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Holy smokers guys hope you guys are doing great out there as always just got back from vacation which you know what that means we got a bunch of videos coming on this channel this week as well as financial education – if you haven’t subscribed over there what the heck are you doing make sure you subscribe over there as well okay big news in relation to apple stock

Here today a big downgrade came which we got to talk about why this analyst came out and downgrade the stock what this means for apples supplier so many things like that okay now if you haven’t been keeping track apple has had an amazing past six months in relation to its stock price you look at this stock price you go back six months ago this was a hundred and

Fifty dollar stock and even after the negative move today negative 2% which is far exceeding what the markets are down today okay apple stock is now much bigger than the markets down over negative 2% today it is still up basically about $50 per share in the last six months which is unbelievable performance for that stock if you look at the six months for apple stock

Even after today it is up about thirty-two plus percent in the past six months so needless to say apple stock has at an amazing time the past six months it actually led me to sell all of my apple shares i would cover that in a video a while back and actually about a week or two ago my wife sold out of her whole entire apple position as well apple stock just got to

A point where i felt like it was that fair value and i felt like the money could be deployed in some other stocks out there in their last furniture results were not bad at all okay apple stock spiked on that earnings report because they had strong guidance and they beat earnings apples march quarter earnings were above expectations apples guidance for next quarter

Was higher than analysts expected but let’s just say one thing real quick okay analysts had been saying so many negative things about apple they’ve been cutting their numbers so much that it was almost easy for apple to exceed what the analysts were expecting because analysts had gotten so bearish on the stood off so negative on the stock that the expectations

Were kind of like easy to beat this put it that way okay and then apple also announced that they were going to do a seventy-five billion dollar share repurchase and they also upped their dividend to 77 cents per share and that was the last time apple reported by the way apple should be reporting their next earnings here within probably the next two or three weeks

So their last earnings it was seen by the market overall as you know pretty decent they beat what was expected and they beat the guidance you had the 75 billion dollar share repurchase in you had the dividend up and investors a feel like okay we can get in more involved at this stock and that’s why you get a stock that’s been up 32 percent in the past six months

No it hasn’t been all good news for apple the past few months obviously with the halal a situation the trade war and all those sorts of things it has hurt apples brand in china and there’s even been some boycotting of apple products in china now we don’t know the extent to how much these boycotts matter or how many people are involved in these boycotts in china it

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Could just honestly be people that had android products anyways and would never buy apple products and they just say boycott apple maybe they were never going to buy apple products in the first place or it could actually be apple customers that look at what’s going on with a tariff situation of huawei and whatnot and say hey let’s go ahead and support our companies

And let’s go ahead and not buy apple products in the future so we don’t know the extent of that but obviously that was a big negative okay just about a week or two ago there was a super negative story in my opinion that just didn’t get enough attention and now was that johnny i’ve was leaving apple okay and if you look at apple’s stock price the next day it hardly

Moved and that baffles me because johnny is arguably one of the two or three most important people at apple the past 20 years and so you get johnny i’ve leaving the company and even though the company says they might still be involved with johnny ivor use his new company as someone they outsource some things to or something like that at the end of the day this is

Johnny i’ve leaving apple one of the two or three most important employees in the last 20 years apple and people just kind of like acted like this was nothing investors has acted like this was no big deal it was just another day oh well johnny eyes leaving who cares okay and this is like crazy to me because i’ll see executives leave from other companies or far less

Important than johnny i’ve and their stocks will move super negative you have johnny i like like leave apple and the stock hardly moves i’m like you know it stocks either on the react or they over react on news it’s just consistent this is what happens with stocks they’ll be news to come out either earnings or an analyst upgrade downgrade which we’re going to look

At here in just a second or rumour that was out there or some fake news story in relation to a stock or something and it will move the stock super huge either up or down and this consistently happens with stock stock see the overreact are they under react and in the johnny i’ve situation i think that was a big big under reaction the stock to hardly move on the

Next trading day i was mind-blowing by that i was just like are you kidding me are they storing that much disrespect at johnny i because at the end of the day in my personal opinion that was disrespect at the market basically said we don’t even care about you johnny i’ve it doesn’t even matter what you have done for the company or what you could have done in the

Future we don’t even care about you so the stocks not even going to move it was unbelievable that the investors didn’t even care about johnny i of leaving company it absolutely blew my mind okay so let’s get to that downgrade here today by rosenblatt securities okay rosen black cuts apple to sell seeing fundamental deterioration okay rosenblatt has cut apple to

