Rritual Superfoods CEO David Kerbel (CSE: RSF) (CSE: RSF.WT)

Rritual Superfoods CEO David Kerbel (CSE: RSF) (CSE: RSF.WT) – RICH TV LIVE – March 15, 2021 – Rritual Superfoods Inc. (“Rritual” or the “Company”) (CNSX:RSF.CN) (CNSX:RSF-WT.CN) is pleased to provide shareholders with a corporate update outlining the successful launch and implementation of the company’s US facing E-commerce website as well as highlight other key corporate milestones such as the ECRM Buyers Choice Award and receiving USDA Organic Certification.

Hi how you doing today i am your host rich here we have rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of ritual superfoods david kerbel how you doing today david i’m doing great how about yourself i’m doing fantastic it’s been a huge week for ritual foods congratulations on your successful ipo so far appreciate it thank you very much my pleasure and

Our entire community is really excited and already winning despite the fact that you launched on monday and today’s friday the stock is up well over 100 percent already and hit a high of over 150 percent today so enormous success both for the stock uh for rsf the stock and rsfwt the warrants both have been hugely successful david can you please tell us a

Little bit about yourself and what compelled you to begin ritual superfoods inc sure i’ve been in the consumer package business for 35 years i’ve dealt with brands big and small had an opportunity to go through this is my third ipo and the one that i’m the most excited for so i’ve been in the the space with consumer goods with health and wellness products

Understand what consumers are looking for and really with ritual superfoods i think we’ve got something that addresses everyone’s needs as far as what compelled me it was really interesting because when you think about it we put a team together first and foremost we’ll talk about that as we go here we put a team together with a hundred plus years of consumer

Package goods experience so this is something that we understand the space we understand that right now consumers are looking for healthy alternatives plant-based natural additives to their life to their daily ritual and that’s what we’re all about i love it now that ritual superfoods inc has done its ipo and is trading publicly can you tell us what the

Main goals are for 2021 to help generate revenues sure and it’s going to be really two-fold to start um the e-com business that we have just launched um and that’s one of them but also the dot-com business of some retailers that we’ll talk about uh in a little bit here and their sites are up three and four hundred percent versus the same period previous year

Wow the second second part of our strategy is really going to be that brick and mortar so we’ve got already out of the gates we’ve got uh commitments new item numbers new vendor forms already filled out and ready to go with 2400 stores and over 10 000 points of distribution that’s exciting super exciting ritual superfoods inc recently announced that it will

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Provide shareholders with a corporate update outlining the successful launch and implementation of the company’s u.s facing e-commerce website as well as highlight other key corporate milestones such as the ecrm buyer’s choice award and receiving usda organic certification can you break this down for our viewers and what this means for the company sure well

In terms of the ecom business that’s ready to rock and roll so we’re ready to be bought today any any consumers out there any investors that want to go on our website we are ritual.com can more than welcome they’re more than welcome to place orders and we’ve got product already in stock ready to go that was important to us because it’s it’s the natural learning

Perspective so really educating our consumers uh about the great need that’s out there you know we there are three million google searches a month in asking questions and why am i so tired why am i not feeling well how can i boost my cognitive function we’ve got those we’ve got those answers that’s part of our ritual superfoods lineup part of the daily ritual

In terms of ecrm it was really something i’ve been doing this for 35 years in this business and the buyer’s choice award is not something you can buy you have to earn and we got together ecrm is was a virtual conference of 31 retailers that will be attending the next one in the end of this month with 30 more 31 more retailers they voted our product to rishi

Relax as a buyer’s choice award winner for the most innovative product uh that was at that show we really feel good it was the rishi relax that that that won that award for us so we’re proud of that and i think that um two other pieces the usda organic certification just as a credit to our team and our ethos you know it takes companies sometimes a year

Sometimes candidly they never get uh usda organic certification we got it in six weeks we got it because the team has got the experience have been through this isn’t our first rodeo as they say here in texas and you know we’ve got a team together that knows the questions that are going to be asked and comes up with the solution sets the last piece i just

Want to mention though is one week after that ecram buyer’s choice award winner whole foods which is independent from us we’re not doing business with them today although we aspire to uh whole foods came out and for 2021 named functional foods and adaptogens the number one food trend of 2021. that’s exciting imagine working with whole foods that’s a great

