Hi how’s everybody doing today this is rich her me out for rich to be live with our very special guest it is alexander sam gen the ceo and president of global care capital inc how you doing today alex i’m doing great rich i hope you’re doing well today as well and hello to your audience and i’m very happy to be on well we’re very happy to have you i’m doing fantastic

It’s a really good day today markets are green so far gold’s doing well oil is finally doing well after really really weird start of the week with oil and obviously coronavirus stocks have been doing extremely well and obviously that’s the sector that you guys are starting to really capitalize on so why don’t you tell us a little bit about global care capital

Inc for the people that are watching that are not as familiar with about your company sure yes i’m global care at capital inc is a global investment company which specializes in providing early stage financing to both private and public companies so we like to engage in a new early stage investment opportunities typically and kind of previously underdeveloped

Assess and we’ve recently announced our pivot in investment focus to the very salient healthcare sector very good very good and what are some of the current products that global care capital inc has yes so as a publicly traded investment issuer were obviously making investments in other companies so at present we have two portfolio companies that are 100% owned

Subsidiaries of global care capital the first being reformation pharmaceuticals which is a stem cell project it’s a preclinical stage biotech working in collaboration with the university of oxford headed up by a very brilliant doctor named jd naja hall and he’s working on developing ip surrounding a molecule that prime’s the body’s own stem cells to repair damaged

Tissue wow and then our second 100% of the subsidiary portfolio company which we recently acquired as barracks clear which we are extremely excited about so vioxx clear falls on the distribution component of the value chain and they are a distributor of antibody test kits for the köppen 19 virus and they they have been placed a very solid partnership with their

Manufacturing partner based in china okay and here at rich tv live we love to invest in undervalued underappreciated underexposed opportunities and we love to identify the company’s share structure and how many shares are held by insiders can you break down the company’s share structure and how much shares are being held by insiders right now yeah absolutely so

In terms of shares outstanding we have about 54 million shares outstanding currently and about 18 million warrants and auctions in terms of the percentage of insider ownership i would put it at roughly 10 percent okay very good so you guys got some skin in the game you guys are obviously holding a nice position in the company and who would you say our global care

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Capital inks main competitors well i mean it’d be the industry that’s spawned up as a result of this dilemma wherein is very fast-moving and ever-changing so it’s a bit of a complicated question because i think it changes on a day-by-day basis in terms of competitors i can think of up in canada you have someone nanotech and and in the state’s a ytu bioscience would

Be another another comparable ok very good i know them very well we’ve actually talked about both of them on our show and both of them of skyrocket and done extremely well what sets you guys apart from your main competitors what makes you guys different as opposed to social and ayt you yeah so in the investment issuer the investment issuer model is probably one of

Our unique selling points because we can focus on to enterprise value enhancers and you know we would like to focus on the transition from private to public assets being able to come on public market capital markets multiple for an asset we identify that we fold into the company and then also you know we’re in touch with very interesting deal flow at any given time

As evidenced by by our buyer x clear acquisition so you know we’re able to invest in assets and develop assets that that were otherwise overlooked or just you know for which there was not much much information available at the time now it’s important when a company is building to have a strong team can you tell us a little bit about your team and what specialties

Each member brings to the table sure so myself i come from a capital markets background and have a lot of experience working in an officer and director tenacity of public and private companies so i understand most of the facets involved with that our cfo has decades of experience as a chartered accountant in terms of the portfolio companies jackie nonchalantly

Mentioned who founded reformation pharmaceuticals is an md md phd from oxford and is developing some very exciting research which i mentioned previously surrounding stem cells and then form iraq’s clearly the founder of iraq’s clear as a gentleman by the name of james foster was a british expat who’s been living and working in china for over a decade and has built

Out some very successful distribution platforms there and really brings to the table some very long-standing productive working relationships with some very important chinese based manufacturers which which really helped fire axe clear with their their supply chain needs and if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about the company about global

