Roku Stock Crash After Hours!

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Holy smokes guys roku stock is getting absolutely destroyed after hours they just reported numbers here and it doesn’t look too good so roku stock after-hours is down 22% okay we’re going to get into the numbers and all that also at the end of the video i want to share some more bad news came out about snapchat i want to share something out with you guys so if you

Guys remember right about what was at about six months ago seven months ago or so i did a video on the roku ipo a lot of people wanted me to talk about that and whatnot and i compared it to gopro and fitbit i said you know this has another this is especially another fitbit written all over yeah maybe the stock can go up in the short term but i do not see a long-term

Future for this company okay which we’ll get into and you know i caught some flak for it and whatnot people were like you were wrong and i was like no i was exactly right what happened with gopro and fitbit they went up initially right roku here it’s done very well as far as far as the stock performance in the short term but look at what did fitbit do it did the

Same exact thing when they i peeled wooden gopro do the same exact thing both those stocks when they first i peeled their stocks went up for the first few months it all look grand okay it all looked good and then it went so bad okay so this may be the start of thing so roku shares plunged more than 20% after-hours revenue for the first quarter they’re saying is

Going to be between a hundred and twenty million to a hundred and thirty million that’s versus analysts were expecting almost one hundred and thirty two million so they’re already coming underneath what analysts are expecting okay and this is mainly a hardware company has it has fitbit written all over it guys they didn’t beat on the revenue and they beat on the

Eps in total so they did beat on last quarters numbers it’s next quarter and moving forward that analysts are very worried about obviously his company is not even profitable they don’t even make money currently they have no forward p/e on this company cuz they’re not expected to make money over all over the course of next year at least in gopro in fitbit’s instance

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At least with those stocks they were actually profitable companies when they went public it was about a year two years later that they became unprofitable and their businesses started going downhill right but this reminds me so much of fitbit okay why because look at the competitors they gotta compete against roku has to compete against apple are you kidding me

You gotta compete against apple directly you got to compete directly against google you got to compete directly against amazon oh my goodness good luck for you good luck for you you when you got to compete directly against apple google and amazon good luck in your business okay no ryan’s me exactly a fitbit who did fitbit all some start having to compete with apple

Okay apple launched the apple watch and that kind of you know started to take over the market samsung also launched all their gear products which also took over the market i mean when you’re competing with apple it’s not a good thing especially when it’s apple in some other big competitor like a samsung a google or amazon or someone like that guys so when i look at

This stock it literally reminds me exactly a fitbit a hardware company that’s trying to pitch you know we got something else going over here the same way fitbit was right and you got major major competitors that’s a really really tough thing guys that’s a really really tough thing when you’re the underdog there it’s one thing to be the you know a david and goliath

Situation where you’re the dave and you’re competing against one goliath it’s another when you got three or four goliaths you’re competing with that’s a whole different ballgame there guys so roku you know it’s pretty much going exactly how i thought it would go it’s following the gopro and fitbit pattern we’ll see where that company goes over the long term but as

Far as when i look at it i don’t see a good future for that company over the long term i don’t i don’t next one up here guys let’s talk about this snapchat situation okay so kylie jenner which is probably the biggest influence or maybe in the world but certainly i probably on snapchat she just tweeted out some more bad news basically you know what all of us have

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Been saying for a longest time now is that you know views are going down on the snaps when we post as far as those creators and whatnot says but now it’s so sad that nobody opens our snapchat anymore she tweeted out this so does anyone else not open snapchat anymore or is it just me oh this is so sad still love you though snap my first love this is just more bad

News and you know she’s got over a hundred and four million followers on instagram obviously one of the most important people for the younger demographic for all of social media okay she’s right up there with selena gomez and justin bieber and pretty much the biggest names in the world okay and she’s one of the the biggest creators on snapchat and she’s voicing

This frustration and she doesn’t in her like way nicer way than a lot of us other people put it right and marques brownlee for those you guys do not know he’s pretty much the most influential tech youtuber out there and one of the most influential in all of social media he did ask dear snapchat video about a week and a half ago two weeks ago voice and his a

Frustration obviously i voiced my frustration on this an instagram has now become my go-to if i’m out i’m doing something if i want to talk about a stock real quick or something like that i’m posting on instagram stories now and not snapchat because the snapchat just aren’t getting the views that were literally a week and a half ago to two weeks ago because

What happened is they change up the whole way they they formatted things and whatnot and that has made the views go down a lot for every single creator out there it’s not like it’s exclusive to one or two people it’s every single person across the board i spoke with so many youtubers who also on snapchat they say the same exact thing when you start to lose the

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Creator’s you lose a massive portion of what your app actually is because that’s a huge entertainment people come on there to check you know what their favorite creators are doing and things like that when those people aren’t posting guess what that makes people even want to come on less unless unless this is all bad news for snapchat and they’ve got a chance to

Save it they could just go back to the old version but they ceo somehow things like like he knows better than everyone else knows in this space and it’s like everyone everyone the biggest creators our smallest of the apps down to 1.7 or 1.8 stars in the app store now it’s trash everybody thinks is trash maybe snapchat investors don’t think it’s trashed everybody

Else thinks it’s trash now snapchat ceo like wake up like that like they’re trying to tell you man they’re trying to tell you everyone every one of us is trying to tell you like switch it back to the old ways and you still have a chance you can’t wait for this to get too long down the road where people even forget about the app and things like that so we’re gonna

See what happens there but anyways roku is going exactly the way i thought it would go you know they’re going up right off the bat and now it looks like it could be going down over the long term do you guys see a vision for roku like seriously do you see a vision for a long term for roku competing at apple google and mazon directly i don’t see a future for them

And then what’s your guys feeling on the snapchat situation like it looks like it’s just getting worse and worse as the days go on but let me know what you guys think about all this anyways thank you for watching as always guys and have a great day

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Roku Stock Crash After Hours! By Financial Education

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