RRITUAL SUPERFOODS CEO DAVID KERBEL 1 ON 1 WITH RICH TV LIVE – April 30, 2021 – Rritual Superfoods Inc. (” Rritual ” or the “Company”) (CNSX:RSF.CN) (OTC: RRSFF) (FSE:0RW) is pleased to provide an update on its third full scale production run which commenced in mid-March 2021. Building from the Company’s newly established relationship with CROSSMARK, the Company confirms that its third full scale manufacturing run, nearing completion, has been scaled to service distribution to 2,400 retail stores with 10,000 points of distribution.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to richpixdaily.com and find the next 10 bagger hi how are you doing today i’m your host rich and we have a rich tv live with my very special guest many time guest the ceo of ritual superfoods a stock that’s been on fire having great success right out of the

Gates the ceo david kerbel how you doing today david i’m doing well rich how are you i’m doing fantastic very excited to have you on the show congratulations on all your success the stock is up like over 200 um as we speak today since the ipo so it’s been a huge success so far and now that you’re back on the show can you tell us a little bit about what’s

Happening with ritual foods since you’re on last sure um we are on fire i’ll share that with you and and your listeners um we are very proud of what we’ve been able to do but since we you and i last spoke in march we have um announced our first retail distribution which is rite aid rite aid is a thousand stores throughout the us that we’ll be in over

The next uh couple quarters here we’re getting distribution we’ll be in a thousand of those stores with four of our items um so we feel great about that we’ve um also got commitments with new item codes and new item vendor numbers set up with an additional 1400 more stores so when you and i last spoke in march we’re talking about 2400 stores and 10 000

Points of distribution by the end of q2 that’s where exactly where we’ll be that’s impressive you guys are just on fire growing so quickly you guys also announced a partnership with crossmark for retail growth can you go over this news and how this is going to help the company’s overall growth sure in full disclosure i was an executive at crossmark oh

Wow yeah 2000 1999 through 2008 or nine and uh we i love my time there crossmark is one of the world’s largest sales agencies and brand enablers they deal with companies like procter gamble and wreck it ben keyser and johnson and johnson and now ritual superfoods and the rationale behind that is is that they’re going to take our brand with our team and

Accelerate our growth so as we just discussed 10 000 points of distribution uh this year that was pre-cross mark what we’re really shooting for right now is 40 000 points of distribution not within this calendar year but certainly within our line of sight with crossmark they’ve got 25 000 sales folks strong they’ve got all the consumer data and analytics

That we need to enable us to really accelerate our brand even further growth so very excited by the partnership with them that’s impressive now there was also a big announcement that ritual appointed sarton mallner fenton as vice president of sales for america can you tell us about sartin and what he brings to the table sure sarton is um a prose pro

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The analytics the understanding of what it takes to do business the real approach to get it done with the sense of urgency that’s what what’s what sarton’s all about the interesting thing is again i go back to we just talked about cross mark in my time there certain and i also work together at celsius so we’ve been there together we’ve put a plan of

Action together and we’ve successfully managed through the retail brick and mortar strategy to enable growth quick growth and celsius as part i think even bigger growth and a bigger upside opportunity with ritual i really do that’s exciting and i know investors are loving that because they’re already up and having great success and we’re literally just

In the first inning now with all of your experience and we’ve talked a little bit on you know your experience and rolling out new products to market what would you say is the biggest challenge and how is ritual taking on that challenge yeah and it’s a it’s a good question you ask and really to think that through the the questions and the challenges that

We we would typically face and accompany our size and accompany our um age we’ve already answered those questions internally so i want to share this with you doesn’t sound like it’s cocky because it’s not it’s the truth we’ve put together this team with a hundred years cpg experience so we know that we’ve got supply chain figured out we know we’ve got

Innovation pipeline figured out we’ve got our ear to the ground we know now with sarton and crosmart we’ve got a team within the us that understands the customers so i’d have to say i don’t lose sleep any night i know that the team has it covered every situation that we could possibly um be struck with we’ve got an answer we like to talk in our in our

Meetings we talk about having the quest the answers to the question before they’re asked that’s how i feel we are with the team we have got at ritual that’s impressive and at the end of the day you’re only as good as your team i always say you’re only as strong as your weakest link and if you don’t have any weak links and you have very successful strong

Members that don’t need to be told what to do everyone just goes and goes to work every day there you go the results can be you can literally move mountains right when you work with the team and you guys have already shown that i mean you guys were growing in a market where the entire small caps were going down you’re one of the only companies that were

