Robinhood App Shut Down! Stock Market is Wild!

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Well guys as you probably know last week i went ahead and went on vacation a planned vacation to go on this cruise and what happened on the week i go on vacation while the stock market has its worst week since 2008 and there’s a running joke that every time i ever go on vacation the stock market like does terrible you ever seen that statue where the guy’s like

Holding the earth on his back okay i feel like i’m that guy but it’s a stock market because like it seems like almost every time i go on vacation the stock market it just it has a really bad time in the week i have a vacation plan literally the stock market has its worst week since 2008 you guys know what i love to do i love to make youtube videos for the two

Channels i love to look into companies find the next great stock invest in that stock and i love to help people in my private group that’s what i enjoy doing each and every day this whole vacation thing man it’s not for me and it’s clearly not meant for me because every time i swear like every time i go on vacation man the stock market’s just as fast razón okay i

Mean sitting on the beach for 15 minutes drinking a pina colada i guess that’s fun for about 15 minutes and now i get bored real fast and i’m like let’s get back to work man this is what i actually enjoy doing okay dow up huge today look at the moves in the market here today now that i’m back in town okay the dow jones industrial average up 761 points a 3% upward

Move its np-500 here today up 80 points 2.73 percent move nasdaq sup 228 points 2.6 6% move look at the dow chart here today okay sorts out pretty good then it goes down people are like oh man maybe it’s gonna be another rough one out there and then it just shoots up and shoots up and shoots up now there are a few hours left in the trading day so we’ll have to see

Where things shake out maybe these gains evaporate maybe it keeps going maybe we finished even higher than the market is at right now but neither say there’s a few hours left in the train days and right now as a recording this were pretty much almost at the highs of the day okay luke the nasdaq chart it says same exact thing just a lot of strength over the last few

Hours in the market and we’ll see where things you know shake out over the next few hours there’s some stocks making some big upward moves here today look at tesla stock hustle stocks up 58 dollars in he hates cents a share right now almost a 9% move for tesla they’re back into the 700 once again no was interesting because the market was down big again on friday

And there were some stocks that were actually up day one being uber okay now there’d be an actual carnival cruise line right it but those stocks are down big today so the market goes up huge today and you see ober making almost a 4% downward move you see carnival cruise i’m making me almost a 4% downward move there as well it’s very very interesting because those

Stocks literally on friday when the market had another rough day we’re up big ok so it’s very interesting that all some of those stocks are down here today ok and i remember you there should be a lot of talk many years ago about the risk on risk off market and that’s what this reminds me of right now where it’s like you know with the whole ronis situation people

Are like i don’t want to take any risk i’m selling my share so i’m taking you know no risk in the market and then also to hear today people want to also take risk and it’s just very very interesting we’ll see where things go with this whole ronis situation some big upward movers here today in this & p500 okay look at costco here today it’s bleeding all sp500

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Stocks here today up over 9% costco stock here today okay what a move for costco stock clorox is up over 7% here today those are absolutely huge moves for costco and clorox those are not the take the stocks they usually go up 9 and 7% in a day ok let’s just put it that way now over the course this weekend of course i wasn’t even on land i was in the middle of ocean

But over the course is weekend from my understanding costco stores were ridiculously busy like the busiest like costco stores have pretty much ever been from my understanding with the whole ronis situation going on right now people are trying to get water and tp and paper towels and everything like that literally the costco stores we’re running out of these type

Of supplies like water toilet paper paper towels it was crazy you can see a ton of pictures online about it videos and if some of you guys experienced this you actually went to a costco something like you know whenever happening this reminds me a little bit of something basically a stock i was involved with many years ago as a company named cabela’s okay it was

A hunting and like an outdoor type store fishing store right and they have these massive stores that were like 100 thousand square feet and i love the business model of this particular company and part of their stores word netted like like 10 to 20 percent of the space was dedicated toward you know basically weapons and bullets and those sorts of things right and

I remember when obama got elected on the second term there was so much fear that obama was gonna take all the guns that you know just gun sales went crazy both sales went absolutely nuts in 2012 into 2013 they were record years everybody was so scared that obama was gonna take the guns and i needed to say this benefit of cabela’s in a massive way not just because

People buying those direct items but they would come into the stores to buy those tobacco items and then buy other things that were actually in the cabela’s store okay you’ve got a three-year chart from them basically 2011 to 2013 2014 this stock went from literally stock there was like 20 bucks so it was over $60 a share and then about a three year span it was

Absolutely amazing it’s one of my best stocks ever is definitely my top ten that stock so ever and i think it’s the first stock i ever made a profit of more than five figures on i believe it was the first one ever and so on cabela’s you know that was you know neither say very interesting and just a different thing going on right now with costco because everybody’s

Talking up on supplies like crazy fears a crazy thing man when people get scared you know so many rational things start to happen so there’s really big happened today of cave the robin hood app the robin hood app is experiencing a system-wide outage where’s most you guys that watch my channel invest in the stock market is some kind of way right the robin hood app

A lot of you guys use it is probably the most popular one robin hood app that has been down for like hours for today what a drama show it’s been over at robin hood robin hood the first free trading pioneer which was favored by younger traders as it was experienced in an outage monday said quote we are experiencing a system-wide outage we are working to resolve this

Issue as soon as possible the company said in a message to clients on monday your portfolio information is not available right now please check back later read a robin hood message to clients posted monday on twitter many other tweets showed the app with a blank or white screen when they were robin hood helped on twitter said this like hey said our our system is

