Rich Tv Live – NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger | Clickstream Winquik App (OTC: CLIS)

Rich Tv Live – NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger | Clickstream Winquik App (OTC: CLIS) – RICH TV LIVE – AUGUST 5, 2020 – Clickstream Corp (OTC PINK:CLIS) announced today that its’ Original Programing Game Show Host Brian Baldinger will appear on Rich TV Live, a financial focused digital network. The interview will air this afternoon at 1PM ET on and will be available on Clickstream’s social media platforms shortly thereafter. #clickstream #winquik #brianbaldinger

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is brian baldinger who is a consultant with clickstream symbol clis in america how you doing today brian um fantastic rich good to be with you anytime i’m talking about clickstream or football i’m usually having a good day yeah and you know what i’m excited

About both so it’s super excited to have you on the show and your football analyst for the nfl network been watching you for years how did you become affiliated with clickstream and the winquic app yeah well it goes back about four or five years now rich i was introduced to a man named erwin meyer who’s really involved with the whole company from the outset and

Really originally quick click stream was really going to be designed in order to really help facilitate people that played fantasy sports all sports and so they they came to me as a guy that was working at the nfl network and at fox sports that eventually i could be a conduit when they finished the app to both the nfl network and to fox sports because they were

Ramping up all of their programming for fantasy sports and we had tested the mba and we had good results but we needed really to raise money in order to get uh the engineers to really do it right at the nfl level there’s just a lot more algorithms to write and we needed the best data possible to feed it and you know we were just up against trying to raise that

Money for a long time we just couldn’t get the raise and so eventually you know it fell into other people’s hands that wanted to take it on and from just the fantasy angle to really the gaming angle it took a shift over the last say nine months to a year and that’s really how i got involved in real really the direction that we’re all now headed very good now

You’ve seen the whole process from the very beginning but it seems like the company has really taken off in the past few months what have been the biggest developments well like anything your football fan rich you you have to build the right team you know you’re a fan of the dallas cowboys i played for the cowboys it’s a great organization always has been um

You’re you grew up in toronto your friends were buffalo bill fans i mean there was a stretch when bill polian put the best team together led by marv levy you know in the afl in the afc for a long time four straight super bowls and that’s what we’ve done we’ve assembled a great team and we kind of know what our strengths are at this point and so we’re we’re

Getting the buzz out that we’re getting really close to beta testing next week where we’re really ready to start the beginning to launch this app real soon and so it’s just getting a lot of positive buzz i think a lot of it is due to the pandemic and people are just looking for something new right now um my friend matt rule who’s the head coach of the carolina

Panthers now but i knew him at temple and at baylor he was telling his team this year that a third of all businesses are started during a recession and i feel like that’s kind of where we’re at in this world right now we’re just looking for new devices new technology new new ways to be either entertained or do business and i think this is a way that people can

Really stay on their digital device stay on their mobile device and you know have some fun win some money and that’s kind of the direction that we’ve all been going right now as we begin uh this launch and all the shows that we have on our app that’s fantastic i understand that the wind quick app is having a live beta test which you kind of touched on um on

Thursday august the 13th at 9 00 pm eastern what can you tell me about the beta test well the beta test is really a chance to iron out bugs okay we can really have a test audience what works uh you know it’s it’s it’s a complex piece of technology for both mobile and digital devices and so we we want to find out if we’ve got everything ironed out to really launch

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Properly where we don’t have to go back in and really redo any sort of technology and so i think it’s it’s a great chance with probably about a month or maybe a less than a month before we launch depending on how the whole beta testing goes that we can kind of see what they like and don’t like at this point and i can’t wait to see what the audience thinks because

We’ve been trying it out ourselves within our own group every friday on our zoom meetings that we’ve been having and we can see you know the development from the very beginning and how the video works how the gaming works um how all of the moving parts have come together so now it’s time to really test it tell me about your first month of production what was it

Like how did it go it was really good it was really interesting uh you know we have a real diverse group right now we have you know how we schwab stump the schwab with sports trivia myself i i do you know sports movies trivia and we’ll then kind of move into some other directions as we move along uh amber theo harris does religion mike endino or jordan endino