Going up when all the small caps were going down so that alone is impressive and now the small caps are starting to come back so i think that this is going to be a great time for ritual over the next six to 12 months now what are some of the notable brands in this growing superfood industry and how is ritual positioning itself in this industry it’s another


Really good question and and one that you know i looked at a comparable today and i look at layered superfoods and they’re a wonderful company and they’re a publicly traded company on nasdaq and i think they’ve done a lot of good things but i was looking as a public company i was looking at their q4 um objectives for 2021 q4 2020 for 2021 and their

Objective is to be in twenty thousand points of distribution um again in their ninth year of of being in the business to get to twenty thousand points let me say this straight out to you rich we’re going to be in 20 000 points of distribution by the end of this year so i feel that they’re comparable they’ve got a lot more skus than we do we’re going to be

Delivering with our innovation pipeline more uh varied uh products that i can’t share right now i wish i could we could talk all day about it but i feel that we’ll be within our current base in 20 000 points of distribution by the end of this calendar year that is absolutely impressive and in my opinion this will be extremely undervalued under appreciated

Underexposed if you’re able to hit those targets and comparing yourselves to a company that’s already on the nasdaq i mean that’s that’s a fantastic fantastic goal for you guys as a small micro cap company to set that literally just started a month ago so now in saying that in order to get to the next level we’ve actually seen a few companies recently

Moved to the nasdaq and gained enormous institutional investment and the stocks have exploded what is your plan to gain more institutional investment well it’s it’s talking to you um it’s getting the word out there but it’s also something that what we’ll be doing is continually communicating as we get products into retail so as rite aid and the two other

Customers i’m dying to share with you but i can’t right now that make up those 2400 stores and those 10 000 points of distribution that seven months ago we talked about that was our aspirational goal we’re there when we start talking about and communicating our successes when we start taking pictures of the product in the store when we start reporting

Our revenue results i think that institutional investors are going to take a look at our results i’ll look at our growth a look at a real defined conservative we think it’s a conservative measure even though those numbers that we just shared are comparable to companies that that have market caps of three or four hundred million dollars we feel very

Good at what we do i feel that the institutional investors as they look at us and as they measure our successes they’ll see that we’re righteous we’re proud but we do what we say we’re going to do i’ve been very impressed i’ve been very impressed with everything so far the team that i’ve met and spoken to every single member is hitting their points they

They know their job they know their role and that is extremely important to building a business and i’ve seen this i’ve interviewed hundreds of companies i’ve seen many companies say they were going to do something and some of them do and the ones that say they’re gonna do something and then deliver they’re like rockets i’ve seen them just be rockets

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And i and i see you guys following in those footsteps and that’s why i’ve been telling our community since day one that i’m really really impressed with ritual foods in fact i did a top 10 list for april i put you on the list all right and and i’m not i’m and i’m super happy that i did because you guys have been one of the top performers out of all the

Different companies that we’ve interviewed last week we interviewed 14 companies just last week so when you’re one of the top 10 companies that we’re talking about we’re talking with so many companies that’s that’s a lot of success in itself and you guys are just getting started so if there is anything else that you would like to have the shareholders know

Today about ritual foods what would it be you ain’t seen nothing yet i like that i like that short and simple said partner you ain’t seen nothing yet we’re just getting started with this it’s going to be a rocket ship ride i love it i love it you’re speaking my language and i know that our shareholders in our community all over the world is going to love

Hearing that and i know they’ve already loved this rocket now i’m sure shareholders will continue to have a lot of questions about ritual foods and as you guys continue to grow and you guys continue to put out news what is the best way for them to get in touch with the company um there are two ways uh investors that we are ritual to ours.com or they can

Email me directly at david we are ritual.com fantastic now thank you so much for your time today david been a pleasure so excited to watch you guys continue to grow and evolve i just want to remind all the viewers that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please consult your financial advisor before you make any investments in any

Companies that we interview or talk about on our show chances are if you do speak to a financial advisor the financial advisor is going to be very impressed with ritual foods you guys have a super tight share structure which to me is vital you guys are a growing company growing revenue strong management team and like you said yourself you’re just getting

Started and you’re going to be in thousands of points of sale so in my opinion this is a company like i said before that is undervalued under appreciated underexposed thank you for joining the show if you guys like this video for those of you that are watching please smash the like button it allows the video to go more viral allows more people to see the

Video comment on the video share your ideas i’ll do my best to get that information back to david and david once again thank you for joining us on our show pleasure thank you for joining us david kerbel the ceo of ritual superfoods if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is rich from rich to be live have a nice day everybody you

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