Rritual Superfoods Announces May Purchase Orders | CEO David Kerbel

Rritual Superfoods Announces May Purchase Orders | CEO David Kerbel – RICH TV LIVE – June 10, 2021 – Rritual Superfoods Inc. (” Rritual ” or the “Company” ) (CNSX:RSF.CN) (FSE:0RW) (OTC:RRSFF) is pleased to announce that the Company has received purchase orders totaling CAD $306,000 in the last week of May, with goods now shipping to customers.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to richpixdaily.com and find the next ten bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest david kerbel the ceo of ritual foods how you doing today david i’m terrific how are you i’m doing fantastic nice

Day so far for ritual foods and let’s get right into it david a lot of our members in our community holding ritual foods long-term really like the deal love everything you guys are doing so so far it’s been a huge success for our community now great to have you back on the show and can you please touch on how your current product rollout is going and where

Some of the initial milestones you set out for this year are and how those milestones are going sure thanks thanks for having me i really enjoy being here so always a pleasure six months ago when we first started putting our plans together for 2021 we said it would be in 2400 retail stores and 10 000 points of distribution which is fantastic for a company

That’s starting in this emerging brand superfood space we’ve revised that up to 6 000 stores and over 20 000 points of distribution apple’s calendar year wow that’s incredible growth incredible and what is the feedback you’re receiving from retailers for the products right place right product right time um and and it’s overwhelming not not only retailers

But our consumers online our online presence right now is growing by 61 week after week which is terrific um our average uh purchase is a multiple which is kind of cool if you look through our cost per unit you see multiples of two and three units consumers are purchasing that so it’s again the right product dealing with the day day in and day out stressors

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Uh the immunity challenges we’re all under the focus challenges and the relaxation piece and our retailers and our consumers are saying the same thing right time right place right now i always tell our community and our communities all over the world and they’re really impressed with ritual foods that it’s all about revenue growth it’s all about revenue

Growth it’s all about revenue growth i say it every day every day there’s so much hype out there in the markets and different things move up and down based on hype but revenue growth is always going to be the biggest catalyst for any company what are your revenues and when are they going to start rolling in and are they going to be rolling in soon yeah and

That’s a great question so so we’re really proud you know the first quarter we didn’t have any any significant revenue and we we certainly published that and we knew that but we knew what was coming and just in the month of may for example just uh our purchase orders exceeded over three hundred thousand dollars uh just for the month of may uh and those are

Initial purchase orders we’re going to get repeat and multiples of that as we promote the product and really build the brand so we feel real good about where we are we feel great to have some points on the board but this is nowhere even near a third of the way where we’re going to be so we feel real good about that now i know you guys have put together a deal

With crossmark what type of growth can ritual achieve with the current sales plan and sales agreement with cost crossmark yeah and and i’m gonna make news here with you um you know we’ve put together a three-year plan um and we feel very comfortable that within the next year and a half based on the relationship we have with crossmark based on the retailers

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And e-tailer commitments we’ve got today that will be delivering our three-year plan in a year and a half wow and what type of revenues do you expect as a run rate for 2021 and how much would ready to drink beverages add to this growth so the so i i’ll i’ll answer the question second first so the rtds uh in our experience when you look at my background with

Celsius you look at sarton our vp of sales background with celsius warren who’s our ceo has been been with red bull peter has been with multiple brands stacey our chief innovation officer multiple brands so we see that is being about 75 of our business going forward so we’re just ecstatic we and we think our our run rate within the next 18 months is going

To be 25 million dollars annually without the rtds wow yeah so we’re in for a rocket ride with the rtgs 25 million run rate in the next 18 months yes sir wow so that’s between now and the end of 2022 correct okay that’s impressive for a company that’s trading right around 70 cents in canada now speaking of beverages can you please remind the audience of your

Background sure so again uh one of the first uh initial uh partners within celsius um but even before that uh my first job with procter and gamble school was selling beverages a coffee and sunny delight and hawaiian punch so we’ve got collectively over 100 years experience with beverages where it gets fun and exciting is is that what we did with celsius was

We had an alternative to red bull we had a a a better taste in product my my my opinion we had uh a really cleaner uh differentiator versus red bull what we’ve got with ritual is a great efficacious product we’ve got a great taste and we’ve got something that’s easily consumable so when we launch our rtds into that real category of the the uh functional

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Beverages we think we’re going to have an incredible run rate with this we really do excited to see it now understanding that ritual is in the early stages a very large expected revenue growth trajectory which you mentioned is there any last comments you’d like to share with our viewers yeah and those numbers that i just shared are just on our base rate

It does not include any of our innovation does not include rtds um you know th this is something that i i’d be i’d be jumping on because you know what this ride’s gonna be a lot of fun we’re having fun doing it it’s a labor of love we do this well we’ve done it before we’re going to do it again wow super excited to see everything unfold is there anything

You want to leave us with before we say bye today you know what be in good health be in good chair go out and exercise and live life to the fullest and make ritual part of your daily life i love it thank you so much for your time again david kerbel the ceo of ritual foods thank you and guys remember if you like this video please smash the like button comment

Down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you like the video and you smash the like it really helps the video go viral so that everybody can learn about this in my opinion undervalued underappreciated underexposed early stage company with a very tight float and growing revenues now remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education

Purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live in saying that i think this is a company that has an incredible future and i’d love to know what you guys think comment down below is your boy rich thank you guys for watching thank you david have a nice day everybody you

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Rritual Superfoods Announces May Purchase Orders | CEO David Kerbel By RICH TV LIVE

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