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Your boy rich from your slab i’m here with my boy jared a volleyball competition and kids beach oh nice shot nice shot watch these guys over there the beer garden behind me we have kids beach scoring on back cool you guys studies stance its people has lots of people it’s a big competition civic tournament a lot of people i’ve watched you

Have the whole tournament literally people everywhere let’s take a look what’s going on over here guess who the water we’ve got the basketball courts here too it’s just a normal day here kids what’s going on guys me a kid speech oh dunk it oh mr. leia basketballs going on volleyball is going on you guys up – what are you guys up to what

Are you doing on your saturday it’s crazy out of here man look at this just got back from the lake thanks show yourself family music people send coover open have that there’s all of us to the draw board we passed the afghani donovan through the draw board please what happened to my buddy jared he disappeared if you went into the beer garden

I guarantee yeah or cobra and listen to these addressed because a court dental sponsored this tournament alex the dentists all right you two guys look at me happy brush i bet those guys i want to show you guys what’s going on here kids to be like what you spotted a oh

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