RYU Apparel Inc completes trademark registration in Canada (TSXV: RYU) (OTC: RYPPF)

Breaking News: RYU Apparel Inc completes trademark registration in Canada (TSXV: RYU) (OTC: RYPPF) – RICH TV LIVE – October 16, 2018

Hey guys how you doing this is rich here from rich tv live i’ve been looking at ryu calm and ryu ry ppf in america and i just i don’t know man i feel like something’s bigs happening and that bam what happens today after all the dust settles i see this press release ryu apparel inc successfully registered its trademark ryu apparel inc ryu trademark application in

Canada including the ryu logo is now complete and the logo has been successfully registered the canadian intellectual property officer c ipo has accepted the registration and the ryu logo and its artistic features is now firmly in the company’s hands the company also has trademark registrations in the united states china and hong kong the full registration of the

Ryu trademark has held up by the prevailing legal controversy with lululemon but was cleared to move forward as noted in our wiu’s october 9 2018 press release the registration of the trademark duly ratified by c ipo closes this matter and allows the company to focus on its core business and expansion both locally and internationally wow this is breaking news this

Is huge news once again ryu apparel inc successfully registers its trademark about ryu apparel inc respect your universe is an award-winning urban athletic apparel and accessories brand engineered for the fitness performance and lifestyle of athletically minded men and women innovatively designed without compromise and tailored for fit comfort and durability ryu


Exists to facilitate human performance i don’t know this this company is just blowing up with news here athleisure popularity has legs leaving high fashion in the dust makers of urban athletic wear or athleisure are winning market share and growing profits as consumers dumped major fast fashion brands companies such as respect your universe or ryu apparel inc ryu in

Canada ry ppf in america are serving a growing desire among gen x and millenials to wear athletic inspired clothing that crosses over into the casual wear category under armour ua in america on the new york stock exchange has been adopting its product lines to the growing athleisure trend by featuring star athletes such as stefan curry to promote the company’s new

Fad born line although the move was not appreciated by the market and the stock price reflected it’s pretty clearly the depth of fast fashion is a major challenge to the survival of established retail players such as foot locker fl on the new york stock exchange and skechers sk x who have previously thrived on fast fashion models conglomerate pvh corp pvh is trying

To keep up with these sweeping changes through its designer labels such as calvin klein and tommy hilfiger what do you guys think about ryu it is making news it is making headlines and it just got a successful trademark if you like this video please smash the like button share the video everywhere comment down below you can see it was at like $0.07 september 25th

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And it exploded what as high as 17 cents this is in canada ryu is simple and you can see it’s really found a floor here around 15 cents so could we see another jump here based on this news i think this could be a sneak attack this seems like some really big news look at this the trademark news is here – look at this the news is showing up here so the new thing

To circulate what do you think about this news marcelo leo on the ceo i think this could be a big winner guys if you agree please comment down below i talked about this now all of a sudden they have more news coming out what do you believe could happen here when ryu do you think this is big news now remember it’s tv live is strictly for education entertainment

Purposes always do your due diligence always do your research you can see it was that 10 cents on the 25th and it has exploded since gone much higher has started to come back down what do you think it’s going to do next ryu let me know if you’re not winning you’re not watching this is your boy rich bring you the news ryu apparel inc successfully registers its trademark mmo peace

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RYU Apparel Inc completes trademark registration in Canada (TSXV: RYU) (OTC: RYPPF) By RICH TV LIVE

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