Goal to set can you give us a rundown on the team at ritual foods you talked a little bit about how your team was able to help you get certified in six weeks which is unheard of can you break down each member each key member and what they bring to the company sure and and the word is experience and innovation uh we’ve got a team of professionals myself i’ve

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Got 35 years experience in the cpg business warren spence our ceo has got 28 years experience in the cpg business peter palacchio our our chief marketing officer has actually developed 70 brands that are out in the marketplace today and i think one of the shining stars is our chief innovation officer stacy gillespie you can’t walk down an aisle of a supermarket

Or a food or a drug store in north america without seeing some of the products that she’s developed over the years stacy uh was the one that formulated our our three main products our chaga immune boosting our lion’s mane and our rishi relax that team together with our repeats of sales uh sarton who actually worked with me in a previous engagement with celsius

Beverages uh 12 years ago and we’ve maintained a relationship and developed tons of brands together um as well as scott who is handling our canadian operations so we’ve got a great team folks robert payman as our cfo all experienced in the cpg business all together bringing over 100 years experience within our health and wellness industry too that’s incredible

Now during your guys ipo you guys were able to raise some capital can you talk a little bit about what how much money you raised pre-ipo and what those funds are going to be used for yeah so um the the total ipo raised was 6 million um and um what we’re raising those monies for is really three three specific number one producing our product by producing the

The skus that we’ve got here to meet the customer and consumer demand number two is research and development it’s important today that we’ve got six skus that are going out into the marketplace but we have on the table already in the innovation pipeline 24 more giving us a total of 30 skus that’s the second trough that this funds that we’re raising is going

To be used for and then the third is really again reinvesting in the marketing of our brand we’ve got a great brand ritual it’s part of our daily ritual you’re going to see that as a champion of mental and physical natural health and wellness we understand that the only freely tradable float in the company’s 20 million shares from the ipo at 30 cents so

Your company has already traded half of the float so would you agree that the structure is relatively tight now yes great point great great great thought it is and we love tight share structures here at rich tv live it’s part of our trading strategy try to find try to identify early stage companies that are super hyper growth growing in revenue with tight

Floats that way you’re not going to get a ton of selling pressure so when the buying comes in stocks explode so we love the share structure with ritual foods and that’s why so many of our members have started to jump in day one on the ipo with amazing success can you tell us what sets ritual superfoods inc apart from its competitors in the plant-based food

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Sector sure it’s it’s the tie-in it’s the ingredients efficacious ingredients natural organic but we’re taking functional mushrooms that have been around for 2000 years and we’re tying that in with adaptogens that real accelerator for for the item so let’s talk about the chaga immune we have a natural adaptogen the elite root product that’s a natural herb

That accelerates the experience for our consumers so it’s the blend of the two it’s the blend of the functional mushroom and those adaptogens that acts as accelerators and then our different forms and formats uh create different functions so we really feel that separates us we’re organic we’re natural we don’t have any artificial sweeteners to us so we feel

This separation really to allow us to become that premium brand out there if there was one thing you would want shareholders that are watching this video to know about ritual superfoods what would it be we’re just getting started i love that i love that and and i totally agree with that and there’s going to be shareholders potentially partners other public

Companies that are going to see this video what’s the best way for them to get in contact with the company if they’re interested in either investing or doing business with you guys sure investors at we are ritual dot com or if they want to give me a call um david we are ritual dot com to ours and we’d love to talk if they want to do it the old-fashioned way

And give a call our investor number is 604-394-2082 thank you so much for your time today ceo of ritual superfoods david kerbel now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes please do your due diligence please do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live go and speak to a financial advisor

Chances are after you speak to a financial advisor financial advisor is going to say where’d you get this pick and you’re going to say rich tv live and they’re going to say it’s a great pick and i believe this is a great pick it’s already been a big winner for our community congratulations to everybody hopefully we can get a u.s and a german symbol soon because

We’ve got a lot of members in those markets as well that are just dying to get into ritual foods that’s another conversation for another day if you guys like this video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe thank you guys for watching thank you david for joining us and have yourself a great day keep up all

The great work thanks a lot take care my pleasure thank you and thank you guys for watching have a nice day everybody

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