Care capital inc what would it be well i would want to emphasize our recent acquisition of iraq’s clear and you know obviously there is a business opportunity there but more importantly you know i really want a message that we are really trying to play a role in returning life to get back to normal or at least some semblance of normalcy and i think these antibody


Test kits which can prove immunity are one of the ways to do that you’ve heard so many pundits and government officials talk about how you know either a vaccine you know comes to the comes to the surface or or more of these test kits are made available so so global care through its acquisition of irx there is really trying to contribute to the ladder and make sure

That we can supply these test kits globally down to help get us out of our current dilemma is the canadian stock currently halted yes the canadian stock is is currently halted pending pending a news release from the company just clarifying that that all of our distribution agreements are in fact in place with our manufacturing partner as i mentioned before this

Industry this this new industry is ever-changing and there are lots of other players in the industry that that you know may or may not be disseminating misleading information regarding exclusive distribution agreements etc so we’re just simply going to clarify in a press release all of our distribution agreements are intact with our manufacturer and we’re still able

To to fulfill orders and get the test kits out to market okay cool we have a few questions coming in from the audience do you mind if i ask no problem awesome one of the questions from anthony alvarez how you doing anthony is rich i would like to know if any of the companies looking to go to human trials anytime soon so as far as human trials i assume that pertains

To reformation pharmaceuticals so reformation is still preclinical stage we’re still at the point where we’re trying to button down that intellectual property surrounding the molecule that jagdeep has identified and as ann is developing novel composition of matter on i would say human trials are still a few years out for reformation focused okay very good and you

Guys your stock has been like can you talk a little bit about what happened with the name change and just for anyone who wasn’t familiar with the background of the company because the stock went from like a penny to a dollar 25 was that a reverse split people are not sure if it was a reverse that the stock just exploded i’m assuming it was a reverse split is that

Correct it wasn’t it was a 25 4-1 reverse split that took place and then pursuant to that the outstanding float was quite minimal we did do a name change and a rebrand we’re still undergoing the rebrand currently i think when we announced our healthcare pivot and our pivot turn it into the pandemic industry obviously there’s a lot of excitement surrounding that so

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You know i think that excitement coupled with her minimal float and then and then eventually you know once we once we disclosed all the information of the market around by rex claire which is a very exciting business you know i think that’s certainly like to sum up our momentum so you just mentioned your minimum flow can you just let the people know what your float

Is right now yeah so currently there are 54 million shares outstanding now a major portion of that is still restricted pursuant to the private placement so you would say the float is how many shipping you have an estimate how many shares is on the float right now yeah i would say that that the float is roughly 2/3 restricted at this point wow so there may be you

Have 15 million shares in the flow in that area 15 20 million shares yeah i would have to confirm exactly but but something in that area like it has to meet guys like 15 20 million shares in the flow stocks currently sitting at a dollar 37 in canada i believe the price i looked at in the us was the symbol in the states guys is our s czf which is actually trading

Today still and it’s right at 99 cents so for anyone that wants to get in contact with the company what would be the best way for them to get in touch with the company i would say the best way it would be to email investor relations at global care capital gonna come okay great and is there anything else you want to share with the community before we say goodbye no

I just want to say it’s it’s a pleasure being on your show rich and answering questions from the audience and i look forward to to staying in touch with the market absolutely well thank you so much alexander ssam jen the ceo of global care capital inc a company to watch put it on your radar put on your watchlist they’re making big moves in the coronavirus space a

Space that where everybody in the world has been touched guys so keep it on your watchlist keep it on your radar don’t let this one make a move without you paying attention to what’s going on and we’ll keep you updated on everything as it happens and alex we’d love to have you again on the show hopefully if you ever have any big news or anything that is pertaining

To the market that we need to let people know live love to have you back on the show again soon it would be my pleasure thanks very much rich thank you alex and keep up all the great work thank you thank you

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