Experiencing downtime issues that are affecting all functionalities on our platform we are aware of the issue and are working to have all systems up and running as soon as we can we’re so sorry this is happening guys this is pretty crazy needless to say look at this guy on twitter okay this isn’t oh i’m sure like probably a robin hood user he says this is a major

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Concern a platform this big can’t be down for an hour and a half plus during market hours and i will completely i would completely agree with that guy and i tell you bought you know the stock trader group in stock investors are definitely relentless people and man you go down for hours upon hours that is just a bad look ok for the robin hood app no so i’ve been

With fidelity investments now for like basically since i started in the stock market 2008-2009 and i can say i’d never experienced this i’m not saying that hasn’t ever happened or it won’t ever happen a fidelity but i’ve never personally experienced this every single time i’ve ever went to buy or sell a stock during market hours the app has been open the website

Has been working and you know that’s what i can say about that and that’s kind of the thing that scares me a little bit about robin hood is a robin hood app is so new still you know it hasn’t been through a lot of you know dramatic things like crazy volatility and whatnot in the stock market for the most part and so i do kind of worry about an app like that but

Neither say hopefully they get back up and running and that just sucks for anybody out there who like like let’s say they look to buy heavy a stock and it was down big this morning and now it’s you know substantially higher that sucks for those individuals obviously because you you’re talking about the amount of money that could be missed in a situation for just

An individual it could be hundreds of dollars thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars depending on how much money that person has so you know it is what it is there with robin hood we’ll keep an eye on that as things progress just taking a look here at tesla stock and just kind of as i was prepping this video tesla stocks now up nearly 10% up over $65

Per share now holy smoke as this ain’t no joke in regards to tesla so guys i think the market has something bigger going on right now than just a ronis situation i want to explain that okay so let’s let’s kind of recap everything that’s happened in the last two weeks okay so two weeks ago the stock market doesn’t care at all about the rona situation right like like

Literally two weeks ago we were reaching pretty much all-time highs dow sp 500 nasdaq a lot of hot stocks we’re reaching the all-time highs two weeks ago and everybody knew about the rhoda situation and it was spreading and like this is this is not like something that just came out of thin air or something like that like this has been known for like at least a couple

Months now right and so two weeks ago market doesn’t care at all about rona then i’ll send last week the stock market all of a sudden cares so much about the rona and it’s an every headline and it’s all over the internet and also in the rona is like the biggest thing in the stock market and that’s all everybody can talk about in the market freaks out no market goes

Down massively right and it’s all on the back of the ruinous situation and here today after everybody just stocks up on a ridiculous amount of supplies at costco over the weekend and everybody like is reading the headlines and everybody’s like scared about the rona now all sudden the market doesn’t care about romo anymore it’s like what is going on two weeks ago

They don’t care last week all sense the ever is all that matters and today all senate doesn’t matter again and it’s like what is it stock market like do you care about this rona situation or do you not care about this run a situation in my opinion there’s something bigger going on here okay in my opinion what is actually happening is what we’ve needed an actual

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Stock market correction and the market has been looking for something to have the market correct essentially because when you just have a market going up and up and up and up and up it’s not natural okay and i’ve talked about this in several videos in the month of january leading into february how we needed a stock market correction forward pease were getting way

Too elevated man and it was just producing firm not a lot of great deals in the market and it was having some stocks approached bubble levels okay when when the stock market just keeps going up and up and up when pe starts to get to pretty much the most elevated they’ve been in in at least the last ten plus years when you start to see things like that you know you

Need a stock market correction and so naturally the stock market is going to look to the next thing that can scare the market so we can get that actual correction right because usually the stock market doesn’t just correct for no reason user has to be a reason behind it in the rona situation is the perfect it’s the perfect way to get the stock market to go down

Correct and get a lot of these stocks that were at some crazy pees get those down a bit okay and a lot of the stocks that were value stocks that we’re even you know approaching overvalued territory get those to a little more fair value okay and that’s what happens when you have a nice size correction okay corrections are natural you get a correction the stock

Market i mean i would say almost every single year and sometimes you’ll get you know two to three corrections during the course of a year this is my highly doubt this will be the only correction we’re gonna go through in 2020 we’ll probably have more and this is why i always preach to like keep some money on the sidelines because when these corrections happen a

Lot of stocks get damaged i mean if the market goes down ten percent then that means a whole host of great stocks are gonna be down to twenty to thirty percent because they wouldn’t you gotta kind of gotta keep in mind is if the dow was down ten percent ton of growth stocks get hit way harder than that so this growth stock over here might end up getting hit twenty

Percent or thirty percent just because the market went down ten percent doesn’t mean all stocks went down ten percent some probably went down a lot more than that and that’s when you actually get some really interesting opportunities in the market to invest money and that’s why you always want to keep some cash on the sidelines so you’re ready to deploy some cash

When you get these type of corrections the market which happen almost every single year if not several times a year and the markets just a little market’s been waiting for something out there to happen so we can get this correction and the rona is that situation guys so we’ll see what happens that’s obviously gonna be a developing situation i would likely expect

More volatility in the market you know big downward moves make upward moves you know for the next at least week if not the next few weeks in general guys so hope you enjoyed today’s video as always hope you enjoy me kind of you know being back here smash thumbs up button if you did as always and leave me a comment down there what you think about the rona situation

The stock market in general right now and and some stocks you’re buying i would love to hear from though you in the comment section thank you for watching have a great day

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