Right now is a you know prolific chef that has restaurants in new york city he’s doing a cooking show michael hawk is an ex green beret you know he did filming on uh self-defense and on survivor something that he knows a great deal about you know and so we did six or seven different shows and i was there for most of the the filming it was just a lot of energy

Is what you want a lot of energy uh you know we we once we got into a groove we kind of knocked out a bunch of shows everybody did the first four or five shows that are being you know fed into our app uh and we’ll be ready to launch when we do and so it was you know our first chance kind of really doing it looking at the questions teasing the audience having

Some fun with the audience telling some initial stories about some of our you know some of the outtakes from it and just some of our background so that people can kind of get to know us can you tell me a little bit about the type of trivia questions users can expect from you is it all sports movies or is that just for the initial launch it’s for the initial

Launch i mean i’ll eventually uh get into travel that’s my my real passion when i’m not talking about football i do football 24 7 for the nfl for fox sports for a lot of outlets right now rich but i mean if we went into you know travel i mean i i’ve been to 68 countries me and my brother we started a group called the travel dogs we’ve we’ve traveled with

You know rock groups bruce springsteen throughout europe we travel with billy joel we’ve been to carnevale and brazil we’ve we’ve been to uh you know the running of the bulls in pamplona i mean you name we probably have done it and so i mean i could do trivia travel questions which how wide is the amazon river how high is mount kilimanjaro the highest peak

In africa uh you know i you know what day does the running of the bulls the the pamplona running of the bulls the san fermin festival what day does it start every day or every year you know i mean you could just rattle 100 off the top of my head and i i could probably do four or five shows just there without doing any research at all wow now i can’t wait to

Take your travel quizzes and you just mentioned how many countries you have traveled to um and will you use your experience to write some of these questions oh yeah for sure yeah i mean i’ve been to uh 68 countries rich so i’ve lived in six different countries uh i lived in london england a number of years when we did nfl europe i lived in amsterdam i lived

In uh frankfurt germany i lived in a city of spain uh you know i spent a lot of time in costa rica so i mean i’ve lived and been outside the country a great deal so i’ll use you know my you know how many regions does the country of italy have i coached the football team in italy in 2010 the bergamo lions so you know how many teams are in the world league

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Of american football in italy uh you know uh what are the cities that they are in um it’s been around for over 30 years that league at one time over had over 100 teams competing in italy um i’ve taught football in uh throughout scandinavia throughout italy uh you know in different parts of europe so all that will come into play you know we we missed the the

Grand prix of monaco this year i went to that event in 2001 with the ferrari team and was a guest and so lived on a club med boat you know and took helico i mean it was just you know one of those events that you never forget so i will use a great deal of my experience in these other countries to write a lot of these travel questions and to test uh you know

Our growing audience because i think it’s going to be a worldwide audience rich uh to really test their knowledge of some of these places and some of these questions i think so too and as a former nfl lineman you’ve experienced the highest level of competition how do users compete on the win quick app and will the competition be challenging fun and rewarding

Well you gotta think quick to play quick to win quick all of our games have a chance to win money so you have to it’s free to download it’s free free to play and there’s free money to win so you have 10 seconds to answer 10 questions so we score you rich with how many correct choices and answers you make and the time that you take in order to score so you’re

Going to get two scores so we can we can figure out the winner between the number of correct responses and the amount of time that it took and so these games are very quick but you know you have to have a quick agile mind in this world we all know that rich i mean it’s a challenging place right now so if you want to win money we don’t just give it to you it’s

Not just uh you know come get your uh your free money you have to earn it and so we want a quick agile mind uh some of the questions can be easier and they can get harder as you go along and so we kind of tease you as we move along during the uh during the quizzes i like that i like that do you or will you be having any surprises for the win quick audience

Maybe special guests well you know we have a a very diverse group of you know people involved in our company i mean i i could see just myself if i was doing nfl trivia i mean i could see kurt warner coming on and being a guest i mean i don’t want to just i mean i could see people that i work with every day i work out of nfl films i work in los angeles at our

