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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about vampire power which is the electricity your electronic stuff uses even when it’s turned off so it consumes this electricity 24/7 365 days a week and you can imagine even a little bit of this electricity usage adds up to be a lot by the end of the year now have one of these called a kilowatt it

Plugs into the wall and then you plug your device in here and they’ll let you know how much power it’s consuming just turn the device off plug it in and see if it’s consuming anything now vampire power i consider kind of like a level-two type of thing because it’s not going to give you as much gains as changing light bulbs from incandescent to cfls and cfls to leds

And now i came to the conclusion in another video that you should basically change your light bulb from a cfl to an led if the led light bulbs bought two or three dollars if you want to know the details i’ll leave a link to that video over here basically there are other stuff that you can do that would significantly reduce your electricity compared to this vampire

Stuff so if you already did all of those level one stuff then you would come to this vampire power stuff and reduce it a little bit more now you can have this thing plug everything in and go oh this is consuming a lot this is 10 watts or whatever but you need to have a good idea of how much it is it’s costing you every single year around here it costs about 11 cents


Per kilowatt-hour which means using 1,000 watt for one hour a lot of times things will actually use a thousand watts usually is stuff like heater that actually use it a thousand watts so if you turn on a one kilowatt heater for about one hour you’re going to spend about eleven cents in electricity so it’s important to figure out how much does it really cost you to

Run about one watt of vampire power for some device for a whole year so we can just convert one watt to kilowatt by dividing up by a thousand times 24 hours in a day times 365 days in a year and then we multiply that by 11 cents all of that comes out to 96 cents a year so what that tells you is when you plug some device in with everything turned off and it’s still

Zooming power every single watt that it’s consuming it’s gonna cost you $1 by the end of the year the thing that annoys me most about vampire car is that it’s not doing anything if you let it sit there just a drain on your electricity and on your wallet a dollar for every watt of vampire part it’s consuming there are useful vampire power though because when you plug

In your tv it’s using some vampire power to keep the electronics active so that when you push the remote button it’s going to sense that because if you don’t have this vampire part then you have to walk all the way to the tv every single time and turn this switch or something which is what people actually use to do they actually have to walk to the tv and flip a

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Switch to turn it on so with this in mind you can take this and plug various things into it another example is if you have the device turned off and it still says 10 watts it means it’s roughly gonna cost you about one dollar per month to pay for the vampire power on that device that’s quite a lot considering electricity bill maybe 30 50 $100 a month that’s a good

Percentage for that single item that you have to pay for you can actually get away with not buying this kilowatt measurement device thing if you actually have a smart meter attached to wherever you live the way to use this meter is if you go outside and look at it it’s gonna cycle around – how much actually watts that you’re currently using now you need the place

To be kind of idle where people are not turning things on and off and then the fridge going on and off all the time so you need things to be sort of idle now you what you do is take a reading outside and look at the baseline and then you run back into the place you unplug something that’s consuming that standby power and then you go back outside and take a reading

Again now if nothing else turned on or off at that time whatever amount it reduces by is your standby power of course this is good for doing a few device but if you have more than a few device it’s good to get one of these because you can just plug it in and read it and it’ll save you some time if you’re interested in getting one of these i’ll leave a link down below in the video

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