecas silver the ride to discovery feel free to watch that video on vimeo and i’ve got some information here i wanted to go through and

Break it down for you so let’s do that so the world’s best address for high grade silver this is their corporate presentation and like i said they are about to go public so stay tuned to that the world’s best address for high grade silver key land position in the fresnillo belt zacatecas mexico 7826 hectares 78.2 square kilometers so you can see the region

The fresnello silver trend has produced 6.2 billion ounces of silver a huge amount of silver in that region you can see they are 43 101 compliant which is huge for resource companies contiguous with pan america silver and surrounded by mag silver corp pen holes capstone mining and endeavour silver 25 kilometers southeast of the world-renowned fresnillo mine

Pennols so you could see huge ounces here inferred in silver targeting high impact bonanza grade expiration drill program so they are getting ready to do some drilling and you can see they have an experience board and proven management this is a brand new ipo that is getting ready to launch brian is the ceo and director james is the chairman brian archuk

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Is the former president of gold producer k92 mining inc a company he co-founded and where he was a member of the board of directors and audit committee from inception through to cash flow positive mining operations and the declaration of commercial production so he built a huge company with over 700 employees and contractors and he’s looking now to do that

Again on zaca silver you can see a proven board and management team chief geologist chris wilson and john lewins director so you can see quite an extensive team here of board members and management team of members with lots of experience in the mining sector and mining is one of those sectors where if you don’t have experience you’re probably not going

To have success but you have experience you have connections you have relationships you’re probably going to have success so we look for that in mining companies we look for the management team to be a proven team of experienced public company veterans that have built public companies before and had success stories okay so the discovery of silver in the

Zekkatecas area occurred in 1546 by 1548 the spaniards had begun production from three mines the albarada mine on the vetta grand vein system and the san bernabe mine and lost tahoe’s mine on the mala noche vein system by the late 1800s silver from the zakataka’s mining district accounted for 60 of the value of all mexican exports making it one of mexico’s

Wealthiest and largest districts wow huge you can see the mx silver deposits in mexico you can see all the different areas where they are mining and you can see that zacataca silver is surrounded by other projects that are ready in production or have been in production in the past so they are in a really good area and mexico is a fantastic country for mining

You can see the major deposits of mexico sierra madre you can see how zeke attacks is surrounded by success huge huge silver miners surrounding zakatakas and some gold projects as well so they are surrounded by success and success leaves clues i always believe that success leaves clues fresnillo silver district you can see this zacatakas silver and american

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Defiant silver capstone all around so they are surrounded once again by success you can see all the details of the projects and the properties breaking every area down and you can see the zekkatecas type deep vein type non-boiling hybrid intermediate low sulfidation epithermal and low sulfidation epithelial zones so they’ve done all the work here to identify

These zones inferred resource you can see huge tonnage and potential from this property and this is pre-ipo so it’s obviously just getting started let’s look at the share structure obviously with rich tv live here we love a tight share structure that is vital for our members look at this brand new ipo with 51.8 million shares i like it no warrants and only

5.1 million options with 10 million dollars of cash in the bank absolutely love the share structure love the cash position only five million options which means fully deluded this will be about 56 million shares i mean maybe 57 million shares i mean this has a chance to be an absolute rocket ship love to know what you guys think zac tekkas silver they’re

Just about to get started and we’re literally doing the research right now when they do ipo i will be the first one to let you know but i’m going to continue to do my research do my due diligence and learn more about this company you can go to their website it looks like this zacatecas and you can go and subscribe i have subscribed to them so if

There’s any news they will send it to me you can see that they’ve been featured in the national post which i showed you guys here national post article so they are getting some national visibility and you can learn more on their website at zaka akkas i’m going to continue doing my research i’m going to continue to do my due diligence but i love

What i see so far love the share structure love the management team love the fact that they’re surrounded by other miners that have enormous success and like i said i’m going to continue to do more research continue to do more due diligence and if i find out any more about this company i will let you know and when they do ipo i promise you i will let you

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Know as well i’m gonna try to do an interview with the ceo or someone from the management team stay tuned to that as well very bullish on silver and very bullish on gold okay so really like silver and gold companies they’ve had a huge year over the last 12 months they’ve now dipped from highs i believe that there’s incredible upside from here we might dip

A little further but i also feel like the upside is tremendous love to know what you guys think this is your boy rich from mrv live remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always invest in the best the

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Where you will get access to learn about these deals before we even bring it to the world we let our club members know about picks that we’re going to bring public before we go public to our club members know first about every single pick that we’re about to talk about including zakitaka silver let me know what you guys think your boy rich from mr live and

I’m out new ipo and our ipos have been on fire you

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RICH TV LIVE – New IPO: Zacatecas silver Corp (TSXV: ZAC) By RICH TV LIVE

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