Robinhood Portfolio: My 00,000 Stock Portfolio!

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So in this video today guys i’m going to show you my robinhood individual stock portfolio and we’re going to go through all the different investments that i own in this portfolio whether or not i’m up or down and i’m going to talk a bit about why i own each investment in this portfolio so basically the other day i was sharing some information about this portfolio

Over on my instagram which if you guys aren’t following me there i will throw my username up on the screen here and a lot of people were wondering what stocks i own in that portfolio so i decided to do a full video over here on youtube going through this portfolio which mostly consists of growth stocks and a couple of more speculative investments which we’ll

Talk about in a little bit here so anyways guys let’s just jump right into it i’m going to open up my robinhood portfolio and let’s take a look at the stocks that i own all right guys so here we are inside of my robin hood stock portfolio i actually started this portfolio earlier this year i’ve been adding money to it somewhat consistently and in total i have put

Around 75 000 into this account so i have made about 25 000 in returns from earlier this year but a lot of that came from good timing in the market and earlier on this year i made a ton of money investing in the jets etf which i no longer own that being said guys if you don’t have an account with robinhood and you want to check it out if you use the link down

In the description below when you sign up you will get a completely free stock just for opening up the account and full transparency here guys i am affiliated with robin hood so i may earn a commission in the process so starting off guys right on the top here uh the account is worth a little bit over 100 000 um and it passed that mark i think about a week ago so

It’s been growing uh pretty steadily here if i open it up over the last uh three months or so you can see the account’s been uh growing somewhat steadily uh and yeah it’s a brand new account so it’s only been activity from uh the year 2020 so right at the top here let’s talk about my options first of all i dabble with them a little bit i’m probably not going to

Going forward because if we take a look at these if we go to my american airline calls here i bought a while back it does look like i’m doing good with these based on the percentage gain but if we go to uh total return i’m down like 84 bucks on that call option for american airlines and i own this biotech option again total speculation i’m down like 675 bucks

On that however this one does not expire until october so potentially down the road it could be a money maker for me but if we look at the total equity here guys i’ve put less than a thousand dollars into options it’s the very it’s like one percent of this portfolio so it’s a very small speculation and also that is money i reinvested because earlier this year i

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Bought some call options on a company called nautilus that i more than doubled my money on so i put that money back into these options and so far results haven’t been too great to be completely honest but we’ll see how these pan out i’m thinking that american airlines call which expires on the 21st will probably expire out of the money but i’m just gonna let it

Ride and see what happens all right so the first item in this portfolio is the mj etf etf mg alternative harvest this owns a number of cannabis companies involved in the medical production of cannabis um this is more of a long-term play here guys i think over if you look at the last five years here with this stock we are definitely at a low for this industry and

So i plan on holding this for many years to follow uh it does actually pay a pretty decent dividend i am down about six percent uh somewhere around six hundred dollars but the yield is actually above seven percent so it does pay um a good amount in dividends which i’ve earned one dividend so far from this investment that’s the first one in this portfolio next

We have a really cool company that i found called shot spotter which you’ve probably never heard of before and they develop technology that allows cities to install these devices and track and pinpoint gunshots i bought it because i liked what the company was doing and so it wasn’t really based on the fundamentals or anything like that they recently reported

Earnings and as you can see the stock jumped up quite a bit there so i am up around uh just under 20 in this position here um it’s a small investment of around five thousand dollars because i own 200 shares so then we have nikola motors here and my cost basis doesn’t show up correctly because of the merger that happened between nikola and vecto iq but my cost

Basis was around 19 per share so i have more than doubled my money on this position it’s not a very big one obviously guys it would have been nice if i had sold at the top when this stock was somewhere around uh almost 80 or 90 per share but i’m gonna hold on to it and see what happens because i don’t want the short-term capital gains anyway so it’s showing a

