rum point tour grand cayman – rich tv live

rum point tour grand cayman – Rum Point Cayman Islands – July 29th, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE – HD – 4K

I never been here before this place looks gorgeous hey guys this is rich from rich tv live we’re a rum point take a look at all this you got all the excursions here jet skis sailboats water bikes look at this water bike i look sweet get the water here absolutely gorgeous now we’re here really early in the morning so there’s nobody here yet give it a couple hours

I’ll make another video and show you guys exactly what this place is all about there’s a beautiful dock there absolutely gorgeous but nobody’s here yet it’s super early give it a little bit and it’ll get real busy and that will make another video but this is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the caribbean in the cayman islands rum point this is rich

From wish-tv live reporting from the cayman islands peace take a look at run point everybody no problem here we are a run point we got science pointing towards cuba jamaica germany england what else we got here india nicaragua sri lanka scotland australia philippines cayman islands we were starting to come down start enjoy the day i’m gonna take a

Little walk here as a peer clear those waters do you think there’s a reef that is protecting this area so the waves don’t actually come close to shore the reef stops the waves and then all you have is calm clear water sweet boat right here head up to the dock while you some watersports we got kelly’s water sports boat here subtle this gorgeous

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Boat sweet here that nice fresh fruit guys i’m living the good life run point this is one of the most famous places in the can have some drinks do a lot of watersports taking some of the sights and sounds of the caribbean and just enjoy the finer things in life here’s the rules you can see the shore

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rum point tour grand cayman – rich tv live By RICH TV LIVE

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