Russia Just Attacked Ukraine | Market Crashing

Russia just attacked Ukraine. The market is crashing.

Russia is invading ukraine i have the unfortunate news to give to you guys i’m here tonight and take you through all this developing situation essentially um that has basically developed in the past half hour to 45 minutes and um you know a lot of us that are optimists we’re hoping for you know this wouldn’t be the scenario but unfortunately um the optimist did not

Win in this scenario and um the pessimism did win and uh it is it’s um getting pretty ugly so i’m just gonna kind of take you guys through everything that’s going on um this was a you know basically from a video and somebody shot uh in in ukraine and i just uh screen captured it you know it’s uh it’s ugly and they’re launching missiles left and right into ukraine

Right now ukraine interior ministry urges citizens to hide in shelters they warn ukraine capital of missile attacks there’s um you know there’s a barrage of missiles essentially going into ukraine right now um and once again this is all developed in the past 30 to 45 minutes essentially you know i i screamed captured this one from a video i just thought it was

Interesting because you know it was it was a dead and night at the start of this video and then when that missile hits just it illuminates it so much it almost makes it look like daytime because these missiles this was even a better one um you know this is what it was like i screen captured it and then uh you know literally uh three seconds later on the video


Feed you know just insane i mean when you really see it on a real life video feed like that it’s just it’s insane and uh you know this is something that’s captured on on a on a higher level through phones and whatnot like we just haven’t had in technology in the past and to um see it like this it’s just it’s just um it really sinks in right and it’s just darn

Scary you know this uh massive explosion reported in the summit region of ukraine essentially and uh this just continuing on video shows strike in ukraine video would suggest an arms depot was hit that’s a lot of what we’re hearing right now is arms depots are being hit across ukraine as well as military bases and um other things involving the military essentially

Is essentially mostly what they’re going after from from what we’re hearing i love this tweet can’t help but think about the children in ukraine adults declare war but children are always the victims you know it’s absolutely a truth right there ukraine plans to impose martial law official tells local media and that’s how serious this is getting very very quickly

And when you got missiles launching over your head every second hitting um yeah okay this was another explosion fires started by a russian airstrike set off a chain reaction at a power plant essentially and uh you know it already looked really bad and wait till you see this image just literally a few seconds later this is what it looked like i mean just uh i mean

That is you know some of the scariest stuff you’ll ever see right there just downright scary this right here russia says they’re only destroying ukraine’s military infrastructure ukrainian officials say russia is firing crews and ballistic missile missiles at kiev uh i can never pronounce the word right i do apologize but um yeah russia says they’re only going

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After military infrastructure you know and all other stuff you just kind of got to take on face value right now it’s such a fast developing situation like all this news has come out in the past like 30 to 45 minutes essentially and so um let’s hope they’re only going after the military infrastructure and it’s nothing more than that but the thing is you know even if

You’re going after military infrastructure you know a lot of lives will end up being lost even in a scenario like that it’s not like um you know it’s just some oh we’re just gonna hit some of your weapons and things like that it’s not the way this works so um you know just it’s unfortunate whichever way you wanna uh you know look at it breaking this out six minutes

Ago ukraine’s interior ministry confirms quote missiles have just struck at the center of the military administration airfields military depots in kiev and a few other parts of ukraine also artillery shelling at border areas as well and so it’s um yeah it’s getting it’s getting ugly very very quickly and um you know we don’t know you know how how ugly this could

Get and how fast this could essentially get right oil prices obviously you know if we’re going to talk about the markets oil prices are going insane right now and uh yodo i mean as long as there’s this conflict going on never mind if it gets uglier you know that’s just what’s going to continue to transpire there uh futures are tanking here you know dow is already

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Down 700 plus the s p 500 sound big uh nasdaq’s down big nasdaq uh i don’t know why cnbc doesn’t have it right nasdaq if this opens the way it is right now nasdaq will be at 12 000 something you know i think in moments like this i think it’s very important to um you know just just think about the people that could be you know really really affected by this um i

Think it’s important to to hope for the best in these sorts of situations it’s uh you know it’s a very very delicate situation this is uh this is involving obviously russia which we know uh you know what the the russian military you know is like um we know what a threat that is and um it can be a situation that gets very very ugly very very fast and so you know

When i think about something like this i got uh andre is calling me um you know when i think about something like this um you know i know it’s easy to just kind of think about the money and like uh you know the stock market going down but at times like this i think it’s important to keep thoughts and prayers in mind um for those affected much love as always guys have a great day

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Russia Just Attacked Ukraine | Market Crashing By Financial Education

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