Return of 3109. that’s not entirely correct because that doesn’t factor in my cost basis but it was a very small investment of somewhere around fifteen hundred dollars uh next up we have apple which is just a no-brainer guys um they just announced an upcoming stock split i bought this back in june and i am up around 22 percent uh four hundred eighteen dollars

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Next up we have amazon another no-brainer for me based on the uh global pandemic and the shutdown and people doing more online shopping bought this in the same time horizon up around twenty percent or two thousand five hundred dollars and i have quite a bit of money here i’ve about fifteen thousand dollars just in amazon and if we go back to apple i have a

Lot in here too i have about thirteen thousand so between amazon and apple that’s that’s almost 30 000 because i really do believe in those companies and i’m an avid user of their products uh then we have amd for those who remember i was talking about this stock back in 2016 when it was under seven dollars per share and since then i sold out of it guys i wish

I had just held on to it but i bought back in at around 52 and i bought some more shares the other day but this has been a big winner for me i’m up almost 35 since buying this in june and i’m confident that in my opinion this stock is definitely on its way to 100 per share amd has done exceptional over the last five years i mean if you look at that chart guys

It’s really incredible and i just talked about this stock too in my video on when to buy and sell a stock and i talked about that pressure cooker and how i liked the chart for this stock and sure enough shortly after it shot up to another price level um could be total coincidence but i am going to pat myself on the back a little bit there so next we have take

Two interactive this is a video game stock for me again this was a no-brainer based on the pandemic i said i bet more people are going to be playing video games at home looking for entertainment options i actually have quite a bit of money in this stock too almost 15 000 and i am up about 25 since purchasing this stock back in june uh then we have my speculative

Place here we have shll which is um going to be merging with hillian which is a stock a lot of people have been giving me crap about because in the short term i’m definitely down quite a bit here i am down 32 or around 3 200 but in that video i talked about how this was a total speculation and i pretty much am waiting for that merger to take place with hillian

And to see where that company goes long term so this is one of those um companies that is doing the spac it’s a special purpose acquisition company and essentially this holdings company is going to merge with an electric vehicle company called helion in quarter three of 2020. next up another speculation of mine here lancadia holdings number two this company is

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Going to be merging with golden nugget online gaming uh i’m not down as much in this one i’m down about twenty percent so between my two speculative plays here guys i am down around five thousand dollars but this is a pure speculation here where uh in the short term these specs are extremely volatile uh and i in my opinion when this does go mainstream when the

Merger is completed i expect to see a lot more interest in both of these companies so i’m gonna say on that one guys i certainly look like a right now but let’s circle back to this in three to six months and see how these are doing and then lastly we have keybank which is a company that i just like they are in my local area it’s a smaller bank and this probably

Belongs in my dividend portfolio because they pay a yield of around six percent but i bought them over here uh just because that’s where i had some liquidity and i’m up around ten percent this is about a thirteen thousand dollar position and so that is the last stock here in this portfolio so if we go here guys and we look overall at my total returns here from

These investments obviously i’ve made some lousy investments here you know we take a look at for example in the short term i’m down quite a bit on my speculations there with um the helion merger and the golden nugget online gaming but other than that keybank’s been a solid return there between my tech picks here that i just bought back in june i’m up over ten

Thousand dollars done pretty well with shot spotter that’s a smaller investment and that mj atf just down slightly but if we factor in the fact that i have earned dividends it’s an even smaller loss and then the options are pure speculation probably not something i’m going to delve into down the road so just like anyone else out there guys i have some winners

And i have some losers in my portfolio and obviously at the end of the day your goal is just to have more winners than losers so anyways guys there you have it that is my robin hood stock portfolio i would love to hear what you guys think about it down in the comment section below and let me know if you guys agree or disagree with these pics i’m always curious

What you guys think like i said if you want to grab that free stock from robinhood that’s the top link down in the description below uh subscribe hit that bell drop a like if you haven’t already and i hope to see you guys in the next video

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Robinhood Portfolio: My $100,000 Stock Portfolio! By Ryan Scribner

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