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Sell from neutral looking for a fundamental deterioration over the next six to 12 months now let’s keep in mind real quick obviously this is a very short-term in nature call okay they’re talking about the next six to 12 months so if you’re an investor of apple for the next five to ten years it probably doesn’t honestly matter that much to you that the analyst

Comes out and says you know basically apples gonna be weak for the next six to 12 months i mean to you as someone though it’s gonna hold the stock for 5-10 years it probably doesn’t mean that much to you but it could mean that you get some buying opportunities in the stock over the next six to twelve months if you want to up positions obviously okay now they go on

To say specifically new iphone sales will be disappointing in ipad sales growth will slow in the second half and sales from other products the home pod air pods the watch may not be meaningful to total revenue growth analyst john zang writes services sales growth won’t be any help there either the analyst says okay the firm’s keeping its price target at a hundred

And fifty dollars now implying about a 25 percent downside after apple’s recent run-up okay just keep in mind this analyst has obviously been negative on apple for a while they have $150 price target on which they’ve had on the stock for a while which means as apple stock has soared over the past six months as we’ve seen up 30 plus percent in the past six months

This analyst has obviously looked really bad having a hundred and fifty dollar price target on the stock they just looked completely wrong in this situation obviously one hundred fifty dollars in the stocks have two hundred plus today so they just look honestly like like clueless in this whole situation and something i’d like to look at in relation to like analysts

And whatnot is like where do they have rank okay so you can use tip ranks calm and you can actually see where this analyst ranks their brains number two thousand two hundred forty one out of five thousand two hundred and thirty seven analysts on tipeee ranked they have about a fifty six percent success rate okay so i just want to give you that information so you

Guys can kind of see that analysts if you think about analyst is a good analyst or a bad analyst or something in between okay now this is brought down cirrus logic stock which is stock i only get a huge portion of their business from apple as we see cirrus logic moving down over five and a half percent here today and obviously that hurts my cirrus object position

I think we’re up over ten percent on that position so we just lose five and a half percent all because it’s analyst comes out in downgrades apple stock and that’s kind of something you have to deal with when you’re within the semiconductor stocks they’re so volatile they get huge portions of their business sometimes from well you know a few select customers and

If an alias comes out and says sells you know abc stock over here and your semiconductor stock gets a ton of business from that stock it can negatively affect cirrus logic even more than the stock that was actually downgraded as we see here today with cirrus logic cause it’s not like apple stocks down five and a half percent or cirrus logic is yes cirrus logic gets

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Seventy eighty percent of their business from apple okay now here’s my opinion on apple in apple stock over let’s say just the next year okay i think iphone sales will be weak for the remainder of this year and probably into 2020 i don’t think apple is gonna have major growth if growth at all until the 5g iphone comes out which probably isn’t gonna be till the fall

Of 2020 so we’re a year in at least a few months away from more unlikely the 5g iphone coming out which i think will be next major upgrade cycle for apple which apple really hasn’t had a major major upgrade cycle in quite a few years and i think there’s just a lot of folks out there are waiting for something that’s really like a game changer in 5g when it comes

To the 5g speeds they’re really a game changer for the whole entire industry so my personal opinion if you’re looking at apple stock right now i think it’s a stock that’s that fair value i think if you look at all the valuation metrics around apple stock i think it’s a stock at a fair value can i say apples super undervalued no i can’t can i say apples overvalued

Absolutely not it’s just a stock that is that fair value right now and if i had to guess if i was forced to be put on the spot and guess is apple stock higher in six months or nine months from now or lower i would probably guess lower but i mean that’s just a complete gasp starting to predict anything in the stock market and how a stock will move in the short term

Is literally just a guessing game but if i had to guess i was forced to be put on the spot i would guess that apple stock would probably go lower over the next six to nine months intel that 5g supercycle kind of heats up which i think will be a big game changer for apple i think that will help out all the suppliers in relation to apple and all those sorts of things

Over time guys so that’s kind of my opinion on apple this is a stock that’s that fair value right now if you’re buying into the stock you probably shouldn’t expect huge things and if you’re you know buying into the stock and you’re thinking it’s gonna go down 50 60 70 percent i highly doubt that as well and that’s just kind of where apple’s at and you know it’s a

Great dividend stock there their dividends are gonna pay out in the future gonna be way bigger they got the share buyback on right now and they got best services growth which is phenomenal that’s really becoming a massive massive cash cow for the company overall guys so that’s apple let me know what you think about this in the comment section i want to hear from

You guys as always make sure you smash the thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video and for my tesla folks out there i think we’ve got a test video coming on financial education to a little later today so make sure you guys pay attention to that all right thank you for watching and have a great day

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