Headquarters at the nfl network um i’m in all 32 you know training camps as this thing becomes uh more and more popular i can see grabbing you know our network of friends at the nfl level or throughout the nba uh coming in and being uh you know guest host or hosting certain shows i don’t want to make any promises right now but i think this is going to be so much

Fun that people are going to gravitate towards this win-quick app um and i think it will be just a matter of time before we can have special guests come on board that’s great why do you think the wind quick app will go viral and be a major success well i think everybody uh likes a chance to win money i mean there’s action involved right so i mean i think that’s

An initial uh thing that will bring people to the app all right chance to win money i mean in the first month rich we have 72 thousand dollars in prize money to give out wow oh you know through six or seven different shows all right and that could that’s going to raise and get raised as more sponsors come on board but that’s just the first month all right so

That’s that’s the initial thing i think it’s fun it it we sort of uh have fun with the app we tease you when these live shows are going to happen you then can play the show just for fun after the prize money is given out and you can score points and we could select winners through point total to keep you engaged and just because you get an answer wrong you


Don’t get kicked out of the club you stay in um all the way to the end uh we want to hold your interest uh and so because we never knew you never know where you are going to score within the contest so i think all of those things i think it’s it’s on all uh android and ios devices so whatever your mobile device is you can download it you can play it for free

Um you could do it at you know uh you can kind of set the time during the day it’s a it’s a very user friendly app at this point very easy to download easy to figure out how to play easy to get involved so i think all those things are going to make it really one of those new apps that’s just going to catch fire you know nobody else is doing this it’s a digital

Television show okay digital television show a digital network with games where you can win money and so i think you know i don’t know about you rich but all of my nieces and nephews you know from age you know eight to 20 right now they don’t watch a lot of television maybe a little netflix but they’re on their phones and this is really made for your phone

And everybody has it attached in their hand right now absolutely so one question i have is how does the company make money then is it through advertising you mentioned sponsorship so i’m assuming that you guys are gonna go and get like a certain amount of advertising dollars every month and then say okay 72 000 is going to go towards the quizzes and x amount

Is going to go towards building our business growing the company and that will just grow as the popularity of the app grows the revenue will grow and then a profit sharing will be then uh i guess filtered down to the quiz winners is that the idea of the app well i mean i think the idea is it’s really it’s going to be advertising driven okay so there’ll be

Advertisements throughout the app and then you know depending the number of clicks you hit certain you know numbers you know that those dollars can be generated more and more um so there will be some sort of direct correlation between all that we’re still looking to raise money out there on the street right now where we can increase our programming increase

Our visibility all those kind of things through advertisements and through just generating more interest all those different ways that we can do that a lot of that money will go there but the money will filter down to the people that are actually playing the games i absolutely love that thank you so much for your time today brian i wish you all the best of luck

With clickstream seems like a great idea you got a lot of star power behind it and i know that we’re going to tell our entire community about this story and continue to tell the story and hopefully you guys can achieve all the goals that you’ve set for yourselves we have a lot of goals and they keep kind of expanding rich but you know you’re in you know western

Northwest canada right now you’re in vancouver yes we love our neighbors to our north we love our neighbors to our south uh i want this to be a global enterprise that’s how i think that’s how i live my life traveling living in these different countries and so we want to be inclusive and we want to get the word out globally right now and we hope that um we can

Be doing these type of interviews with people on all seven continents one day rich well i would look forward to that thank you so much for your time today brian i wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors keep up the great work with clickstream and the nfl network my friend thanks for having me rich i appreciate it and uh look forward to seeing you

Down the road yeah and remember this remember this you gotta think quick play quick to win quick all right put it in your head you know once you get inside there rich you’ll never get it out i like it thank you so much brian keep up the great work and we’ll talk to you soon my friend all right thanks rich you

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Rich Tv Live – NFL Network's Brian Baldinger | Clickstream Winquik App (OTC: CLIS) By RICH TV LIVE

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