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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich and i’m here with rich tv live to bring you the news like usual the countdown to cannabis is 35 days 16 hours 6 minutes and 13 seconds away from history in canada it’s true recreational cannabis will be legalized in canada in 35 days and the markets for cannabis stocks have been on fire specifically the pics that your boy

Rich is focused on every single day within our community it’s funny just yesterday i talked about how our cannabis is gonna go up 100% and surprise surprise it’s a strong buy everywhere on all the indicators and up 4.4 3% in addition to that all the pics that your boy rich keeps bringing every single day just keep going higher and a few of the pics that i’ve been

Looking at including new strike brands one that i own one that i think has so much potential is so undervalued right now it’s silly okay and it’s at 76 cents it’s up eight point five seven percent it’s a 64% buy um bar chart with the strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction i think it’s been a blow i’m telling you guys right now i think

It’s gonna blow they just announced that they have qualified to go on the tier one of the cannabis index let me just remind you guys the tier one is this tier right here okay you can find all this information here on rich tv go to stocks hover over stocks everything is there okay this is new cannabis ventures tier 1 index let me show you who’s on tier

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1 the canadian cannabis lp tier 1 index represents the publicly traded market for companies that are currently generating quarterly sales in excess of 4 million look at the companies here canopy growth $66 aurora cannabis $8 is 69 sense of 5% your boy rich called that áfreeá at $21 and 52 cents and can trust holdings at $11 in 88 cents and now you’re gonna add

Little all-new strike brands at 76 cents you’re gonna add them to that list and you’re telling me new strike branch should stay at 76 cents these are the opportunities of a lifetime these are the gifts from the gods so if you can just dream if you could drink people calling you’re born rich all the time even in the middle of a video i do have the hottest ringtones

In the galaxy it’s true yeah yeah so you know don’t call me when i’m making videos people you know ain’t gonna pick up so right now your boy rich has the hottest oxygen in the universe and juju international tana brands is on fire look at all those strong buys strong by strong by strong by strong by strong by at 17 and a half cents up 25% congratulations to my

Boy g for getting involved in international canna brands which is also involved in the marley brand the bob marley brand it’s true another one that is on fire today is relentless resources a new one brought to us by nick one of our members your scholar my friend relentless resources up 23% again today people within our community are winning if you’re not winning

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You’re not watching if you want to join the rich tv live community send me an email to rich tv live at i will take a look and i will if i like what i see from you tell me why you want to join the community i will bring you into our whatsapp group where we have four hours seven days a week stock picks i’m not kidding it’s insane it’s the hottest group chat

In the universe we have all the picks first and your boy rich predict in aurora cannabis yesterday would go up a hundred percent we’re well on our way it’s a 40% buy on bar charts it is starting to build momentum and we are up four point four one percent today at six dollars and 59 cents i predicted it would go to twelve dollars let’s see if your boys right if you

Like this video please smash the like button go to rich tv get all the information all the news that are trending all the sports everything you’re looking for everything you need it’s a one-stop shop and we are 35 days 16 hours 1 minute and 7 seconds away from history in canada this is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching now remember

Rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv life now i know we have all the winners i know but you still got to do your due diligence but yeah we’re pretty damn good i think we’re the best if you think we’re the best smash the like

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