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Window cleaner is $6 a bottle these days. Are you kidding me!? A bottle of 80% water with blue dye?! Make your own window cleaner over a lifetime and save $1000. This is 0.1% of becoming a millionaire. Small steps.

Hey how’s it going everybody this is beat the bush this is a window cleaner i have here and you can see it’s blue tinted color it’s one of the popular ones and i was surprised to find out that i was going online that one of these bottles these days cost about six dollars before i found out how to make one of these i remember buying them once a year maybe twice a

Year so let’s say you buy about three bottles of these every year at the cost of about $20 for all of them and let’s say you begin buying these i in your 20s and all the way up to your 70s which is about 50 years when you add all that up together it’s about $1,000 worth of blue water that you bought it’s kind of expensive and there’s a really easy alternative to

Just make this blue water yourself you can use a smaller bottle or the bigger bottle like this it doesn’t really matter it’s like you know if you’re a little bit more concentrated so what i bought this ammonia from walmart and it’s really cheap it’s like a dollar or two or something and usually with these kind of items it’s always on the bottom shelf because i

Mean there’s such great value it’s great value brand but it is great value because you can essentially make a lifetime with this thing so you put the four ounces of rubbing alcohol into the window cleaner because it helps it evaporate once you spray it on and you have liked it around right you don’t want the water to stay on there to just dry off so then you know

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After you wipe it the rubbing alcohol helps it evaporate very quickly and then i just put some detergent in just put one little drop you know you just push the button think and then it goes in and then you fill the rest up with this filled water you need this filled water just so that things won’t grow inside you can see i use regular tap water in here and then if

You looked at look at this in the light it looks kind of cloudy it didn’t used to look like this i assume maybe algae or something they’re starting to grow because you’re gonna have this around and light’s gonna shine in it and you know things might grow if you use tap water the original window cleaner has a little bit of blue diamond to give it its characteristic

Color really for marketing purposes but you could also make yours the part by putting a tiny bit of blue dye in it but don’t put too much because it could stain the stuff that you’re trying to clean so i wouldn’t go around buying a spray bottle just to make your own just use whatever you have left in your bottle household cleaner that is diluted ammonia just go ahead

And put one ounce of it in i’m just gonna eyeball it that’s about one ounce and then i got the rubbing alcohol here about one ounce to ounce three ounce or ounce okay and then i got some detergent right here i’m gonna just squeeze in one drop this is good for cutting any kind of oils and stuff that’s on your glass surface and then you just fill up the rest of the

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Bottle with distilled water yeah i’m not gonna fill it up so all the bubble comes up so that’s good enough all right and then that’s it you’re ready to go i have the original window cleaner here to illustrate i’m gonna clean on this side and then i here i got the homemade one i’m going to clean on this side and i use separate napkins works do you see it works just

As good it’s not leaving streaks or anything i mean i guess i could have used water and it could have just worked just as well i mean both sides looks great so once you get off the fact that you don’t need your window cleaner to be blue i mean people are kind of addicted to using blue window cleaner for some reason if you can have it clear then you can save a lot

Of money i mean just making one bottle will cost you something like 50 cents or something and you know just knowing the skill to do this saves you a lot of money every time you need oh i need more window cleaner okay let me just get all this stuff and mix it all up and and here you go you so this works really well i hope you use this method for the rest of your

Life which would translate to you saving about $1,000 in buying window cleaner this is beep the bush don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below and let me know if you’re gonna try out making your own window cleaner and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching


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